Small Tattoos That Make a Huge Impact

09 Mar 2021

Small tattoos are one of the most popular forms of tattoos in the industry today. Small tattoos can make a lasting and huge impact. Tattoos often act as a permanent reminder of a person, a friendship, something lost, a big event and much more. When you want to memorialize something and you don’t want to get a big tattoo, small tattoos are the answer.

In many cases there is more significance behind tiny tattoos than there is behind larger ones. They are minimalist in nature and convey a message that comes through loud and clear. When you get this type of tattoo you can get it anywhere on your body. You can proudly display it where everyone can see it or you can hide it away and have it as your own personal reminder of a particular thing. It’s all up to you and with small tattoos you have a lot of freedom of choice.

Ideas for Tiny Tattoos
Here are some inspiring ideas for tiny tattoos in Toronto. You can use the subtle and powerful design ideas to convey your deepest messages. From love to freedom, you’ll find a variety of symbolic ideas below.

Triangle with a Line
This tattoo features a triangle that has a line going through the top. This symbolizes air, which is the basic element of new beginnings, creativity and intelligence.

When you have a deep appreciation and love for nature, these are the perfect small tattoos. A seashell acts as a protective shield for the animal within the casing and when you wear one you are displaying your passion for protecting all life forms.

One-Word Designs
For something different, ask for one word to be tattooed instead of a saying or a quote. Many people are getting a word such as “joy” or “happiness” as a tattoo to remember not to let anything ever get them down.

Quill and Ink Tiny Tattoos Toronto

This is the perfect tattoo design for anyone that loves to write. It’s a constant reminder of your passion for writing.

Dainty Planet Tattoos
With a small tattoo design of the solar system you can get planets, the moon, sun and stars inked on an area of your body. When they are done small and in a dainty way, they can look absolutely fabulous.

Deer and Antlers
The antlers on a deer are a permanent display of the strength of the animal. Convey your outer and inner strengths with this small tattoo image.

Arrows for Small Tattoos Toronto

Arrows signify that you have an indestructible spirit. Like an arrow, you can’t be broken and can face the challenges that come up with everyday living.

Balloon Small Tattoos
A small balloon design can look incredible and help to remind you of your childhood. It’s a simple design but can stir up a lot of great memories from the past. You can choose to fill the balloon with colour or simply leave it with a minimalistic black outline.

Small Diamond Tattoos
Like an arrow, a diamond is strong, hard and unbreakable. Wear this type of tattoo when you want to remind yourself of your constant strength and ability to carry on.

Tiny Heart Tattoo
Symbolize your love for another human being or for a special pet with a tiny heart tattoo. You have a big heart so feel proud to show it as a piece of art on your body.

Small Anchor Designs
You can receive a unique and small anchor tattoo to show your trustworthiness and stability. Add a heart or a rose to show that you can be trusted in a relationship and are committed to it.

Sun Tattoos
The sun gives us the ability to live and when you get a small tattoo with a sun pattern it will remind you daily of your life force and just how important you really are.

Animal Paws Small Tattoo Ideas
Some people are getting the paws of their pets inked onto their skin to show their affection and love for their animals. These are really cute designs that would look great on any part of the body.

Avocado Tattoos
Avocados and especially avocado toast are trending right now and many people are getting their favourite foods tattooed on their bodies. This is something different that shows your love for a food item and they are the perfect small tattoos Toronto for foodies!

Waves for Small Tattoos
If you love the open water and have a lot of respect for the power of the ocean and the sea, this is an awesome design. You can get a tiny and delicate wave tattoo done and it will act as a constant reminder of being at the water’s edge.

Crescent Moon
This is a type of tattoo that you would get if you are seeking positive vibes and want to get rid of the negative energy surrounding your life. This is a half-moon tattoo that symbolizes a new positive beginning.

Tiny Tattoos with Positive Quotes
You’ll see a lot of people with tiny tattoos Toronto that show positive quotes. If you have a favourite quote or saying that is optimistic you can get it inked to remind yourself to stay positive. An expert artist in small tattoos Toronto can make these quotes very small in size yet beautiful to behold.

You should be feeling inspired by now with all of these small tattoos Toronto ideas! If you feel the need to get tattooed in the very near future, it’s time to get in touch with us at Hon Tattoo. You can head over to our website at to fill out the contact form there. While you’re on our site be sure to browse through the gallery of incredible tattoos that we have created for others in the past.

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