16 Jul 2020

What made you want to become a Tattoo Artist?
For me it’s not necessarily tattooing that I wanted to get into. It was my love for drawing anime. I always drew anime characters my whole life. Then with a little help, I thought “Hey I think tattooing anime characters in my style would be amazing.”

Where or who do you turn to for inspiration?
I find inspiration from people mostly. What really gives me inspiration is seeing artist’s grow and the feeling of not being left behind or dragging them down.

Tell us about your experience training as a Tattoo Artist? Who made the largest impact on your artistic progress?
It. Was. Rough. With both time and skill. At the start of my apprenticeship my drawings itself needed work and at the same time I was working another job. Which soon after I quit to pursue tattooing full-time. With constructive criticism I was able to better my designs and find an anime style of my own. But at the same time no matter what level you are at. Continue trying to find ways to improve your art skills. I can say each tattoo artist from my shop made a huge impact in different ways of my progress. With all different insights of their own.

How many tattoos do you have & which is your favourite?
I have a full-sleeve done with a connecting left back shoulder piece in Asian style. Also a half sleeve and chest piece on the right side of anime characters. I love all my tattoos. But if I were to pick. It would be my half sleeve of anime characters because it represents me more on my personality than the others.

What do you find yourself doing after a long day at the studio?
My main thing would be just watching anime. But I also do love watching movies or just going out to eat with my girlfriend or friends.
As funny as it sounds. I just watch anime. Besides my love for anime story’s and sense of adventure. I just need to know also what’s the new hype with new anime’s or even what’s the new update with already trending anime’s.

Do you have any mentors you look up to?
My main mentor is Master Shark. He took me in and taught me so much with art and tattooing. But I also have to give credit to the other artists in the shop. They also showed me how I can improve not only my tattooing but my drawings and colour theory.

Do you have a favourite Tattoo Piece you worked on? If so, why does it stand out to you?
I have 2 favourites. One in colour and one in black and grey. The one in colour is my super saiyan red Vegeta because it was a huge turning point of me putting all my colour theory into this one tattoo. In which I love the result. And for the black and grey. It would be the Zoro from One Piece because I was still learning black and grey shading but at the same time it’s my first time doing a fully dot shading tattoo. I was super happy on how it turned out.

What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?
Don’t just tattoo thinking it’s an easy way out. It’s not. You need passion within tattooing in order to succeed. Don’t try to learn tattooing on your own. Seek out an apprenticeship from a reputable shop. There’s so many things you can’t learn from teaching yourself. And lastly don’t half-ass learning to tattoo. In this industry it’s either your fully in it or not.

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