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Negative space tattoos, the ultimate blackwork

It is called skin break in blackwork tattoos

Negative space tattoos are tattoos that use the negative space around or within the tattoo. Negative space is the area that is not filled with ink, but rather left blank or untouched by the tattoo artist. By using it strategically, the tattoo artist can create optical illusions, 3D effects, contrast, or simply add an extra element of interest to the design. Negative space tattoos can be done in any color, but they are most commonly done in black or dark shades to create a strong contrast with the skin tone.

These tattoos are inspired by the concept of negative space in art and design: the area around or between the main elements of an image or a composition. It can be used to create balance, harmony, emphasis, or shape. Negative space can also create visual effects such as depth, perspective, or movement.

Negative space has been used in various forms of art for centuries, from paintings to sculptures to photography. Some famous examples of negative space in art are the Rubin vase illusion, which shows either a vase or two faces depending on how you look at it; the World Wildlife Fund logo, which uses negative space to create a panda; and the FedEx logo, which has an arrow hidden in the negative space between the E and the X.

What is the relation with blackwork tattoos?

Blackwork tattoos are tattoos that are done entirely or mostly in black ink. They can range from simple geometric shapes to intricate patterns to solid blocks of black. Blackwork tattoos are often associated with tribal or cultural tattoos, but they can also be done in modern or abstract styles.

Blackwork tattoos and negative space tattoos have some similarities and differences. Both styles use black ink to create contrast and impact, but they do it in different ways. Blackwork tattoos use black ink to fill in the design, while negative space tattoos use black ink to outline or surround the design. Blackwork tattoos emphasize the positive space (the inked area), while negative space tattoos emphasize the negative space (the uninked area).

Both styles can be combined to create stunning effects. For example, a blackwork tattoo can have negative space elements within it to create depth or detail, or a negative space tattoo can have blackwork elements around it to create a frame or a background.

Where to get negative space tattoos?

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