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Complete Tattoo Experience

What differentiates us from others? Check and see the information below.

We will help you get the best tattoo in Toronto. Everything is possible with spontaneous and easy communication.

We care about the tattoo you will have with us. It doesn't matter if it's small or big. We are here to listen to you.

Ink Your Story That People Will Envy

Client communicating with a tattoo artist

Free In-person / 1 on 1 consultation

Not a lot of places will offer a free in-person consultation. However, Hon Tattoo Studio's artists care about every single piece of tattoo. They will listen to you and figure out what you really want. Listening is more important than talking for us.

Custom design drawing for clients

Custom Design Before your Session

After booking a tattoo session with us, your artist will create the design. You will receive the design 2-3 days before the tattoo session. Our skilled artists will work closely with you until you are satisfied with the design. Check our Styles page for all possibilities.

After coverup tattoo and final product

Issue Resolution

We are committed to promptly addressing any concerns or challenges you may encounter. Whether it's refining a design, adjusting details, recognizing your skin type  or addressing any other issues, our skilled artists are ready to collaborate with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. We believe in open communication and finding solutions on the spot.

Hon Tattoo studio interior

One Time Free Touch Up

We look forward to having your tattoo in our portfolio. If the tattoo looks like it needs some touch-up, we will provide a free touch-up. Also, take a look at our aftercare guide for a better healing process.

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