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Special Flash Designs

special flash

Benefits of Flash events

Have you had an occasion when you asked a quote for a tattoo and you weren't expecting that much price? Tattoos are expensive. It might even be more than you think. There are reasons why tattoos are pricy. But With Flash designs, you can get a tattoo with more affordable price. 

Why we do this?

With today's economy, our artists at HoN Tattoo Studio's have decided to introduce a special tattoo promo showcasing affordable projects in our new "Win-Win" design campaign. Various pre-made designs are up for grabs; showing off exceptional art at prices that don't break the bank! These exclusive projects are up for grabs and will be first come, first serve! So be sure to grab yours today because once they sell out... their gone!

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3 Hon's Check Points



After purchasing, you can still adjust the size, placement, and color of all designs to best suit your body. We want it to look perfect on you!


special flash  3


This flash is a one-of-a-kind custom design made exclusively for you. There will never be another one like it, so rest assured, it's unique to you.



Are you worried that you won't receive proper aftercare for the tattoo you got from our flash event? No worries at all! Our studio offers one free touch-up within three months. If you need it, feel free to come in anytime!

Robert, ON

"He did a great job. Even though I thought it was just a quick flash, the artist walked me through the entire process. It was a flash tattoo, but it went beyond just that. I absolutely love the result. As I am writing this, I am browsing their page to look at more designs to recommend to my friends."

Why Hon?

Price you don't want to miss

We have lots of designs available in our online store. Go check all our designs.

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