Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a tattoo?
At Hon Tattoo Studio, we have two pricing methods: by piece or hourly. Our minimum charge starts at $80. Please consult the studio for each artist’s rate.
Do you accept walk-in?
We welcome walk-ins, however they are considered first come, first serve if there is an artist available. Best way to avoid a long wait time is to book an appointment.
Do you charge for consultation?
Consultations are free of charge and are strongly recommended before getting a tattoo. Consultations are suggested so we can discuss your ideas, take a look at sizing, and provide you with pricing estimate.
I have ideas, can you draw something for me?
At Hon Tattoo Studio, we have artists that can make your ideas into a piece of art but we do require a deposit before we start designing.
Do you guys do piercing?
Our studio provides a variety of piercing services.
I have this old tattoo, do you cover up / fix up?
At Hon Tattoo Studio, we do have artists who are able to help you out with covering up an old tattoo or even fixing it up but we do require you to come into the studio for a consultation
Is it easy to access? Is there parking?
Both locations you can get there by public transit (Viva and TTC). Yes, there is free parking.
Do you guys use disposable needle? How clean is your studio?
At Hon Tattoo Studio, we only use disposable needles. All our supplies and equipment follow and fulfil all the regulations under the Toronto Public Health Board. Our focus is to provide our clients a comforting and clean studio to get their next tattoo
My English is not that great, do you have people who can speak my language?
At Hon Tattoo Studio, we’re all very multicultural. We speak English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. We all speak the language of tattoos so we can definitely help you regardless 🙂

If You Follow These Simple Directions, You Will Have A Quick Healing And Attractive Tattoo. The life of your tattoo depends on the care it receives the first few days and the abuses to which it is subjected. Your tattoo is your responsibility after you leave the studio; please take good care of it. If you have any questions or concerns about your new tattoo, please contact us.


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