How to Keep Image and Script Tattoos Looking like New for Longer

How to Keep Image and Script Tattoos Looking like New for Longer

No matter what type of tattoos you may have, such as image or script tattoos, they can be kept looking like new for longer periods of time when you take proper care of them. Tattoos can start to fade over time with the lettering appearing less vibrant and more blurry and the colours fading in colourful tattoos. There are things that you can do, however, to slow down this aging process to help your tattoos remain fresh-looking for longer.

If you’re like most people, you absolutely love your tattoo and would be willing to do all you can to make sure that the artwork is preserved for as long as possible. Here are some tips you can follow to slow down the fading and aging process for all types of image and script tattoos.

Follow All Aftercare Instructions

Once you have received your tattoo you will be provided with aftercare instructions by the tattoo artist. It’s very important that you follow these instructions to the letter. If you are given aftercare recommendations by friends or other family members that have received a tattoo in the past, it’s important to disregard their advice if they conflict with the guidelines offered by your artist. This is the best thing you can do to help the healing process proceed quickly and smoothly without any complications. 

If you don’t follow the aftercare instructions provided by the artist, the quality of your new tattoo can be impacted negatively. It’s important to keep your tattoo clean since there is an open wound and there is always the possibility of an infection setting in. The only time you can actually touch the tattoo is if you are putting on ointment or washing it. Make sure that nobody else gets the opportunity to touch your tattoo. If you are going to be showing it off, make sure that you warn the person ahead of time not to touch it.

Stay Out Of the Sun

The sun can take its toll on a tattoo so make sure that once you have received your new image or script tattoos that you stay out of the sun. As well, once your tattoo is 14 days old and has lost all of the scabs that had previously formed, it’s important to wear sunscreen if the tattoo will be exposed to the sun. The sunscreen should be a minimum of SPF 30. If you have a tattoo in an area that is not exposed to the sun and remains covered, you don’t have to apply the sunscreen.

The sun is actually your tattoo’s biggest enemy in terms of the preservation of the artwork. Even getting sun exposure when you’re driving in the car can cause fading. Tanning beds can also lead to a fading tattoo so make sure that you bring along sunscreen when you go to the tanning studio so that it can be applied before you get into one of the tanning beds.

Remember that exposure to the sun can degrade a tattoo even if you have script tattoos that are just black in colour. Black, colour and black and grey tattoos can all be negatively affected by the sun.

Keep Your Large and Small Tattoos Well-Moisturized

Moisturizing your tattoos on a daily basis will help keep the skin hydrated. As well, the elasticity in your skin depends on daily hydration. This is especially important for large and small tattoos that appear on different parts of the area that are more prone to fade quickly such as the hands, knees and elbows.

Keep your large-sized, medium-sized and small tattoos looking their finest for as long as possible. Any tattoo will naturally look a lot more vibrant when your skin doesn’t appear ashy and dried out. Just work the application of moisturizer into your daily routine to maintain the look of your tattoos. It just takes an extra few minutes of your time and will make a world of difference for even the very tiny and small tattoos that you have.

Get Touch-Ups as Necessary

Your tattoo will stay looking its best as long as you keep your skin well-hydrated and you avoid exposure to the sun. As well, tattoo ink has been evolving during the years and has become more resilient to fading. The application skills of artists has also improved over time. When you are getting your tattoo it’s a good idea to talk to the tattoo artist to find out how long you can reasonably expect your tattoo to look like new before it starts to fade.

You should be realistic about your expectations, however, and understand that touch-ups may be required after a certain amount of time has passed. When you see your tattoo starting to look less vibrant, you’ll know that it’s time to get a touch-up. You may also notice that any black lines in your image or script tattoos have spread out and have started to look fuzzy. It’s easy to get these fuzzy lines looking sharp once again when you go back to the tattoo studio for a touch-up.

Best Tattoo Studio Toronto

When it’s time to get a tattoo it’s time to look for the best tattoo studio Toronto. The quality of your tattoo all depends on the artist that is delivering it and his skill. No amount of aftercare will make a poor quality tattoo look any better. The best thing that you can do is to use the best tattoo studio Toronto that has highly skilled artists.

At Hon Tattoo we are extremely proud of our tattoo artists and proudly display their work on our website. We understand the importance that your tattoo has for you and we are able to envision the work you want done. We will make sure that the vision for your new tattoo comes to life just as you want it to. 

To learn more about our commitment to customer satisfaction, our artists and some of our previous tattoo projects, please visit our website now at

How to Prepare Ahead of Time for Your Appointment at a Tattoo Studio

How to Prepare Ahead of Time for Your Appointment at a Tattoo Studio

If you have an upcoming appointment scheduled at a tattoo studio you should first learn how to get best prepared for it. If you are planning on getting a large tattoo done, for example, you may have to stay seated or lying down for a few hours at a time. As well, the tattoo artist will want to know that you are feeling okay before the tattoo session starts. Here are some things you should know so that you can be well-prepared for your appointment ahead of time.

Choose a Design

It’s always best to have a design concept in your mind before going for your appointment and you should always be as specific as you can possibly be regarding your vision for the tattoo. Bring along reference images to show the artist but understand that the final design won’t look exactly like another image created by a different artist. Reputable tattoo artists won’t copy other designs but they can do their best to make it in a similar style.

Choose an Artist

You can choose the artist that you would like to work with before making an appointment at a tattoo studio. Visit the website to see which artists specialize in the type of tattoo you want done. There should be a page that highlights the different tattoo artists available and their specialties.

