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Cover Up Tattoos: an artistic solution for an old tattoo

15 Dec 2022

Cover Up Tattoos are the solution if you want to cover a tattoo you do not want to have.

There are many reasons for wanting to cover up an old tattoo. It could be that you don’t like what you got tattooed, the drawing didn’t look good, or the tattoo has faded over time. No matter what the reason is for getting a cover up tattoo, we can help you transform the old tattoo into something extraordinary.

What is a cover up tattoo?

A cover up tattoo is a procedure that replaces a previous unwanted tattoo with a new one. The tattoo artist can help you choose a new design if you still need to get one in mind. If you already have an idea of what you would like, feel free to let us know. As long as we can work over the old tattoo, we can create a masterpiece for you. We can also touch up an old tattoo by improving the strokes and colours, keeping the original design.

How does cover up tattoo work?

On the initial tattoo you got, the ink is set 1 millimetre below the skin’s surface. Similar to the initial tattoo, the cover up tattoo will also be set to 1 millimetre below the surface of the skin. This means that both inks, from the initial and the cover up, will meet and mix to create a new colour. For this reason, cover up tattoos are likely to be darker or use a more dominant ink colour to conceal the initial tattoo.

Feel free to bring in a design you want to cover up an existing tattoo. Our artists are happy to give advice and adjust the design to ensure it covers up the existing tattoo entirely.

How big should the cover up be?

Cover up tattoos are always bigger than the initial tattoo. Depending on the initial tattoo, a rule of thumb is that cover up tattoos should be at least 30% larger than the initial tattoo. This is usually the best way to camouflage the old tattoo for the best results.

Masking old tattoos is a work of art; it is a complicated procedure that needs talented tattoo artists. They create striking designs using strictly dark colours, which is a real challenge.

Covering or removing the tattoo?

This is a personal decision. Laser treatment helps remove old tattoos, sometimes entirely, and sometimes it leaves behind marks. The remaining marks depend on the person and the type of ink used. Laser removal is a good option if you no longer wish to have a tattoo on that part of your body or do not wish to have your tattoo at all. If you want to conceal or replace an old tattoo, then cover up tattoos would be the best option. Cover up tattoos cover the spot entirely, and no reminisce of the old tattoo can be seen.

How long do I have to wait to cover a tattoo?

The initial tattoo must be healed to get a tattoo on top of it. A tattoo takes more than 8 weeks to heal completely, but it also depends on the person. Once your tattoo has healed completely, you can get a cover up.

If you want to cover up a cover up tattoo, you may need to wait a bit longer until you can do so. Cover up tattoos use a darker shade of colours to cover the old tattoo. If you want to cover up the cover up tattoo, then you would need to wait until the colour fades a bit. For this reason, it is important that you find the right artist and tell them your plan.

If you want a cover-up tattoo that you can proudly display, contact us through our website at www.hontattoo.com. Our artists will help you choose the right design for your new tattoo.

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