Chris Lee

29 May 2020

What made you want to become a Tattoo Artist?
A coworker I used to work with recommended a tattoo, so I got pulled into this business without much knowledge of what it was.

Where or who do you turn to for inspiration?
I take daily feeds from instagram/pinterest posts for inspiration.

Tell us about your experience training as a Tattoo Artist? Who made the largest impact on your artistic progress?
It was very strange and new but it got better. Shark helps new artists to get better so he’s the one.

How many Tattoos do you have & which is your favourite?
I have a palm sized face of an eagle on my leg, that’s the only one so far, I will get more eventually to find out.

What do you find yourself doing after a long day at the studio?
I usually just go and work on the next project but I do watch/read informative content online whenever I have the chance.

Do you have any mentors you look up to?
I have Shark and coworkers as mentors.

How do you stay on top of new trends?
I take inspirations from popular instagram posts of artists/influencers.

Do you have a favourite Tattoo Piece you worked on? If so, why does it stand out to you?
I like the recent hand tattoo I did recently, it’s just very different compared to other stuff I did so it was a unique experience.

What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?
It’s not as fancy as what most people would expect these days, there’s tons of responsibility and efforts that you can’t just simply ignore. But sometimes it’s rewarding and feels like it’s worth having this experience

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