You can also discuss the tattoo type that you want to get when you call up to make your appointment at the tattoo shop. The person answering the calls can recommend an artist that has the type of experience you need. Just make sure that you are working with a reputable tattoo studio that has great reviews before committing to an appointment. After all, you’re going to be carrying around this tattoo for the rest of your life so a little time spent doing research is well worth it. 

Make an Appointment with a Tattoo Store Toronto

Most tattoo studios will allow you to make an appointment either by phone or through the tattoo store Toronto website. There may be an online form available that you can fill out on the site and it may ask you for specific information about the tattoo you want to get. Fill out your personal details and provide as much information as you can about the tattoo. This may include the placement and the size of it. 

Prepare for Your Appointment

There are several different ways to get prepared for your appointment including the following:

  1. Schedule a Consultation

If you don’t want to go ahead with your appointment before having an initial consultation with a tattoo artist, you can ask the tattoo store Toronto to schedule a consult before making an official appointment. This is a good idea especially if you are getting an elaborate tattoo done or one that is fairly large. 

An initial consultation allows you to feel more confident about going ahead with the tattoo and also helps out the tattoo artist. The artist will be able to go over the vision you have of the tattoo and let you know what he can do. He may also make recommendations regarding the placement of the tattoo and can let you know what to expect during the process.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Make sure that you have been drinking plenty of water the night before the appointment and the hours leading up to it. When you’re hydrated, you’ll find it easier to get through the tattoo procedure and being well-hydrated helps your tattoo heal quicker.

  1. Be Mindful of Any Skin Conditions

If you are prone to skin conditions such as eczema that may affect the area that you will be getting tattooed, let your tattoo artist know about the condition ahead of time. If this condition does happen to flare-up, you will probably have to delay the appointment. You should also take special care to avoid getting tanned, sunburned or wounded in the area where the tattoo will be placed.

  1. Moisturize Your Skin

Keep your skin moisturized during the hours and even the days leading up to your appointment at a tattoo studio. It’s important to have both your body and your skin well-hydrated before the tattooing begins.

  1. Shave the Area If Necessary

If you’re going to get a tattoo placed on a part of your body that has a lot of hair, it’s a good idea to shave the hair before your appointment. You should check with your tattoo artist ahead of time, however, since you’ll need to make sure that you don’t cut yourself when shaving. This is another thing that could prevent you from getting your tattoo during your scheduled appointment.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Make sure that you’re well-rested for your tattoo. If you are tired you may end up twitching, which can affect the final outcome of your tattoo. The more relaxed and still you are, the straighter and cleaner the lines will be.

  1. Arrive Well-Fed

Before arriving at the tattoo studio sure that you have eaten a good meal. Your body needs to be fed right before the appointment so that you have enough energy to remain relaxed throughout the entirety of the process.

  1. Wear Proper Clothing

If you’re going to be getting a full sleeve tattoo, it’s a good idea to wear a tank top. If you are going to be getting a tattoo done on your leg or thigh, wear shorts. If you aren’t sure what to wear, call up the tattoo store Toronto ahead of time and ask what they would recommend.

Tattoo Shop Toronto

Follow the guidelines listed above to make sure that you are well-prepared for your upcoming appointment at a tattoo shop Toronto. This way, you’ll be doing your part to make sure that the procedure goes smoothly and that you get the highest quality tattoo possible. To find out more about the best tattoo shop Toronto and the types of tattoos offered, please visit our website now at

Black and Grey Tattoo Toronto

Black and Grey Tattoo Toronto

When it comes to tattoos, there are many different techniques and styles to choose from and they all have their own meanings attached to them. Tattoos are now being designed like never before and the latest trends for a black and grey tattoo Toronto are now emerging for this year. Find out what tattoos are being inked in a black and grey style near you.

What Are Black and Grey Tattoos?
This is a special style that uses only black ink in different shades. It can incorporate various genres of tattoos and they have become extremely popular the world over. It’s believed that the black and grey tattoo style originated in prisons, which is why it is commonly referred to as a “jailhouse tattoo”. Tattoos made in prison were often created with handmade inks and machines and there was a lot of creativity involved. Prisoners would commonly use guitar strings as needles while pen ink or ashes from cigarettes were used for ink.

Best Black and Grey Tattoo Artist Toronto

In the late 1970s, black and grey tattoos became more popular outside of the prison setting and many tattoo artists perfected them. The variation of shading on these tattoos can be quite intense with subtle shades appearing beside deeper shadows. If you are looking for an exceptional black and grey tattoo artist Toronto, look for one that has mastered the craft and has the ability to make a piece of art come alive on the skin.

Small Tattoos Toronto

One of the trending designs for black and grey tattoos is small tattoos Toronto. These are small, minimalistic designs that are done in black and grey and they can appear anywhere on the body. Although they are small, they often have a huge message to portray and this will vary from one client to the next. There are many other tattoo genres that appear in a grey and black form as well, which we will discuss below.

Realism Tattoos
This is tattooing done in a realistic form and it focuses on creating artwork that is lifelike. When you find a great realistic tattoo artist, he can create the perfect picture on the skin from a portrait or from another image. These can be emotional tattoos that may include the following:

  • Portrait of a loved one
  • Animals
  • Nature scenes
  • Animated characters
  • Actors and actresses
  • Cars
  • Flowers
  • Mythological creatures
  • Many others

Japanese Tattoos
These tattoos are also trending right now and the use of black and grey is becoming increasingly popular. You can also get Japanese tattoos that are colourful that use black and grey as the background for a piece of artwork.

