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  • Artist IG: @d.gone_ttt.
  • Discounted Price: $700
  • Preferred size: 4" long.
  • Preferred placement:  Any Placement.
  • Deposit Price: $100(What you pay today)


*The product you purchased is non-refundable.
*The remaining balance must be paid when the tattoo is completed at the shop.

Stag Beetle With a Face

Only 1 left in stock
  • A Stag Beetle tattoo can symbolize strength, transformation, and resilience. The beetle's robust appearance and life cycle, from larvae to fully developed insect, can represent personal growth and overcoming challenges. Additionally, the beetle's protective exoskeleton may be associated with armor and defense. People may choose a Stag Beetle tattoo for its unique and intricate design, as well as the meaningful symbolism it holds for them personally.

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