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  • Artist IG: @tattooist.hailey
  • Discounted Price: $800
  • Preferred size: 4"~5" width
  • Preferred placement: Forearm
  • Deposit Price: $100(What you pay today)


Artist Tips:

From a very young age, @tattooist.hailey has been passionate about art, which led to pursuing and graduating from OCAD University in Canada. After working in graphic design, @tattooist.hailey found a deep fascination with tattooing and decided to embark on a new journey as a tattoo artist.


*The product you purchased is non-refundable.
*The remaining balance must be paid when the tattoo is completed at the shop.

The Camera Watercolour Tattoo Design

  • Meet Hailey, a talented tattoo artist hailing from Korea, who brings her unique flair to the world of body art with her specialization in watercolor tattoos. Known for her delicate and vibrant designs, Hailey's work captures the fluidity and grace of watercolor painting, translating it beautifully onto skin. Her meticulous attention to detail and passion for creating personalized pieces make her a sought-after artist for those looking to adorn themselves with unique, expressive tattoos. Discover Hailey's artistry and let her transform your vision into a breathtaking watercolor masterpiece.

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