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Do you need a Cover Up Tattoo

Updated: Feb 11

A cover-up tattoo essentially involves concealing existing tattoos on your skin with new designs. The most common reason people seek cover-up tattoos is when they are dissatisfied with the final result of their original tattoo. When the tattoo doesn’t meet their expectations, a cover-up tattoo becomes viable solution. Additionally, individuals may opt for a cover-up when their existing tattoo has become outdated, no longer aligns with current trends, or evokes memories they’d rather not revisit.

Are you concerned that the tattoo you want to cover might not be completely concealed?

Typically, cover-up tattoo work may not perfectly align with the design the customer provides. The primary objective of a cover-up tattoo is to completely hide the tattoo the individual wishes to conceal, and the designs customers bring in may not always provide full coverage. In such cases, it is essential to collaborate with the artist’s design expertise. However, when you work with a artist who possesses ample experience and skill, they can often effectively hide the previous tattoo.

Many clients consider other people’s perceptions when they receive a cover-up. Typically, the age group that seeks cover-up tattoo appointments is older than first-time clients. If you’re concerned about your age, don’t be. Covering up a tattoo with a better idea and design can boost your self-esteem.

Reason To Wait?

If you have a reason to cover up an existing tattoo on your skin, what are you waiting for? We can work with you to determine the best way to conceal your tattoo. Are you worried about how it will look afterward? Rest assured, what you want to cover will be completely hidden. We offer tattoo redesign, touch-up, and makeover services at our studio.

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