American Traditional Tattoos
These are also known as old-school tattoos and they have been influenced by military and sailor tattoos that were done back in the 19th century. They are beautiful when created in grey and black tones. Popular themes for this type of tattoo include wolves, birds, skulls, anchors, flowers, ships, mermaids and others. These traditional tattoos have become a very popular style of black and grey tattoo designs.

Black and Grey Rose Tattoos
Flowers are a natural expression of love and can bring out a number of emotions in an individual. There is a deep association with fidelity and romance so roses are often used to signify a commitment to a relationship. Black and grey tattoos of roses are trending this year and they can be especially dramatic when applied by an experienced artist that pays a lot of attention to detail.

Medieval Themed Tattoos
Tattoos with medieval themes often display knights in armor along with damsels in distress and may also include battlefields, warriors and much more. There is a lot of inspiration that can be drawn from in this field and these dramatic tattoos are perfect for a grey and black colour scheme. When you see one for yourself, you’ll understand why they just wouldn’t have the same type of impact if the design was done in colour.

Timepiece Tattoos in Grey and Black
This is a monochromatic approach that can bring you back to the time when black-and-white photography was at its peak. The nature of time is reflected in these timepieces and clocks and they provide a classic appeal that can hold a big meaning for the individuals that are wearing them.

Black and Grey Tattoos with an Animal Theme
Another popular trend for black and grey large and small tattoos Toronto is animals. Many people are getting tattooed to commemorate their special pets. A lot of people also choose to get tattooed with an animal that shares the same types of character traits as the person. For example, a person that feels strong and mighty may choose to get a lion tattoo while an individual that wants to show off his intellect and intelligence may decide to get an owl tattooed on his body.

Skull Tattoos
Skull tattoos continued to remain one of the most popular themes for tattoos across the world today. Skulls are a symbol of mortality and they are often combined with other symbolic images such as roses. The combination of a rose and a skull can signify romantic love along with mortality. When you see one that has been done in black and grey, you’ll appreciate just how dramatic and striking they can look.

Unique Tattoos in Grey and Black
When all is said and done, a tattoo is a form of self-expression and individuation. Nobody can judge you for the type of tattoo that you choose since it’s all about what you are feeling and want to express. Just like artwork, tattoos are an individual expression and you have the freedom to choose what you want to display on your body.

While many people prefer colours that are vibrant, others like the bold and subtle combination of grey and black. If you want to discover more about black and grey tattoos or would like to get additional information about colourful tattoos, please visit our website now at We have a great black and grey tattoo artist Toronto working at our studio and you can request more details by filling out the contact form on our site.

Small Tattoos That Make a Huge Impact

Small tattoos are one of the most popular forms of tattoos in the industry today. Small tattoos can make a lasting and huge impact. Tattoos often act as a permanent reminder of a person, a friendship, something lost, a big event and much more. When you want to memorialize something and you don’t want to get a big tattoo, small tattoos are the answer.

In many cases there is more significance behind tiny tattoos than there is behind larger ones. They are minimalist in nature and convey a message that comes through loud and clear. When you get this type of tattoo you can get it anywhere on your body. You can proudly display it where everyone can see it or you can hide it away and have it as your own personal reminder of a particular thing. It’s all up to you and with small tattoos you have a lot of freedom of choice.

Ideas for Tiny Tattoos
Here are some inspiring ideas for tiny tattoos in Toronto. You can use the subtle and powerful design ideas to convey your deepest messages. From love to freedom, you’ll find a variety of symbolic ideas below.

Triangle with a Line
This tattoo features a triangle that has a line going through the top. This symbolizes air, which is the basic element of new beginnings, creativity and intelligence.

When you have a deep appreciation and love for nature, these are the perfect small tattoos. A seashell acts as a protective shield for the animal within the casing and when you wear one you are displaying your passion for protecting all life forms.

One-Word Designs
For something different, ask for one word to be tattooed instead of a saying or a quote. Many people are getting a word such as “joy” or “happiness” as a tattoo to remember not to let anything ever get them down.

Quill and Ink Tiny Tattoos Toronto

This is the perfect tattoo design for anyone that loves to write. It’s a constant reminder of your passion for writing.

Dainty Planet Tattoos
With a small tattoo design of the solar system you can get planets, the moon, sun and stars inked on an area of your body. When they are done small and in a dainty way, they can look absolutely fabulous.

Deer and Antlers
The antlers on a deer are a permanent display of the strength of the animal. Convey your outer and inner strengths with this small tattoo image.

Arrows for Small Tattoos Toronto

Arrows signify that you have an indestructible spirit. Like an arrow, you can’t be broken and can face the challenges that come up with everyday living.

Balloon Small Tattoos
A small balloon design can look incredible and help to remind you of your childhood. It’s a simple design but can stir up a lot of great memories from the past. You can choose to fill the balloon with colour or simply leave it with a minimalistic black outline.

Small Diamond Tattoos
Like an arrow, a diamond is strong, hard and unbreakable. Wear this type of tattoo when you want to remind yourself of your constant strength and ability to carry on.

Tiny Heart Tattoo
Symbolize your love for another human being or for a special pet with a tiny heart tattoo. You have a big heart so feel proud to show it as a piece of art on your body.

Small Anchor Designs
You can receive a unique and small anchor tattoo to show your trustworthiness and stability. Add a heart or a rose to show that you can be trusted in a relationship and are committed to it.

Sun Tattoos
The sun gives us the ability to live and when you get a small tattoo with a sun pattern it will remind you daily of your life force and just how important you really are.

