Why You Need to Consider Getting a Fine Line Tattoo

03 Mar 2020

For many people, tattoos are not limited to simply just one. In fact, once you have received your first tattoo you may become addicted and start thinking about the next one right away. If you have not yet experienced the thrill of getting a tattoo, you’ll find out later why you may want more and more.
There are many trends that have come and gone with tattoos in the last few years. One of the biggest trends right now are fine line tattoos. Whether this will be your first tattoo or one of many, these tattoos are special and distinctive from the traditional colour tattoos you may be used to.

Fine Line Tattoos

These tattoos are minimalistic with popular trending designs such as flowers, body contours, and even faces. Mountains are also trending on the same scale as uplifting/ motivational quotes. These images and letters are created using distinct curved or straight thin lines that are consistent without any gradations in colour or shade. They can represent either 3-D or 2-D objects with an emphasis on outline and form versus texture, shading and colour. They can be incredibly detailed without going overboard.
Fine line tattoos can be delivered by an expert artist in a tattoo studio Toronto. Make sure that you work with a professional that has expertise with fine line tattoos to get the best results. A pro can make a note or image look like it was drawn directly into the skin using a technical pen.

Fine Line Tattoo Toronto

Less Pain, Faster Healing

This style of tattooing involves using a 3 round liner needle, which consists of 3 needle tips. These tattoos cover less surface area, while at the same time still offering beautiful results, which means less pain for the individual receiving the tattoo. On top of that, there is less healing time involved since they put less stress on the body. If a person chooses to get a tattoo with colour, the needles need to penetrate the skin longer and deeper in order to make sure that the colour is fully absorbed. A faster healing time can be expected with fine line tattoos.
If you are interested in getting a fine line tattoo and are looking for the best tattoo studio Toronto artists, please share your ideas with us and we can help you choose the best option for you!

Written By : Jordana A

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