Tattoo Trends for 2019

Let’s take a look at the tattoo trends that we saw in 2019 that expect to propel forward as we make our way into 2020. It’s been a great year for tattoos with a number of different styles and sizes trending more than others. We always say, however, that tattoos are personal and what’s trending now may not be with best for you!

Small Tattoos

As more and more people decide to get tattoos, ​small tattoos​ have also taken on more popularity. They are great for people that want to try out a tattoo but also want the option of hiding it when required.

Simple Tattoos

Minimalistic tattoos with simple design patterns have become extremely simple and stylish. When you want a tattoo but don’t want it to act as an overstatement, simple ones are trending right now.

Portrait Tattoos

These tattoos can be absolutely beautiful and are the perfect way to memorialize or celebrate somebody that has had a positive impact on your life. If you want to get this type of tattoo, however, be sure that you work with an experienced portrait artist that can provide realistic and excellent results.

Feather Tattoos

Feather tattoos have been trending with men in 2019. They provide cultural symbolisms and can be used in a variety of different styles.

Sleeve Tattoos

On the other end of small and simple tattoos lie the larger and more complex sleeve tattoos. They have been extremely popular this year in both ​black and white​ and in ​colour​. If you are interested in getting a sleeve tattoo, we have amazing artists here that can work with you to design the perfect image for your tattoo.

These are some of the most popular tattoo trends that we’ve seen in 2019 and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what other trends develop in 2020. If you are interested in getting a tattoo and want to see a collection of tattoo designs, please visit our website now at ​​.

Cover Up Tattoos

It can be very disappointing to see a tattoo fading over time and not looking its best. It can also be upsetting to see a tattoo that you got many years ago that you have outgrown. No matter what your reason for getting a cover up tattoo, we can help you rework the old tattoo into something amazing.

What Is a Cover up Tattoo?

A cover up tattoo is a procedure that replaces an unwanted and previous tattoo with a brand-new one. The tattoo artist can help you pick out a new design if you don’t already have one in mind. If you already have an idea of what you’d like, feel free to discuss it with us. As long as we can work it over the old tattoo that is currently in place, we will be able to create a masterpiece for you.

When you receive the initial tattoo, the ink is set 1 millimetre below the skin surface. When you get a tattoo as a cover-up, the ink is once again placed a millimetre below the surface. When the two colours meet, they combine and a new colour is created. In most cases the darker ink will be the dominant one, so you can expect your tattoo to consist of dark colours in most cases.

When you present the tattoo that you want covered, our tattoo studio will decide how to best incorporate the new design over the old one and which colours would look best. The tattoo artist will have to formulate a specific strategy that is personalized based on your old tattoo. In some scenarios the areas that aren’t attractive in an old tattoo will be covered with interesting patterns that highlight a new design.

A tattoo artist may also recommend getting a larger cover up tattoo and may suggest that it be at least 30% bigger than the older tattoo. This is often the best way to camouflage the old tattoo to get the best results.

If you’re looking for a cover up tattoo that you can proudly display, contact us today through our website at

The Motivation behind Getting a Tattoo

The Motivation behind Getting a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo allows a person to modify their own body, since ancient times. In fact, many indigenous people consider it to be a custom that is done on women, men and even children. A tattoo could represent a form of power, spirituality and in some cases gender.

In today’s society getting a tattoo can be considered to be a form of personal self-expression. Every tattoo has its own meaning and its own individuality. It’s something that a person has chosen from his heart to display on his body for one reason or another. Usually, the tattoo has a much deeper meaning associated with it than what is merely on the surface. This is why it is so important to work with an experienced tattoo artist that really gets what you are trying to say other than just what you want to be displayed.

In some cases, the motivation for a tattoo can come from something a person feels very close to, something a person believes in or something that he may idolize. When you consider all of the different things that can be tattooed onto the body, the person must have a special connection with the thing he has chosen as his own personal tattoo. You can bet that there is a story behind every tattoo you see.

A tattoo can also be placed in memory of someone special. Some people say that getting a tattoo ofsomeone they love that has passed away makes them feel that this person remains with them in spirit.

A tattoo can also be used as a way to showcase the body and make it look more attractive. This can be especially true for people such as gym trainers and athletes. A person that has built up his forearms and biceps will find that that tattoo he chooses will automatically be highlighted by the larger muscles.

Everyone has their own motivation for getting a tattoo but the thing that rings true for everyone is the chance to show some form of individuality to others in the form of art work using their skin as the canvas. If you feel driven towards getting your own tattoo, please visit our website at to learn more about our studio and our creative tattoo artists.