Animal Paws Small Tattoo Ideas
Some people are getting the paws of their pets inked onto their skin to show their affection and love for their animals. These are really cute designs that would look great on any part of the body.

Avocado Tattoos
Avocados and especially avocado toast are trending right now and many people are getting their favourite foods tattooed on their bodies. This is something different that shows your love for a food item and they are the perfect small tattoos Toronto for foodies!

Waves for Small Tattoos
If you love the open water and have a lot of respect for the power of the ocean and the sea, this is an awesome design. You can get a tiny and delicate wave tattoo done and it will act as a constant reminder of being at the water’s edge.

Crescent Moon
This is a type of tattoo that you would get if you are seeking positive vibes and want to get rid of the negative energy surrounding your life. This is a half-moon tattoo that symbolizes a new positive beginning.

Tiny Tattoos with Positive Quotes
You’ll see a lot of people with tiny tattoos Toronto that show positive quotes. If you have a favourite quote or saying that is optimistic you can get it inked to remind yourself to stay positive. An expert artist in small tattoos Toronto can make these quotes very small in size yet beautiful to behold.

You should be feeling inspired by now with all of these small tattoos Toronto ideas! If you feel the need to get tattooed in the very near future, it’s time to get in touch with us at Hon Tattoo. You can head over to our website at to fill out the contact form there. While you’re on our site be sure to browse through the gallery of incredible tattoos that we have created for others in the past.

2021 Top Trends in Tattoos

2021 tattoo trends toronto

As we make our way forward into 2021 there are a number of different trending tattoos to take note of. Getting a tattoo for many is simply second nature and is the perfect way to showcase your unique personality. While the decision to get a tattoo is often easy, making the decision about the type of tattoo can be quite challenging. Here are some of the top trends in tattoos in 2021 that you can get at a tattoo store Toronto that may give you some inspiration.

Tribal Tattoos

There are many different tribal tattoos available today and each style comes with its own artistic interpretation. Ancient tribes used certain symbols to show their status in society or had them tattooed as a way of providing protection. Most tribal tattoos are very detailed and are often placed on the arms or shoulders.

Portrait Tattoos

A portrait tattoo can provide inspiration to the person wearing the tattoo. The portrait provides a consistent reminder of a special someone. When you decide to get a portrait tattoo done you must make sure that you are using a tattoo artist that has a lot of experience with this type of tattoo work. In fact, you should look for someone that specializes in portrait tattoos.  Before going ahead with the tattoo ask the artist if you can see a portfolio of other portraits he has done in the past.

Minimalist Tattoos – Small Tattoos Toronto

These are great tattoos for anyone that hasn’t had a tattoo before and wants to start out small. These are simple tattoos that can be just as meaningful as big and complex ones. Small tattoos Toronto that are minimalistic focus on outlines and basic shapes and tend to be done in black only. There isn’t a lot of shading involved with this sort of tattoo, which makes the tattoo look clean and bold.

Money Tattoos

If you’ve got money on your mind and have the goal of making it big someday, you may want to consider getting a money tattoo. You can choose from coins or bills that signify success, profit and wealth. Money tattoos can give you a constant reminder of the particular financial goals you are striving to meet.

Arrow Tattoos

An arrow represents strength and these are amongst the top trending tattoos in 2021. Warriors used arrows to hunt and for protection. There are endless arrow tattoo designs available ranging from simple minimalist tattoos to complex and colourful ones.

Car Tattoos

If you’re passionate about the car you own, why not get it tattooed on your skin? Whether you feel the need for speed or just love the design and engineering of a particular car that you want to own sometime in the future, you may want to consider getting a car tattoo. There are amazing car tattoo designs available for just about any type of vehicle that has ever been created. If you’re thinking of getting a car tattoo, choose an artist at a tattoo store Toronto that has experience with these tattoos and bring in a picture of the vehicle that you would like to get inked on your body.

Meaningful Tattoos

What’s meaningful to you may not be meaningful to another person. One of the trends that is emerging in 2021 is getting a tattoo that is very personal for you. This may be a specific date that something happened, a symbol of a special time in your life, the name of someone dear to your heart or anything else. Dig deep within yourself to find out what inspires you the most in order to find the perfect tattoo that you’d like to wear for the rest of your life.

Snake Tattoos

Snake tattoos are extremely versatile and can be created with elaborate designs. Some people get large tattoos in vivid colours that travel up their arms while others get a small snake tattooed in black on an inconspicuous part of the body. Snakes are interesting because they can be interpreted in many different fashions and they also have a wide range of meanings. Snakes can symbolize sin, prosperity, good luck, transformation, rebirth, danger and much more.

Phoenix Tattoos

The Phoenix is also a symbol of renewal and rebirth. This is a mythical bird that regenerates and is associated with the sun and fire. No matter what the Phoenix has to go through, it always continues to rise once again to face the world. Phoenix tattoos make an impressive statement and are often done in bold colours that include orange, red and yellow.

Dragon Tattoos

These tattoos symbolize power, fearlessness and wisdom and are featured in various European mythologies. Dragons are also a powerful figure in cultures in East Asia and are often associated with either water or fire elements. There are many interpretations of their symbolism according to the different cultures but some of the most popular include fierceness, mystery and passion.

Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish are extremely popular in Chinese and Japanese cultures and are a classic tattoo that continue to trend even to this day. These fish may represent strength, determination and perseverance. These tattoos are often inked in bold and vibrant colour variations with a lot of different hues and shading. You’ll often see a lot of orange, yellow, blue and red colours in Koi fish tattoos.

