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Get Creative with Freehand Tattoos in Toronto

The Craft and Beauty of Freehand Tattoos in Toronto

While tattooing in general is a skill that is highly specialized, freehand tattooing brings this art form to a brand-new level. Freehand tattoos in Toronto require a tattoo artist who has the precision and passion for this particular creative art.

What Are Freehand Tattoos?

While most tattoos are created using a stencil to create a specific pattern or design, freehand tattoos in Toronto are done by hand without the help of a stencil. Permanent coloured markers are used to draw a designer image onto the skin of the client. In most cases, once the design is finished, the tattoo artist will show it to the person getting the tattoo for a final approval. There are some tattoo artists, however, that prefer not to show the marker sketch to the client since the drawing can look somewhat confusing since they appear to be simply a rough sketch that the artist will be following.

How Can I Find Freehand Tattoo Artists?

Freehand tattoo artists in Toronto have usually been involved in the tattooing business for a long time. They have built up a client base along with a solid portfolio that can be shown to clients. Anyone interested in getting freehand tattoos in Toronto must completely trust the artist they are using. They must have complete faith in the well-established artist before getting started.

This is something that’s going to be worn on the body for a lifetime. Some of the most beautiful creations have been done freehand since the artist has been able to take the curve of the body parts more into account. On the other hand, you must be committed to the artistry of the person performing the tattoo and have complete confidence that the piece of artwork will be to your liking.

Our tattoo studio in Toronto has enthusiastic and highly-skilled tattoo artists that can give you a freehand tattoo. These types of artists are harder to find but you’ll be amazed to see what they have to offer and what they can do for you.

At Hon Tattoo we will work with you if you are at all interested in getting a tattoo that has been done freehand. You can visit our site at to send us a message through our contact form and we will let you know more about the available artists.

Freehand Asian Style Tattoos

If you are interested in Asian style tattoos and would like one done with a freehand style, you should look for a tattoo artist that specializes in both freehand and Asian-style types of tattoos. These sorts of tattoos when drawn freehand can look absolutely incredible. If you have already been considering Asian tattoos, you may want to think about getting one drawn with a freestyle design.

Benefits of Freehand Tattoos

There are a lot of different benefits associated with getting freehand tattoos and Asian style tattoos drawn directly on the skin. Some of the top benefits include the following:

  1. The artists are provided with more freedom to express their artistic ideas. This becomes evident once the tattoos have been completed.

  2. The design can be enhanced using the curves and the muscles of the body. The artist can decide right at the beginning what form the image or design should take to best suit the area where the tattooing will take place.

  3. You will end up with a tattoo design that is completely original. It will be drawn specially for you and no one else in the world will have something the same.

  4. You’ll be able to see the creation as it unfolds and additions and modifications can be made during the progression of the design.

Freehand Realism Tattoo Artist

A realism tattoo artist that can create a design on the body using a free hand technique is especially valuable to find. When you want to have a realistic rendition of something placed on your skin, you’ll want to work with someone that is highly gifted not only at tattooing techniques but at realistic artistry as well. A professional realism tattoo artist can create images that look as real as life.

Freehand Designs Step-By-Step

If you’re wondering what to expect when you arrive at the studio for freehand tattoos in Toronto, here are the steps that will be followed to make sure that you receive the best tattoo possible:

  1. The skin is thoroughly cleansed in the area where the tattoo will be created to get rid of any body oils. This allows the markers to flow smoothly across the skin.

  2. The lines are drawn following a basic form in a light colour.

  3. As more details are added, darker coloured markers are used. The design is further refined using the darkest tones until everything looks great.

  4. Any final decisions are made at this point by the tattoo artist and the client following an inspection of the overall design. Once the client and the artist are excited about moving forward, it’s ready to start the tattoo.

The ink from the marker will be wiped away gently as the tattoo is done. The client will be left with an original, beautiful, new tattoo that can be adored for many years to come.

It takes approximately 30 minutes or longer to get the sketch right using the markers. You will need to be patient during this step since this is the foundation of the design and the most important part of the process. When this is done right, the rest of the tattooing can be done easily.

From marker to skin, freehand tattoos in Toronto provide unique and original tattoos that complement the shape of the body. The design has an amazing flow to it and you’ll be delighted with the final outcome. Whether you are choosing Asian style tattoos, small tattoos or any other type of tattoo artistry, you’ll be amazed at the originality that a freehand tattoo offers.

Find out more about freehand tattoos in Toronto and browse through our gallery now at

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