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  • Artist IG: @tattooist.hailey
  • Discounted Price: $400 ~ $450(You can choose one)
  • Preferred size: 4"~5" width
  • Preferred placement: Forearm
  • Deposit Price: $100(What you pay today)


Artist Tips:

From a very young age, @tattooist.hailey has been passionate about art, which led to pursuing and graduating from OCAD University in Canada. After working in graphic design, @tattooist.hailey found a deep fascination with tattooing and decided to embark on a new journey as a tattoo artist.


*The product you purchased is non-refundable.
*The remaining balance must be paid when the tattoo is completed at the shop.

The Dolphin Watercolour Tattoo Design

Only 1 left in stock
  • A dolphin tattoo represents elegance and fun while also symbolizing wisdom and intelligence. Dolphins have been considered animals that bring joy and closeness to people, serving as a significant symbol of the sea's mystery and beauty. By choosing a dolphin tattoo, you can express your personality or values, or highlight your connection to the ocean. Additionally, dolphins remind us of the importance of environmental protection and marine ecosystems, encouraging a commitment to conservation and a more sustainable lifestyle.

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