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  • Artist IG: @saey_hontattoo.
  • Discounted Price: $400
  • Preferred size: 4"
  • Preferred placement: Wrist or Arm.
  • Deposit Price: $100(What you pay today)


About Artist:


As a concept drawing artist in the gaming industry, he wielded significant influence, having worked for notable companies before transitioning to become a tattoo artist. His skills extend to live drawing, and any imagination placed in his hands comes to life like magic. Beyond his talent, he is a warm-hearted individual who values communication not only in tattoo work but also in understanding and respecting various customer needs.



*The product you purchased is non-refundable.
*The remaining balance must be paid when the tattoo is completed at the shop.

Skull Tattoo Flash Design

  • Receiving a Skull tattoo can offer various benefits. While commonly associated with death or danger, its meaning can vary depending on personal interpretation. Some general meanings include bravery, new beginnings, change, and immortality. Individuals may attribute personal significance based on their experiences or preferences. The design and style of the tattoo can convey a range of emotions. The key is to find a meaningful interpretation that resonates personally and allows self-expression through the tattoo.

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