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Discover the Many Mental Health Benefits of Getting Tattoos in Toronto

Updated: May 24

 Mental Health Benefits of Getting Tattoos in Toronto

There are many reasons why a person may choose to get a tattoo. Throughout history tattoos were applied to enhance features, as a rite of passage, to tell a story, to show association with a tribe etc. Nowadays, people are getting tattoos in Toronto for many other reasons including the mental health benefits they provide.

Mental Health Benefits of Getting Tattoos 2

During the last two decades, more and more people have been getting tattoos to show their individuality. They can express a person’s uniqueness in any way imaginable. Tattoos in Toronto are now considered to be a form of art and people may choose to get a tattoo to honour a loved one, commemorate a lifetime event or simply because they choose to do so. No matter what the reason is for receiving a tattoo, there are a variety of benefits associated with mental health to be found.

Tattoos can be linked to the mental health of a person and can give an individual a huge boost in spirit. According to a poll conducted by Ipsos in 2019, at least 30% of the population in the United States have a minimum of one tattoo. This is a rise of 21% since 2012.

When you look at the younger age group of people from 18 to 34 years of age, 40% have a tattoo while in the 35 to 54 age group, 36% have a tattoo. When asked whether they are happy with their tattoos, 92% of the respondents answered yes.

List of Mental Health Benefits of Toronto Tattoos

Here is a list of some of the top benefits of Toronto tattoos for mental health:

  • Act as a reminder to keep fighting

  • Bolster the body image

  • Increase confidence

  • Provide relief for the loss of a loved one

  • Help a person open up

  • Commemorate an athletic achievement

Act As a Reminder to Keep Fighting

Mental Health Benefits of Getting Tattoos 3

A lot of individuals who have had to fight a serious illness choose to get a tattoo to symbolize the fight they had trying to reclaim their bodies. Tattoos in Toronto can signify and act as a reminder of these battles and the strength and survival mechanisms that had to be put into place to win.

At the same time, this type of tattoo can act as a helpful reminder for people who are continuing to fight for their health. In this regard, a tattoo can be a very powerful expression of inner strength.

Bolster the Body Image

Many people experience less dissatisfaction and anxiety about their appearance after receiving a tattoo. Their self-esteem and appreciation for the body also goes up. It’s a similar feeling to getting your hair done, putting on jewelry and wearing makeup. When you look good and take care of yourself, it can make you feel better.

Increase Confidence

Many individuals that have received tattoos in Toronto have said that it has boosted their confidence to a new level. Some even said that they feel like a new person after having received their tattoos. It is a great conversation starter and the perfect way to connect with other like-minded people that believe that tattoos are a beautiful, personalized art form.

Mental Health Benefits of Getting Tattoos 4

Provide Relief for the Loss of a Loved One

Following the loss of a loved one, many people want to commemorate the person in some way. There are many ways to do this using tattoos including getting a realistic portrait inked on the skin or some simple words that act as a reminder of the person. It can also be used to help commemorate the loss of a special pet.

It is very difficult to go through the loss of someone that has been deeply loved and tattoos in Toronto can be extremely cathartic. Getting a permanent tattoo may give a person peace knowing that he is keeping the memory of the loved one alive.

Mental Health Benefits of Getting Tattoos 5

Help a Person Open up

A person can express something that is very meaningful in his life without having to speak about it when wearing a tattoo. Tattoos in Toronto can act as a type of window to the soul to express experiences and emotions that may otherwise not be known.

Sometimes a person wants to be able to talk about something but doesn’t know exactly how to start a conversation about it. The tattoo is a great way to open up a dialogue about something personal that the person wants to discuss with others. Tattoos tell a story and act as a book about the person. They can be a diary without words and help a person to not only open up but to process something difficult.

Commemorate an Athletic Achievement

If a person has reachedx1 an athletic goal in life he may want to commemorate it in the form of a tattoo. Both Ryan Loche and Simone Biles have had Olympic rings tattooed on their bodies. No matter what the achievement may be, tattoos in Toronto can help a person celebrate reaching their athletic goals day in and day out. The tattoo acts as a reminder that the person feels good about what athletic levels their bodies can reach.

Tiny Tattoos Toronto and Mental Health

Mental Health Benefits of Getting Tattoos 6

To receive the benefits of tattoos for mental health, the tattoo doesn’t have to be large. Many of the smallest tattoos carry strong messages. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to get a large tattoo, try starting with tiny tattoos in Toronto to experience the benefits for yourself. Even tiny tattoos in image or text form can improve a person’s mood significantly.

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