Line Tattoos

Line tattoos are simple designs without a lot of detail. They are presented in a basic form and the idea is to create something meaningful and symbolic in a simple way. This can be hard to achieve unless you work with a talented tattoo artist that has done a lot of work with line tattoos before. If you are worried about the pain of getting a tattoo, these are great ones to choose since there is no shading involved so you can expect to experience less pain when getting one.

Tattoo Shop Toronto

Learn more about the trending tattoo designs for 2021 and the different artists we have available to create your tattoos by visiting our website now at We are the tattoo shop Toronto that helps visions come to life in the form of permanent artwork.

Romantic, Matching Tattoo Ideas for Valentine’s Day by the Top Tattoo Artists in Toronto

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner you may be considering different ideas. Matching tattoos by top tattoo artists in Toronto are trending right now and are the perfect way to say “I love you”. A permanent tattoo is a great way to show your eternal love for your special someone and many celebrities are leading the way with this new fashion trend. Here are some interesting matching tattoos that celebrities have chosen and some ideas for you to consider for this special day.

Famous Celebrity Tattoos That Match

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen wear matching tattoos that were inspired by their children Miles, Luna and son Jack that they lost due to a miscarriage. Supermodel Gigi Hadid recently got a new tattoo on her bicep that was written in Arabic to honour Khai, her daughter. Zayn Malik, her boyfriend and former band member of One Direction also got a matching tattoo placed on his wrist.

Say “I Love You” with Matching Tattoos

What better way to express your love and with a matching tattoo by the top tattoo artists in Toronto that will last forever? If you’re in a serious relationship getting tattooed together with your partner is a modern way to show your love and to let others know just how committed you are to one another. There are a number of creative ways to get your love tattooed permanently and here are some matching tattoos that are trending right now:
● Fingerprints
● Lock and key
● Connecting puzzle pieces
● Cleaning King crowns
● Heart tattoos
● Partner’s initials or names
● Wedding dates
● Many others

Another common theme is to find something that both partners have a passion for and get that inked on the skin. This can be something that symbolizes the love that they have for one another based on music, hobbies or anything else. Sometimes the tattoo can represent the reason why they both feel connected to one another. The tattoo symbolizes the deep connection felt between them.

Minimalist and Small Tattoos

Minimalist tattoos can make a big impact. This type of tattoo isn’t bold, flashy or very elaborate and is often inked in a discreet place on the body. Small tattoos can show the huge love that you have for one another while displaying it in a very subtle way. Clean lines define minimalist tattoos and are perfect for people that want to make a big statement in a small way.

Connecting Tattoos

Connecting tattoos are also commonly known as half-and-half tattoos. These tattoos are only complete when the two people are together. They are interesting tattoos that make a unique statement of their own. They show that one person in the relationship is incomplete without the other. An example of this would be a tattoo of a heartbeat on one person that continues on another. This type of tattoo also signifies that there is still a connection even when the couple is far apart.

Trending Fingerprint Tattoos

This is a new and trending idea that is taking off in the tattoo world. You can get a fingerprint belonging to the love of your life tattooed on your body. This is a seal of the love you hold for one another and it’s like getting a signature of this love forever printed on you.

Puzzle Piece Tattoos

Tattoos of puzzle pieces carry a special metaphor for couples. These pieces signify that the two people are a perfect fit for one another. What better way to show your love that you are dedicated than by getting a puzzle piece tattoo that fits perfectly into the other person’s tattoo? These puzzle piece tattoos show a special connection and may also symbolize the couple moving towards a larger purpose.

Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are placed on each person’s wrist and they look amazing when the couple is holding hands. Choose a piece of art that works together when holding hands such as a Celtic knot or a heartbeat design. The wrist is an extremely sensitive area to get tattooed so you should be aware of that from the start. There are a lot of nerve endings in this area but many couples believe that the pain is worth the suffering to show their love for one another.

Anchor Tattoos

There is a lot of meaning behind anchors in general. An anchor is dropped when you’ve finished your journey and your rough days at sea are behind you. You have found calm waters and from here on it will be smooth sailing. Anchors represent hope, calmness and salvation and the tattoo designs can symbolize a new beginning for both you and your partner.

Yin and Yang Couple Tattoos

Yin and Yang are ancient concepts that symbolize two halves that fit perfectly together. Yin is the female energy while Yang is the masculine energy and when joined together a perfect circle is formed. When a couple gets these tattoos it shows that while they may be opposites in a variety of different ways they complement one another and form a perfect balance.

Animation Tattoos

These tattoos are perfect for couples that still feel young at heart. They are also great for couples that were once childhood sweethearts and their love continued into adulthood. These are sweet and fun tattoos for anyone that feels that their love makes them feel like a child once again.

Skull Tattoos

These tattoos give new meaning to “till death do us part”. You can choose from a gothic style or perhaps you’d prefer a look that is more anatomical in style. Skulls are a unique way to show that romance is alive and well in the relationship since skulls have long been a symbol of romance.

Toronto Tattoo Artists

When you don’t know what to do for your loved one for Valentine’s Day, consider getting a couple’s tattoo. This is a fun and exciting way to display to the world the love that you have for one another. Find out more about our expert Toronto tattoo artists now by visiting our website at You can simply let us know about your couple’s tattoo ideas and we will help your vision come to life.

What Are the Health Benefits of Getting Tattoos in Toronto?

