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Up to 50% off original pricing

With today's economy, our artists at HoN Tattoo Studio's have decided to introduce a special tattoo promo showcasing affordable projects in our new "Win-Win" design campaign. Various pre-made designs are up for grabs; showing off exceptional art at prices that don't break the bank! These exclusive projects are up for grabs and will be first come, first serve! So be sure to grab yours today because once they sell out... their gone! Original prices have been adjusted, giving you our valued clients, an exceptional discount of up to 50% off! Don't sacrifice quality in this "Win-Win" event and have a work of art that's uniquely your own to boast about!

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Click to browse our available designs: here!


Why Hon?

  1. Affordable, without sacrificing Quality

  2. Exceptional Customer Service served in multiple languages like: English, Korean, Spanish, Farsi, etc

  3. Tattoo application techniques that are current and created designs that keep up with trends/demands

  4. Open concept studios that understand the importance of cleanliness and safety 

  5. One Free Touch Up within 3 months of your tattoo appointment

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Robert, ON

"He did a great job. Even though I thought it was just a quick flash, the artist walked me through the entire process. It was a flash tattoo, but it went beyond just that. I absolutely love the result. As I am writing this, I am browsing their page to look at more designs to recommend to my friends."

Rene, VC

"It's exactly the same as the design I got. I don't see the reason why not to any of the flash designs at Hon Tattoo Studio. I am taking this advantage all just for myself. This kind of opportunity is rarely available. Can't wait to get another flash."

Xu, ON

"I had an amazing experience at HoN Tattoo Studio. The artist turned a simple flash tattoo into something extraordinary with their attention to detail. I'm thrilled with the stunning result and have been recommending the studio to all my friends for its exceptional work."
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