Hon Tattoo Receives Bragging Rights as One of the Top 3 Tattoo Studios in Markham

Hon Tattoo Receives Bragging Rights as One of the Top 3 Tattoo Studios in Markham
Hon Tattoo is proud to have been selected as one of the top 3 tattoo shops situated in Markham Ontario by the website “Three Best Rated™”. On this website, the top 3 companies or businesses in a particular field are featured. The site is dedicated to helping consumers find the right businesses they need without having to do a long, complicated search on their own. All of the hard work of finding the best tattoo shops and other businesses has been done for you already.

Hon Tattoo Studio

Our tattoo studio takes great honour in being named as one of the top three studios in the field. We have been handpicked to be at the top following an inspection that included taking into account 50 different points such as reputation, complaints, trust, reviews, and cost.

We first opened our doors for business back in 2015 and have established an extensive reputation in the
field ever since. Some of our tattoo specialties include:

  • Colour tattoos
  • Black and grey tattoos
  • Watercolour
  • Realism
  • Asian
  • Half and full sleeve
  • Fine line
  • Blackwork

We offer a free consultation to anyone that is considering a tattoo and needs some help and guidance with their design. Whether you’re looking for a very small tattoo or want something that covers a large area of the body, we are here and willing to help create something amazing with you. Our tattoos can be considered to be works of art and we have the ability to turn any idea into a reality.

When you’re looking for a fantastic tattoo at a competitive price, we are a leading tattoo shop in Markham. We look forward to meeting you and helping you create the tattoo of your dreams. Please visit our website now at to schedule an appointment.

Discover the Aesthetic Beauty of Realism Tattoos

Discover the Aesthetic Beauty of Realism Tattoos

In the 1850s the movement of realism art began and now this inspiring art form is spilling over into the world of tattoo artistry. The goal of this realism artwork is to use different techniques and details to create tattoos that look just like a 3-D object in real life or a still photo.

Images and photographs can be turned into exact replicas in the form of a tattoo on the skin. It’s a complex way to create tattoos, and a master in the craft has taken years to perfect his skills. The artist can use one photograph to create a 3-D image or may use a combination of art pieces or photos to create a new, unique image.

It takes a lot more time to create these types of tattoos since they contain a lot more details. It’s a good idea to discuss the length of time it will take the artist to complete it before getting one done. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect and can decide whether you want to go ahead with a realism tattoo or would like to stick with a traditional tattoo that doesn’t take as much time.

It’s important to choose the right artist since this is a tattoo that will help define you as a person through the artistry on your body. Make sure that you look for a realism tattoo artist that is a specialist in the field and one that has a good idea of what you are looking for. After all, this is the person that is going to help bring your tattoo to life in front of your very eyes. Be sure to take a look at their previous tattoos to make sure that the artist has a style that resonates with what you want to achieve.

Our realism tattoo artists are ready to help you from design to finished product. We will discuss things with you ahead of time and assess whether the photo source you are thinking of is appropriate for tattoos. We’ll talk about the scale and the signs of the tattoo along with the colours that would best match your skin tone. This way we will be able to customize a tattoo for you that you’ll be proud to wear for the rest of your life.

3D Realism Tattoos

3D Realism Tattoos

Realism tattoos are expressive forms of tattoo artistry that have been created using a meticulous and unique style. The aesthetics and styles come in a variety of different artistic statements and just about any type of image can be re-created in tattoo form. Whether you are looking for a depiction of a painting, an animal, a flower, a photograph, a portrait etc., we can help you reach your goal.

It’s simply awe-inspiring to see 3-dimensional work on the human body. It takes many years of hard work, motivation, and devotion along with instinctive talent to have what it takes to become a realism tattoo artist.

The Birth of a Realism Tattoo

It all starts with an idea that is put into the form of a stencil and then created on the skin. It’s really quite astounding to comprehend how much time and effort is put into this type of tattoo artistry by the masters in this field. In fact, the results can be extremely amazing with tattoos looking so lifelike that it appears that they will jump right out at you from the skin.

A tattoo master must have exceptional talent and patience in order to present the final art product, which would include extreme layering and detail. It’s this extreme layering and gradual shading that go into creating these 3-D effects that make the tattoo stand out. The technical training and the skill behind one of these tattoos is phenomenal.

If you’re looking for a realistic tattoo then make sure you look for an artist with years of experience doing realism tattooing. You must also be sure that the pigments of ink used are the highest quality available so that your tattoo will last for years without fading.