Since Covid-19 began we have all had a lot of attention on our health and any health risks in the community. This is why we thought we’d share with you a different perspective on things and let you know about the health benefits of getting tattoos in Toronto. There are many ongoing studies regarding tattoos and one that was recently published in the American Journal of Human Biology had some interesting findings that you should know about.

Get Inked at a Toronto Tattoo Shop to Reduce Your Stress

The study looked at cortisol levels in individuals that had received tattoos. As a stress hormone, cortisol also helps to suppress an immune response in individuals. It was shown that getting multiple tattoos can help bring down the level of cortisol in the body, which in turn can reduce stress. High cortisol levels can lead to many physical ailments that are related to stress including high blood pressure, weight gain, headaches and more.

Cortisol is produced by the body to help reduce pain and multiple tattoos may lower the hormone response of cortisol. In simple terms, stress is reduced by the production of less cortisol.

Better Immune Systems

In order to understand how multiple tattoos can help to improve the immune system it’s important to understand more about immunoglobulin A. This is an antibody that works with different systems in the body including the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system and the immune system. When the levels of this antibody are increased the body is better able to fight off pathogens and some viruses.

When a person gets multiple tattoos from a tattoo shop Toronto there is less reduction in this antibody. As well, getting a tattoo naturally stimulates a response from the immune system, which helps to strengthen it. Antibodies are sent out to attack what the body believes is a foreign invader. In this case, it would be the ink for the tattoo. This is the reason why tattoos often swell when they are first performed.

Once the body gets accustomed to the ink the swelling starts to go down and the healing begins. The immune system has been stimulated and starts to become stronger as a result. It’s interesting to note, however, that getting only one tattoo doesn’t produce this strengthening of the immune system. When you get the first one you are temporarily more susceptible since your body is fighting off the ink. When you get multiple tattoos the effect is compounded which ends up providing a positive effect for the immune system.

Tattoos and Vaccines

Scientists are currently testing the connection between vaccines and tattoos to help make vaccines more effective and more cost efficient. In the future, tattoos may be used as a delivery method for vaccines instead of needles. The new method would make use of DNA vaccines, which could safely provide multiple doses of the vaccine in one sitting. This would provide better immune responses with stronger effects. When receiving a vaccine tattoo there would be no ink used so no marks would be left permanently.

A Visible Tattoo May Help You Land a Job

According to another study that study that was performed by the University of St. Andrews, a visible tattoo could help individuals find employment with certain jobs. There are many companies that have an image that they are trying to display where visible tattoos would be an advantage – especially in the fashion world that targets a younger demographic. Stylish tattoos are welcomed while tattoos that could be considered to be offensive are not considered appropriate.

Having a job is good for your health. When a person is able to produce he is physically and emotionally better for it. While there are certainly some areas of employment that would not want a tattoo to be visible to others, there are many job fields that would welcome it.

Tattoos and Your Emotional State

It’s not surprising to hear somebody say that they want to get another tattoo after they have received the first one. There is pain involved when getting the tattoo and this causes a release of adrenaline and endorphins. This feeling alone can make someone want to get another tattoo. People also get multiple tattoos simply because they love the look of them so much.

Tattoos Can Help Improve Self-Esteem

Another study that involved college students found a direct link between self-esteem and tattoos. The study also indicated that the more tattoos a person had, the more confident they felt. Interestingly enough, the respondents in this study that had at least four tattoos had a higher self-esteem than individuals that had three or less tattoos. Some of the respondents also reported that they had dealt with depression issues in the past.

There are a lot of reasons why a person may choose to get a tattoo but now you know some of the health benefits associated with getting tattoos in Toronto. Many people just love the look of a tattoo and feel that it is a beautiful way to express themselves. Tattoos are definitely an art form in themselves and once you get one you’ll understand just how different they can make you feel.

Tattoos are no longer frowned upon in society like they used to be and have become an accepted method of self-expression. You can decide to get a tattoo on a visible part of your body or choose to get one in an area where it won’t be detected when you are wearing clothing. It’s up to you where you want to get the tattoo placed and what type of design you’d like to have. When it comes to tattoos, you have freedom of choice.

Tattoo Studio Toronto

When it comes to getting a tattoo choose a tattoo studio Toronto that you can trust. We have several artists available that are highly skilled and specialize in different types of tattoo. Visit to find out what our Toronto tattoo shop can do for you.

Tattoos in Toronto

Toronto Tattoo Shop

Tattoo Studio Toronto

A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Your First Tattoo in a Tattoo Studio Toronto

If you’ve been considering getting your first tattoo and don’t know exactly what to expect, here is a comprehensive guide that you should read. When you know what is going to be occurring ahead of time at the tattoo studio Toronto you’ll be much more relaxed and confident about getting your first tattoo.

tattoo studio Toronto

Toronto Tattoo Artists

If you have an idea of the style of tattoo you’re looking for, it’s important to choose a tattoo studio Toronto that has many artists working there that specialize in different areas. Different Toronto tattoo artists have various specialties and it’s never a good idea to work with a shop that only has one or two artists that say they can do it all. Tattoo artistry is available in a wide variety of different designs and when you have chosen the type of tattoo you want you should work with an artist that has a specialty in that area.

Best Tattoo Shop North York

The best tattoo shop North York will provide you with a free consultation so that you can either visit the shop in person or receive a video call. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to choose the best artist that would fit your needs. The best tattoo shops understand that someone that is receiving a tattoo for the first time may be nervous about getting it done and should provide an initial consultation free of charge to handle any concerns or questions.

