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What Tattoo Styles Are Available at a Tattoo Studio Toronto?

In 2024, various tattoo styles are on the rise in the market.

Tattoos have been around for many years and are used as a part of self-expression.

There are several different tattoo styles available at a tattoo studio in Toronto and when you work with a professional, experienced tattoo artist you’ll be able to choose the style you like the best. The style used is as unique as the person that is getting it done and it is certainly a permanent, lifelong commitment.

Take a look at the styles listed below to see just how wide and varied your options are.

Classic Americana

This classic tattoo can be considered to be old-school with old outlines featuring images with colour. Many of the classic Americana images feature daggers, roses, hearts, animals, female figures, nautical imagery and ocean images. This style first became popular back in the 1930s and it remains a permanent fixture in the tattoo industry. It may also be called a traditional tattoo and it’s what would probably first come to mind when you think of a Navy sailor sporting a tattoo.

Neo Traditional Style

These types of tattoos are inspired by the traditional tattoos that come with finer lines and bold colours. They are a mix of old and new and they come together perfectly. Overall, the neo-traditional style tattoos look more lifelike than their predecessors.

Abstract Tattoos

An abstract tattoo takes its inspiration from surrealist painters from the past. The term abstract refers to ideas without any physical form. This type of art is layered and complex and doesn’t have any type of structure. They are open to the artist’s interpretation and often carry a personal meaning.

New School Tattoos

Imagine a comic that has been tattooed on your body. New school tattoos feature a world of imagination and there are often vividly coloured caricature animals appearing in the tattoos.

3-D Tattoos

These are tattoos that grab the attention of anyone viewing them. 3-D tattoos bring images to life and are the next level in the world of tattooing. Anything can be portrayed in a 3-D style including geometric shapes, cartoon characters and much more. If you are interested in getting this sort of tattoo you will need to work with an experienced 3-D tattoo artist.

Tribal Tattoos

These have been around since the dawn of tattoos and are available in many different styles. Some of the most popular tribal styles include Native American, Polynesian and many others.

Trash Polka

The trash polka style is gaining in popularity and has become a trend in 2020. It combines realism and imagery that is abstract. The trash refers to smears and smudges that are present in the tattoo, which provide a chaotic look. They are often presented in red and black, similar to the tattoos that were worn by ancient Egyptians.

Japanese Tattoos

These have long been a favourite for many tattoo enthusiasts. These types of tattoos date back centuries and are popular around the world. Japanese tattoos generally feature large images covering the legs, arms or the back.

Ambigram Tattoo Styles

When you are looking for a unique tattoo style think of ambigram tattoos. They feature words with a lettering design that is unique since the words can be read in the same way from various viewpoints. This style is not as popular as it once was, which gives you the opportunity to choose a tattoo that will be quite different from the other more common styles that are trending today.

Anatomical Tattoos

Think of the anatomy when you think of this style. These tattoos feature images of body parts and appear to be very realistic. Anatomical images may include bones, teeth, organs and much more.

Watercolour Style

The watercolour style has been trending recently. They are beautiful and delicate images featuring no outline or a minimal outline with the colours flowing over the skin.

Blackwork Tattoos

These are tattoos that use black ink and they are quite inspired by Polynesian tattoos worn by tribal members. They are often surreal images with subjects that come from horror stories.

Black and Grey Tattoo Toronto

Black and grey tattoos have been extremely popular in 2020 and are expected to be trending as we move into 2024. They can be done in any type of style but the images are presented in grey and black with a variety of different shades of grey appearing in the design.

Realism Tattoo Toronto

realism tattoo is one that looks realistic. They can be done in black and grey or in colour. This would be the best option to choose when you want your tattoo to look as real as possible.

Silhouette Tattoos

These are shadow or silhouette tattoos that are done using grey and white shading. They are minimalistic in nature and look real but don’t have a lot of detail.

Portrait Style

These are realistic tattoos of a person that are absolutely stunning to look at when they are done by an exceptional artist. They are also available in both black and grey or in colour. They are not abstract in any way but rather feature a head design that is realistic and it appears sophisticated and complex.

Geometric Tattoos

Choose this style when you’re looking for a geometric design that can range from simple to elaborate. Everyday items can also turned into geometric images and the possibilities are virtually endless with this type of tattoo. The only limit to what you can create with this style is your own imagination.

When it comes to tattoos, there are countless different styles that you can choose from. Hopefully the styles listed above have inspired you to think of the perfect image that you’d like to enjoy as a masterpiece on your body. Next it’s time to look for the best tattoo artists in a tattoo studio Toronto.

When you’re looking for the best of the best consider Hon Tattoo first. Find out more about us by browsing through our website at and fill in the contact form if you would like to schedule an appointment. You can also call us directly at 905-604-5102 to speak to a professional and experienced tattoo artist.

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