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Worried about Sexual Harassment During Tattoo Session?

Tattoo and Sexual Harassment 3

The tattoo industry is a realm of self-expression, creativity, and personal transformation. However, behind the vibrant ink and artistic mastery, there's a dark reality that needs to be brought into the spotlight: sexual harassment between tattoo artists and clients.

When a tattoo is delivered, there is an intimacy to that process. It is not only emotionally personal to both the artist and the client, but physical as well. Physical contact between bodies is an essential, and unavoidable part of creating the best possible piece of body art. This requires a high degree of trust between two parties. As difficult as it can be to talk about, it is vitally important to acknowledge that this vulnerability comes with a risk of exploitation. And while it is true that the risk is there for both the artist and the client, the level of vulnerability a client is exposed to by trusting their artist with their body is much higher. To ensure that these risks are mitigated to the fullest extent, it is the responsibility of all shops to foster a culture of professionalism, dignity, and respect.  

Tattoo and Sexual Harassment

At Hon Tattoo, safety is our number one priority at all times. This includes both physical safety and psychological safety. The tattoo industry is a space for self-expression and creativity, and everyone involved deserves an experience free from harassment. By acknowledging the issue, breaking the culture of silence, and actively working towards a safer environment, we can ensure that the art of tattooing remains a positive and empowering experience for everyone. 

Tattoo and Sexual Harassment 4

Sexual harassment thrives in environments of fear, silence, and ambiguity. That is why we at Hon Tattoo have taken steps to combat sexual harassment head-on. Some examples include:

1. A clear, zero-tolerance policy towards violence and harassment in the workplace. This policy is designed to protect both workers and clients, and to make is clear that conduct that violates this policy is unacceptable.

2. Mandatory training for all artists working under the Hon Tattoo name.

3. If you've experienced such circumstances, let us know asap. We are right there to hear your voice and resolve the issue. Client's tattoo experience is our priority.

Tattoo and Sexual Harassment 2

Stop Worrying, Hon Tattoo Studio will take care of your tattoo experience. 

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