Evaluating Your Choices

If you have no idea of the type of tattoo you would like to get, you can talk to a tattoo artist to get suggestions. He may ask you some questions to get a better idea of your personality and then make some helpful suggestions based on your answers. With so many different types of tattoos to choose from, the help provided by an artist can be invaluable.

Some of the different types of tattoos you can choose from include:

  • Illustrative
  • Realism
  • Black and grey
  • Colour
  • Illustration and blackwork
  • Asian
  • Illustrative realism
  • Fine line illustration
  • Illustrative dot and blackwork
  • Many more

If You Know What You Want

Many people already have an idea of the type of tattoo they want to get. If this applies to you, the tattoo artists will ask you a series of questions regarding the tattoo and where you want it placed. If you have a specific picture that you would like referenced in the tattoo you should bring it along to your appointment so that the artist can get an idea of your vision.

You’ll also be asked what size of tattoo you are looking for. Instead of thinking in terms of small medium and large, think in terms of dimensions. How many inches or centimetres would you like your tattoo to be in width and length. Take out a ruler or a tape measure, stand in front of a mirror and get an idea of the size you would prefer. This way, both you and the tattoo artist will be on the same page in regards to the size of the tattoo.

Professional Toronto tattoo artists want to work with you so that you get a design you love in the size you prefer. When you can give precise measurements or at least a range of measurements to the artist, he’ll be able to tell you how the tattoo design would look in that size.

Assessing Your Skin Tone

There is a perfect tattoo for any skin tone. The tattoo artist you will be working with will assess your skin tone and provide helpful recommendations. No matter what your complexion is, any type of design work should be able to be used on it. If you ever run into a tattoo artist that says that a certain type of design won’t work on your skin tone, it’s time to look for someone that is more flexible. The artist should be able to show you pictures of similar tattoo designs and colours on your type of skin tone so that you can get an idea of what it would look like on your skin.

Preparing for the Appointment

In order to be well prepared for an appointment the next day it’s important to get a good sleep the night before. Stay hydrated and avoid drinking any alcohol the evening before you are scheduled to get the tattoo. Alcohol can be very dehydrating and you’ll want to be hydrated on the day of your appointment. Make sure you eat something before going to the tattoo studio Toronto so that you don’t feel weak while you’re getting the tattoo done. Feel free to bring along a snack in case you start to get hungry during the tattoo process.

Your Arrival at the Tattoo Studio

When you arrive for your appointment you’ll be asked to wash your hands first and then you’ll have to sign the consent forms. Bring along photo ID and make sure that you arrive on time. You can rest assured that Covid-19 protocols have been put in place and that the guidelines are being followed for hygiene and cleaning.

Once the forms have been filled out you will meet up with the tattoo artist and go over the design and the placement of the tattoo. This is the time to ask any questions you may have and if there is anything about the design or the placement that you don’t agree with, now is the time to voice your opinion. This tattoo is going to be a long-term fixture on your body so make sure that you’re happy with it before getting started. If you want to make any changes to the image don’t be afraid to say so. Tattoo artists Toronto won’t be offended since they want you to love the tattoo and be satisfied with it.

If you are looking for the best tattoo shop North York please visit our website now at We will work with you to make sure that you are completely happy with your tattoo and with your overall experience in our studio.

Tattoo Terminology You Should Know – Best Tattoo Artists Toronto

tattooed women holding leaves

There is a lot of terminology that is used by tattoo artists and it’s important that you become familiar with it before heading in for your tattoo. When you can understand the lingo of the tattooing industry you won’t have to continually interrupt the artist that is doing the tattoo asking what certain words mean. Expand your knowledge of tattooing by reading through the terminology that is commonly used in tattoo studios.

Top Tattoo Artists in Toronto

The top tattoo artists in Toronto are familiar with these words and use them commonly. Anyone that is interested in getting a tattoo cannot only learn about the terminology that these tattoo artists use but learn more about the industry in general by reading through this list. The terms listed below range from information about the tools used to design techniques and much more.

Toronto Tattoo Artists

Here are the terms you need to know that Toronto tattoo artists commonly use:

Aftercare – A new tattoo needs specialized care to ensure proper healing of the area and to prevent an infection. Toronto tattoo artist will provide you with specific instructions for aftercare that you must follow. The aftercare recommended will be based on what part of the body has been tattooed and what type of tattoo it is.

Antiseptic – This is a product used by tattoo artists that is applied before doing any work. It will remove any contaminants such as viruses and bacteria on the skin. Rubbing alcohol is commonly used after the area has been washed with a gentle skin cleanser.

Apprentice – Many tattoo studios have apprentices working with them. They are being supervised by established artists and learning the craft under the guidance of a professional. It can take years for an apprentice to become a fully-fledged tattoo artist and be able to work on his own.

Autoclave – All of the equipment except for the needles are sterilized in an autoclave. This machine uses a combination of high pressure and steam to sterilize the equipment before and after tattooing. The needles used, on the other hand, have never been used before and once they have been used they will be thrown out.

Biomechanical – This is a tattooing style that is commonly known as “biomech” in the tattoo industry. The tattoo is usually drawn freehand and will often resemble a cyborg or a robot. The piece is designed based on the body flow of the client.

Black and Grey Black and grey is another common tattoo style that only uses water and black ink. A darker black is used for the outline of the tattoo while the black ink is watered down to create grey highlighting and shading. There are also pre-made washes in grey available for this style.

Body Suit – This is a nickname given to somebody that has the majority of the body covered with tattoos.

Canvas – Canvas is a term that is commonly used by the best tattoo artists Toronto and it refers to the skin. Before any work is done, the skin can be considered to be a blank canvas.

