Your Guide to Getting a Realism Tattoo Toronto

18 Nov 2021

Realism is an artistic technique that makes artwork look just like it would in real life. It has a 3-D appearance to it, so it looks quite like a photograph that has been imprinted on your skin. Also known as photorealism, this technique provides an accurate representation of an image found in real life. While many of the realism tattoo Toronto designs are of animals or faces, the tattoo can be of anything at all.

The History of Realism Tattoos

While tattoos themselves have an early beginning, art realism started back in the 1500s during the High Renaissance when masters such as Rembrandt, da Vinci and Michelangelo began to illustrate life as it was seen. They worked painstakingly to get everything correct including measuring facial features and using perspective. New philosophies on realistic artwork continued to evolve and during the 19th century the movement of realism really took off. A realism tattoo artist often draws upon the same style used by the Old Masters.

Photorealism materialized as a Pop Art evolution and formed the foundation of the realism tattoo Toronto scene. You can see evidence of this when you look at a realism tattoo and notice the shadows appearing as they would on a photograph. To this day, realism tattoos remain popular and are trending in 2021 and for the foreseeable future.

Finding the Best Realism Tattoo Artist

While there are many exceptional tattoo artists available across the city, if you’re looking for a tattoo with a realistic look to it you’ll need to search out the best realism tattoo artist in Toronto. Look for an artist that specializes in this specific tattoo field and take a look at his portfolio to determine whether you like his style. Finding the right tattoo artist is just as important as choosing your tattoo design. The depiction of images will differ from one artist to the next so make sure that you choose your realism tattoo artist carefully.

What Is a Realism Tattoo?

If you have ever seen anybody draw a flower on a piece of paper that looks just like the flower in front of them, this is an example of realism artistry. It’s a lot easier to draw that flower on paper than it is on skin though, which is why a realism tattoo artist is such a specialized and highly respected artist in the industry.

When you consider all the folds that skin has, the porous nature of it and how it curves along the body, you can gain an understanding of how meticulous the artist must be and how skillful he needs to be at his craft. It takes a lot of experience and ability to be able to draw something that looks real on somebody’s skin.

A realism tattoo artist can take that same flower and make it look just as real on the skin using ink. There has been a lot of training and experience that has gone into perfecting this level of skill so never settle for someone that is inexperienced to do the tattoo for you.

Types of Realism Tattoos

When you’re looking for a realism tattoo Toronto you can choose from a colour realism tattoo or a black and grey tattoo. Black and grey realism tattoos only use grey and black ink to create the effects. In some cases the tattoo can display more details using this technique since more focus can be put on shading and details in the picture through the elimination of colour.

Realism tattoos in full colour, however, add extra elements to the design. It will take longer to get this type of tattoo done and it may require several detailed layers in order to get a final result that is stunning. When you see a well-done full colour realism tattoo it’s something that looks real life with a 3-D effect – so much so that it’s something that you feel you could grab in your hands.

Your Options for a Realism Tattoo North York

When it comes to the types of imaging that can be done using the realism style the options are limitless. Anything that can be captured or seen on film can be transformed into an amazing skin depiction by an experienced realism tattoo artist. When you have decided that you want to get a realism tattoo North York there are some popular choices that you may want to consider.

Portraits are always a favourite and they can be of pets or people. Many individuals decide to get a realistic portrait done on their skin to memorialize somebody close to their heart that has passed away. Portrait realism tattoos are also used to celebrate the birth of a new child. No matter what your reason may be for getting a portrait tattoo, look for an experienced realism tattoo North York artist to get it done.

Nature scenes are also quite popular when it comes to realism tattoos. Your choices range from flowers or animals with incredible details to large, vast landscapes. You’ll need to consider the size of the tattoo you want and where you want it placed when choosing the subject matter. If you are interested in getting a large tattoo done on your back with a realism design, a landscape can look fabulous.

You can also get a realistic tattoo done if you’re a fan of gory things and would like to display something spooky on your body. You’ll find that there are some people sporting tattoos that feature torn flesh and other things that would make your skin crawl. It’s all up to personal preference when choosing the subject matter for a realism tattoo North York.

If you’re interested in getting a realism tattoo in the upcoming future and want the best realism tattoo artist to do the design and the inking, please get in touch with us through our website at We can give you helpful advice regarding the best subject design based on the size of the tattoo you want and the placement of it.

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