Find out more about realism tattoos or schedule an appointment by visiting our website today at

Japanese Tattoo Art – History and Significance

Japanese Tattoo Art – History and Significance

Japanese tattoos have a long and amazing history behind them packed with a ton of significance and meaning. This is why this art form is so popular today and it becomes even more well-known as time goes by. All tattoos that are related to the Japanese culture have a strong and rich historical background behind them, which makes them so much more appreciated by both the person wearing the tattoo and by the people that are lucky enough to view them.

Japanese Tattoos History

Japanese tattoos have been inspired by the history and culture of the Japanese people. You’ll find that some tattoo designs have been inspired by a variety of old figurines that were placed on tombs. The actual history of Japanese tattooing goes back to at least 5,000 years ago. At this time, clay figurines in archaic tombs were discovered with tribal tattoos on them and there are also references regarding the tradition of Japanese tattooing in Chinese texts from approximately 297 AD. In these texts it was mentioned that any body part of a man of any age would have tattoos on it.

Tattoos were part of the culture up until the late 1800s when they were banned in Japan. This was due to the fact that Japan wanted Europe to think of it as a sophisticated country. Japan also wanted to lower the amount of criminal activity that was occurring at the time. Criminals, in fact, that were going to receive long sentences or even a death sentence, were tattooed with either dots on the forehead or on the arm or with Japanese characters or symbols.

At the time when it was illegal, a number of different people continued to get tattoos as part of an underground culture. Back then these tattoos were a symbol of bravery and power since they were illegal to get and the people receiving the tattoos had to suffer intense pain for many hours to get them.

Japanese Tattoos Today

Today, Japanese tattoos are no longer illegal and in fact, they have become a well-respected and important aspect of the Japanese culture. Popular Japanese tattoo symbols include cherry blossoms, the Japanese Phoenix tattoo, the Japanese demon tattoo, snakes, masks, dragons, the Japanese wave tattoo and much more. There is an incredible book that describes this art form called Bushido: Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo. Here you can read about the experiences of Takahiro Kitamura, who was a student and a client of Horiyoshi III, a famous tattoo master of Japanese origin.

If you’re looking for a Japanese tattoo studio in North York or Markham where you can receive a traditional Japanese tattoo or a detailed and brilliant piece of art that contains the symbolism of the Japanese culture, please feel free to drop by any time for a visit or give us a call. Our Japanese tattoo designs are based on the rich historical qualities of this art form as it has continued to remain popular throughout the ages.

Japanese Tattoos and Their Meanings

Japanese Tattoos and Their Meanings

There are a number of different tattoo designs that have become famous through the years based on their significances and meanings. When you take a good look at an intricate Japanese tattoo design, you’ll see that there is a story being told within it based on the meanings and significances that are running through the artwork. Here are some of the most popular tattoos used in this Japanese art form along with their meanings:

Japanese Flower Tattoo               

Just imagine the beauty and delicacy of a Japanese flower tattoo making its way down your arm or your back. The colours in these tattoos are simply breathtaking as you witness these flowers weaving their way through a detailed design. Every flower has its own meaning behind it and each one can be done in a variety of different colours.

Japanese Mask Tattoo

The Hannya Masks are more traditional designs representing good luck. They come from Kabuki plays and many believe that they can ward off many evil forces.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

A cherry blossom is a fragile flower that is still strong enough to bloom and survive in a variety of harsh conditions. These flowers symbolize life and represent living life to the fullest.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

A Japanese dragon tattoo represents freedom, courage, power, strength and wisdom. Many believe that dragons also represent supernatural powers. Dragons come in a variety of different colours but each colour has its own significance. Before going ahead and getting a dragon Japanese tattoo, learn more about the significance of the different coloured dragons from your tattoo artist first.

Chinese Guardian Lions

These are also known as ‘shishi’ and fu dogs. They often sit at a gate acting as a protective force and when you wear one it is supposed to bring you health, wealth and stability.

Koi Fish 

These are fish with bright colours and you’ll often see them either as the tattoo design itself or as part of a larger design. Many Japanese people believe that koi fish become dragons once they have finished their swim upstream and have arrived at heaven’s gates. For this reason, koi fish represent ambition, individuality, strength and power.

Whether you are looking for a Japanese sleeve tattoo or a Japanese back tattoo, you can reach deep into the cultural experiences and historical art forms of the Japanese people to develop and unfold an amazing design. This is one of the most amazing gifts that you will ever be able to give to your body and it will remain with you for the rest of your life.

The meaning behind tattoo images can also depend on the different colours used, what other images are placed in the position where they surround the main concept and on the specific placement of them. It’s always best to fully discuss the imagery and the symbolization of it in detail with the Japanese tattoo artist ahead of time. You’ll want to be sure that you are depicting the exact message you want in your Japanese tattoo design.

