Apprentice Program

The Apprenticeship program at Hon Tattoo is an investment for the next generation of tattoo artists in Toronto.

To develop their knowledge and skills, we have a 3 month-long course including the following: if they finish the course, they work with us for another 3 months under probation.

There is no such limit of the number of apprentices we hire, we hire any artists who are found talented and have a passion to tattoo. If they become an apprentice at our studio, they will get to attend 9-12 hours per week, up to 3 months.

The rate of hiring as a full time tattoo artist is 100% after completing the apprentice program with us.


Basic Tattoo Fundamentals

Drawing Skill Development

Steralization (Properway of Sanatation)

Health Risk of Tattooing

Proper Set Up of Tattoo Station

Preperation for the Session

Understanding the Tools for Tattooing

Proper Tools & Materials

Tattoo Machine Maintenance & Tuning

Proper Techniques

Tattoo Aftercare


Apprentice Tattoo prices start from $0.00 - $100.00 depending on the skill level and the experience of the apprentice.

Apprentice tattoos are a big opportunity for you and your artist. You can get reasonably priced tattoos with our great apprentices.

You can visit our Apprentice Custom Design Shop HERE to take a look at some great pieces.


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