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Why do we care for post tattoo session?

At Our Hon tattoo studio, we firmly believe that the trust and satisfaction of our clients are of utmost importance. When you choose to receive a tattoo or any treatment at our shop, you place your trust in us, and we take that responsibility seriously. We are not only dedicated to providing high-quality tattoos but also to offering exceptional post-care services.

We understand that the process of getting a tattoo can be uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. We also recognize that it is a significant investment of both your time and money. That is why we are committed to taking care of your tattoo for a lifetime, ensuring that all your efforts are well worth it.

To achieve this, we go above and beyond to provide the best tattoo care directions and aftercare kits. We want to make sure that you have all the necessary knowledge and tools to properly care for your tattoo after leaving our studio. We believe that by giving you the right guidance, we can help your tattoo heal beautifully and maintain its vibrancy for years to come.

In addition to the excellent aftercare support, we also offer a complimentary touch-up period of three months. This allows you to feel at ease and confident in receiving your treatments. We want you to know that we are fully committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction, even after the initial tattooing process is complete.

Moving forward, we are determined to continue working hard to become the best tattoo studio in the industry. We value your attention and support, and we assure you that we will always strive to repay your trust. We are passionate about providing exceptional products, meticulous aftercare, and an overall outstanding tattoo experience.

Thank you for considering Our Hon tattoo studio. We look forward to serving you and taking care of your tattoo needs, now and in the future.

Keep These in Mind

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Day 1 - 3

Keep the tattoo aftercare film(saniderm, second skin or etc.) on your skin for 1-3 days.

Depends on if it stays on your skin perfectly or not, if stays well you can keep it up to a week. You can have a quick shower with the tattoo aftercare film(it's waterproof). 

Please try not to sweat during these days, as your sweat will be blocked inside the plastic.

Remove the tattoo aftercare film immediately when:

Water goes in

Your skin has reactions to the Dermalize

If the Dermalize comes off after few hours, dono't worry, wash your tattoo with clean soapy water 1-2 times a day, wash off any liquid that comes out from the wound, use a clean paper towel tap during your tattoo.

Keep it try and clean for the first 24-36 hours.

No cream is needed before the wound is fully closed.

Then, start the "day 3/4" process.

Day 3 - 4

Gently remove the tattoo aftercare film(saniderm, second skin or etc.) under lukewarm running water, wash the tattoo with soapy water to remove the

remaining ink and the liquid from the wound.

Sometimes there might be some glue from the plastic sticking to your skin, DO NOT scrub or rub with

sponge or towel, using cream or coconut oil can help to remove the glue.

Use a clean paper towel to tap dry your tattoo, then apply a very thin layer of the cream.

Apply 2-4 times a day.

Day 5 - 10

Keep moisturising your tattoo about 2-4 times a day.

Day 10 - week 4

Keep moisturizing once a day.

Keep your tattoo clean.

Do not:

- pick or scratch your tattoo

-expose your tattoo to direct sunlight or sunbeams, always use sunscreen after it heals.

-soak in a bath or swimming pool / any kind of water / Sauna

-exercise before your tattoo is fully healed.

-cover your new tattoo with cling film by yourself.

-lean on your tattoo and avoid wrapping anything around fresh tattoo

*make sure your hands are clean before you touch your tattoo

*be careful with pets as they shouldn’t have contact with fresh tattoo

*it’s the best to change your sheets as fresh tattoo, will have contact with it during the sleep

Why does my tattoo fade?

1. Your immune system

Getting a tattoo is not natural for your body, which sees the ink as an invader. This means your immune system will try to attack and disperse the ink over time.

2. The Sun

The UV frequencies in sunlight are energetic enough to break down the ink molecules over time, so tattoos that are always exposed fade quicker than those covered by clothing.

3. Poor initial care and overall skincare

A few minutes of skincare per a day can leave you with a great looking tattoo for decades to come.

4. Friction and sweating

Not all areas of the body are primed for tattooing. Some are best left alone, especially areas that get a lot of contact, friction, and sweat. Generally, the more contact and friction there is, the more wear on your skin, and the faster the ink will fade.

Why do single needle/fine line tattoos seem to fade faster?

All tattoos fade and blur a bit over time. Getting fineline/micro tattoos compared with getting traditional tattoos (think lines, heavy colour packing), means there is much less ink tattooed into your skin. Imaging getting two tattoos (one with bold lines, one with thin lines) next to each other at the same time. After time they both fade 10%, the one with bold lines will still look very visible, but the fineline one will seem almost disappeared.

Getting a small and delicate tattoo means that you need to take extra care of it. Since our bodies change over time, it's only natural that tattoos, too, will change as time progresses. As the years go by, you can either touch up your ink, or let the fading be a new aesthetic.

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