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Toronto Tattoo Trends 2020: The Minimalist Tattoo

02 Nov 2020

More and more people are making their way to a tattoo shop Toronto to get a minimalist tattoo. This is one of the latest trends for 2020 and one of the reasons why they had become so popular is due to the number of celebrities that are wearing them. These tattoos have black crisp lines and sparse colours to showcase a tattoo that is simple and clean.

In most cases these tattoos are smaller in design, but they can be larger as well. The thing that sets them apart from other tattoos is the concentration on single lines that are precise, giving the tattoo a look that is concise. These tattoos can be described as sleek and elegant.

Popular Fashion Statements
The tattoo industry has been evolving throughout the years. Decades ago, tattooing in general was considered to be something more taboo and it certainly wasn’t common in the mainstream. Nowadays, tattoos are completely acceptable by the general population and come in a number of different forms.

Every era boasts its own tattoo styles and trends. Everything from scriptwriting to nautical themes can appear on different parts of the body. Now, minimalist tattoos are taking the industry by storm. Their popularity is partly due to their small sizes but mainly due to their unique designs.

Can Choose Many Tattoo Designs

One of the things that make these tattoos stand out from the others is the fact that you can choose a number of different designs to get tattooed. You can go in for one or two tattoos on one day and then go in o a tattoo shop Toronto in a month or two, or whenever you want to get another.

Less Stress
If you’re planning on getting a large, complicated tattoo, it will cause a lot of stress trying to pick out the right design. This is going to be a permanent fixture on your body, so you want to make sure that you have picked out the perfect design right from the start. With smaller tattoos you won’t have to spend endless hours deciding on the pattern and then spend a lot of time with the tattoo artist going over the details of the design.

Small tattoos that are minimalistic in design give you the chance to make easier choices. Many of these tattoo types are as simple as a geometric shape, a single letter, a date when a special event occurred etc. You won’t have to get into a complicated decision-making process when you are getting a minimalist tattoo.

Easy to Hide Small tattoos

These tattoos are perfect for somebody that is working in a place where a tattoo cannot be shown in a professional setting. They are small and easy to hide. You can have a tattoo of this type that is so small that nobody would probably notice it unless you pointed it out, even if it is on a body part that is out in the open. Another bonus is if you’re going out to a special event and you don’t want to show off your minimalist tattoo you can simply cover it up with makeup.

Deep Meanings
Minimalist design tattoos often hold a deep meaning. Just because they are simple tattoos doesn’t mean that they don’t mean a lot. People often get them to represent significant events in their lives or special people or animals that have passed away. There are many reasons why people would choose to get small tattoos and you would often never know the reason behind them unless you asked.

Tattoos Are Personal
Every tattoo, whether big or small, has its own story behind it. Tattooing is always a personal decision, and no one should ever be influenced by another’s opinion. This is something that will adorn the body forever so it must reflect what the person really wants. If you want a minimalist tattoo, that is what you should get – even if others disagree. If you prefer more colourful tattoos with intricate designs, you should opt for one of these. There is no wrong choice when it comes to tattoos as long as you have followed your own heart and have made the choice based on what you like and want to express.

Meanings of Common Minimalist Tattoos
Here is a short list of the meanings of common minimalist tattoos. If you have a specific meaning in mind that isn’t listed here that you would like to explore, you can consult with tattoo artists Toronto to learn more about different tattoo meanings.

Keynote – A musical keynote signifies your deep passion for music.
Infinity symbol – This symbol looks like a number 8 that has been placed on its side. It can represent reincarnation, rebirth and infinity.
Birds – Birds often symbolize good health or a love of traveling.
Black hearts – These hearts usually represent a loss or sadness.
Monochrome Minimalistic Tattoos

A monochrome tattoo is done in one single colour, with black being the most popular option. Black provides a strong contrast on skin, but you can consult with qualified tattoo artists Toronto to find out what colour would look best and tend to pop based on your skin’s unique undertone. Some motifs should be done in monochrome such as words, geometric forms and abstract shapes, since no additional information is required to get the meaning across.

Although a minimalist tattoo can contain an extra colour or more, remember that the power of these tattoos lies in the messages they display. Extra colour may pull attention away from the visual power of the tattoo design.

If you are thinking of getting minimalistic or small tattoos, it’s time to visit a reputable tattoo shop Toronto to get it done. Look for a tattoo studio that has professional tattoo artists that can easily visualize the meaning you want the design to express. When it comes to minimalist tattoos, it’s all about displaying a special meaning that is dear to your heart.

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