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Hello, everyone!

At Hontattoo, we are excited to announce a unique event where we will embark on an exciting experiment with our valued customers. On our website, we are planning a special promotion where artists will create a variety of tattoo designs that customers can purchase at their desired price. Artists will showcase their creativity and skills by crafting unique and special tattoo designs, and customers will have the opportunity to purchase their chosen design at a price that suits them, receiving the tattoo application as part of the deal.

This event brings significant advantages to both artists and customers. Artists can build a robust portfolio, gaining confidence and exposure to a broader audience through the creation of unique designs. Customers, on the other hand, can explore a range of custom tattoo designs from different artists and select one that resonates with them. The resulting tattoo will be a one-of-a-kind, special piece of art.

Moreover, this event provides an opportunity to reflect on the pricing dynamics in the tattoo design market. Custom designs by artists currently range from $140 to $200 and beyond. Through this promotion, customers can experience getting a tattoo at a more affordable price, contributing to a potential shift in the pricing norms of the tattoo design market.

By participating in this special event, you can witness the moment when the creativity of artists meets the unique experiences of our customers. For those who desire a distinctive tattoo, this event presents a special opportunity. We appreciate your interest and look forward to your participation!

Thank you!


Market Price: $140 - $200 to get those Tattoo.

What do you want to pay?

One design will be used for only one client. Will you be the first client to claim it?

Thank you for submiting

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