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Instagram and the Tattoo Industry

21 Mar 2020

Instagram has been instrumental in helping tattoo artists display their work and expand their businesses. This social media platform gives artists the opportunity to showcase their best work and to build up a reputation in the tattoo industry. It’s one of the best ways to connect with others in the same industry along with potential and existing customers. In fact, some artists believe that almost 3/4 of their clients come from Instagram.

Displaying a Masterpiece

Ask any Toronto tattoo studio artist and he’ll let you know that he has a few masterpieces under his belt that he would be proud to display. Instagram is the perfect venue for showing others the best of your best work. It’s a place where artists can get recognition from the public at large for the hard work they do. While other artists build up a reputation by displaying their artwork at galleries, at shows or at public venues, tattoos are body art and for that reason are much more personal and private.

Any artist can appreciate a boost in morale from others that believe he is talented. He can also get a lot of work this way since others will flock to an artist that they believe can do great work. After all, allowing a tattoo artist to paint something on your body involves a great deal of trust in his ability. Instagram allows tattoo artists to build up this trust and establish a shining reputation.

Booking Ahead

Tattoo artists and businesses can fill in their books in advance when they use the proper hashtags and images on Instagram. This is a game changer in the tattoo community giving artists the ability to increase the number of followers very quickly. Word spreads fast in the world of social media so it’s important to get your tattoo brand out as soon as possible. Instagram can be the turning point for a tattoo business that is just getting itself on its feet or one that needs to establish itself more.

This is an online portfolio that any artist can use to make connections locally, nationally or even internationally. It’s a place where an artist can showcase not only his best tattoos but he can also show that he does his best art consistently. It’s a place where art and inspiration can be shared with others by either posting pictures or by running ads.

Building up Followers

It’s important to note that building up the number of followers on your Instagram account is not a passive activity. It needs to be done actively, every day, in order to see results. Many artists or businesses will put up multiple images each week on their pages.

When you’re first starting out you can simply use your phone to take the pictures of your tattoos. Once you have started to see results and you see that your appointment book is filling up faster than ever, you can invest in equipment that is more sophisticated in order to get up close and personal stunning and lifelike pictures of your art.

Some artists are learning how to take professional pictures of their own while others know a person within their circle that can take higher-end photos. If you have a particular tattoo that stands out above the rest but you don’t know anyone that can take good shots, you may want to consider getting it professionally photographed and be willing to pay for it in order to get the best picture possible.

Instagram Story

Tattoo businesses are also using Instagram Story to share short snippets about their artists and the tattooing process in general. Artists are using this Instagram feature to personalize themselves within the community and show a bit of their personalities. It’s a great way to humanize the industry even more.

Inspiration and Motivation

Any artist needs to continue to be inspired and motivated in his selected field. Instagram provides the accountability for inspiration and motivation that many artists may be lacking. For example, if your followers are expecting a post every Monday from you displaying your art from the previous week, you’ll be sure to be putting your all into every tattoo you do. You may find motivation and inspiration from within that you didn’t even realize existed.

Of course, there is a bit of a competitive atmosphere that you’ll have to edge into once you start using your Instagram account to build up your business. It’s all part of the game, however, and you can use it to your advantage. If you are a talented artist or have a tattoo business that employs several talented artists, you can shine along with the best of them and build up an extensive clientele using this social media platform.

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Written By : Jordana A

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