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  • Artist IG: @sui_hontattoo
  • Discounted Price: $1,120
  • Preferred size: 13" Long
  • Preferred placement: Arm or Leg
  • Deposit Price: $100(What you pay today)


Thank you for sharing about Sui, the artist who specializes in painting. Sui is particularly fond of creating artworks with meticulous attention to detail. If your preferred style and tattoo genre align with Sui's, then you've come to the right place. Together with Sui, let's embark on an imaginative journey and explore the realm of perfect artwork that you've been envisioning. Welcome and enjoy the creative process!.


*The product you purchased is non-refundable.
*The remaining balance must be paid when the tattoo is completed at the shop.

Geometric Dragon tattoo Tattoo Flash

  • The geometric Dragon tattoo holds significant symbolism, particularly in Eastern cultures, especially in China, Korea and Japan. Dragons are known to symbolize strength, courage, transformative power, wisdom, and longevity. Additionally, geometric elements are associated with purity, balance, harmony, and order, making them popular among those who wish to highlight these values. A Geometric Dragon tattoo symbolizes strength and courage while also captivating attention with its contemporary and distinctive design.

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