How to Remove Your Tattoo: The Expert Guide

Tattoos are a fantastic way to express ourselves or to carry something of a sentimental value anywhere we go. There are a lot of good reasons to get one, but there’s also the other side of it — having your tattoo removed. Tattoo owners choose to remove their tattoos for many reasons, some have the change of heart and taste, loss of sentimental value or merely an impulsive mistake that has to be corrected.

Whether you’re trying to remove your ex’s name from your skin, a quote or image that no longer represents your values or you’re simply having issues getting that job, the good news is — yes, you can have your tattoo removed safely and happily continue on with your life!

There are many ways to remove your tattoo, some better than the other:

  • Laser Removal
  • Cover-up Alternative
  • Cream Removal
  • Dermabrasion
  • Use of Acids

Tattoos were once considered permanent, but it is no longer the case. While some of the methods are archaic and painful, tattoo removal using a laser is everything you need to finally get rid of that pesky tattoo. In this guide, we are going to cover everything you need to know about getting your tattoo removed, so rest assured and read on.

Laser Tattoo Removal

With the advances in laser technology, it is now easier and safer than ever to have your tattoo removed. It may take a few trips to your local tattoo removal centre and some money, but that’s a cheap price to pay to get rid of something that bothers you and stops you from moving on with your life. You might be wondering “How does it work?!”

Q-switched lasers are the latest and most effective method used to remove a tattoo. Lasers use a pulse of light energy that passes through the top of your skin and gets absorbed by tattoo ink. This light energy heats up and breaks down your tattoo into tiny fragments, which are then cleared away by your immune system.  The tattoo removal laser is set to fit your skin type, tattoo colour and location of it.

What Kind of Tattoos can be Removed?

With the available laser technology, you can remove any kind of tattoo, regardless of its colour or location. However, some tattoos are harder to remove than others. For example, it is easier to remove black, red or green colours from your skin compared to purple, orange or light blue. The quality of tattoo removal treatment will also depend on the type of ink used and the overall depth of the tattoo, and of course, its size. Owner’s skin colour will also make a difference. Generally, lighter skin tone is more susceptible to tattoo removal than a darker one.

The Process of Laser Tattoo Removal

Getting your tattoo removed is a process rather than a once in a lifetime visit. It may take a few visits to get your tattoo removed, depending on the factors we discussed above. Also, it’s usually more expensive than getting your tattoo done in the first place. The first thing you have to do is to find a place where you will get your tattoo removed, after that you should receive specific instructions about the treatment.

Generally, it takes anywhere between three to fifteen laser treatments to get your tattoo completely removed. Some tattoos won’t take too long, as they are smaller in size or easier to remove depending on the colour. Other tattoos may take a few more visits though, such as the ones with multiple colours and bigger size.

The treatment is straightforward — your doctor will apply a local anesthetic to your skin (cream or an injection) and then apply laser light to it. The whole process is short and won’t take too much time, except it takes a few visits. Most doctors recommend treatments every 4-6 weeks for the best results. Generally, it may take up to a year to have your tattoo fully removed from your skin.

Depending on the skin type, tattoo colour and the ink used, it’s also possible for traces of your previous tattoo to remain, even after the treatment. In these cases, there’s usually not much you can do about it. However, it happens very rarely, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it. As technology advances, there will be less and less of a chance for this to happen.

Although the process is generally safe, you could have some side effects such as swelling, itching, redness, dryness or an infection. The best way to minimize these is to follow a tattoo removal aftercare routine.

Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Tattoo removal can be stressful and taxing to your body. You may also feel a little bit agitated and in pain during the process, but don’t worry. With a combination of remedies and practices, you can keep your pain to a minimum.

The best thing you can do for your skin is to just take a break and rest. Your body simply needs time and you should give it exactly that. Try to take it easy and minimize difficult activities, such as playing sports, especially a few days after the treatment. Keep the area clean and dry during the healing process, and wash it if necessary. You may also apply cool bandages to help with the inflammation and discomfort.

If blisters and scabs start to appear or your skin gets dry, itchy, red and painful, don’t worry — it’s to be expected and it’ll go away eventually. You can use general remedies such as Tylenol to ease your pain. Other than that, keep your skin as clean as possible, apply a sunscreen if you’re heading out in the sun and avoid irritating your skin.

You may use moisturizing creams such as Aquaphor that help rehydrate your dry skin after the treatment. Avoid using make-up and other non-moisturizing creams as they could have negative effects on your skin. Rushing the treatment may only lead to trouble, so take it easy and let your body do its thing.