Carving – This is another word for tattooing. If you hear the tattoo artist say the word, don’t worry. You are going to be tattooed, not carved.

Clean Room – This is a closed office space or room in a tattoo studio where the equipment is sterilized and cleaned. This is where the autoclave and other cleaning materials would be kept.

Cover-up Tattoo – A cover-up tattoo completely covers another older tattoo that is no longer wanted by the owner or has faded. This is an art-form in itself and you should be looking for experienced Toronto tattoo artists to get it done.

Custom Tattoo – This is a design that is one-of-a-kind and created just for you. If you have a photo of something you’d like to have tattooed, bring it along with you for your appointment. Otherwise, you can ask the tattoo artist to create something customized for you if you like his style of artistry.

Dermis – You may hear a tattoo artists refer to the dermis and this is the second layer of skin cells that lie below the first layer, the epidermis. A permanent tattoo is created by injecting ink directly into the dermis since this layer takes longer to rejuvenate than the epidermis.

Dot Work – If you are looking for an abstract design then you will choose this one. Lines are more commonly seen but some tattoo artists can use dots with different sizes to make a design. They are often seen in small tattoos and are commonly placed on the hand.

Fine Line – This is a trending design form where fine lines are created with a single needle. You’ll see this style in minimalistic tattoos and delicate tattoos. It is also commonly seen in typewritten or handwritten tattoos.

Flash Tattoo – A flash tattoo is completely opposite from a custom tattoo. This type of tattoo is pre-designed and you may see them on Internet sites or even in a book of tattoos at the studio.

Flat Tattoo Needles – These are needles that appear in a flat line on a bar and they are commonly used by the top tattoo artists Toronto. They are usually used to create geometric tattoos.

Fresh Tattoo – This term refers to a new tattoo that hasn’t fully healed.

Ornamental Tattoo – The ornamental tattoo style is based on a colour scheme, body flow, geometric shapes and a decorative design versus an actual subject.

Pneumatic Tattoo Machine – This machine uses air compressors that make the needles go up and down. Rotary and coil tattoo machines are also commonly used.

Realism – Realism is the art of replicating a photo and is often used for portraits in black and grey. It can look extremely real when you use top tattoo artists Toronto to get it done.

Saturation – This is the amount of colour and ink that has successfully absorbed into the skin.

Scratcher – This is a nickname for people that are doing tattoos on the side without any formal training or apprenticing. They are not tattoo artists and should be avoided at all costs.

Sharps Container – The needles and any blades used are deposited into this biohazard container and then disposed of properly. The contents inside are considered to be medical waste.

Sleeve – You have probably already seen people that have an entire arm or leg tattooed. If the entire arm has been done then it is a sleeve and if the entire leg has been done it is a leg sleeve.

Tattoo Touch-up When a tattoo is faded and requires new ink this is called a touch-up tattoo.

Now that you know these terms you’ll be better able to follow along with your tattoo artist when getting a tattoo. If you’re looking for the best tattoo artists Toronto please visit our website at or call us directly at 905-604-5102.

What Tattoo Styles Are Available at a Tattoo Studio Toronto?

hand with floral tattoos

Tattoos have been around for many years and used as a part of self-expression. There are a number of different tattoo styles available at a tattoo studio Toronto and when you work with a professional, experienced tattoo artist you’ll be able to choose the style you like the best. The style used is as unique as the person that is getting it done and it is certainly a permanent, lifelong commitment.

Take a look at the styles listed below to see just how wide and varied your options are.

Classic Americana

This classic tattoo can be considered to be old-school with old outlines featuring images with colour. Many of the classic Americana images feature daggers, roses, hearts, animals, female figures, nautical imagery and ocean images. This style first became popular back in the 1930s and it remains a permanent fixture in the tattoo industry. It may also be called a traditional tattoo and it’s what would probably first come to mind when you think of a Navy sailor sporting a tattoo.

Neo Traditional Style

These types of tattoos are inspired by the traditional tattoos that come with finer lines and bold colours. They are a mix of old and new and they come together perfectly. Overall, the neo traditional style tattoos look more lifelike than their predecessors.

Abstract Tattoos

An abstract tattoo takes its inspiration from surrealist painters from the past. The term abstract refers to ideas without any physical form. This type of art is layered and complex and doesn’t really have any type of structure. They are open to the artist’s interpretation and often carry a personal meaning.

New School Tattoos

Imagine a comic that has been tattooed on your body. New school tattoos feature a world of imagination and there are often vividly coloured caricature animals appearing in the tattoos.

3-D Tattoos

These are tattoos that grab the attention of anyone viewing them. 3-D tattoos bring images to life and are the next level in the world of tattooing. Anything can be portrayed in a 3-D style including geometric shapes, cartoon characters and much more. If you are interested in getting this sort of tattoo you will need to work with an experienced 3-D tattoo artist.

Tribal Tattoos

These have been around since the dawn of tattoos and are available in many different styles. Some of the most popular tribal styles include Native American, Polynesian and many others.

Trash Polka

The trash polka style is gaining in popularity and has become a trend in 2020. It combines realism and imagery that is abstract. The trash refers to smears and smudges that are present in the tattoo, which provide a chaotic look. They are often presented in red and black, similar to the tattoos that were worn by ancient Egyptians.

Japanese Tattoos

These have long been a favourite for many tattoo enthusiasts. These types of tattoos date back centuries and are popular around the world. Japanese tattoos generally feature large images covering the legs, arms or the back.

Ambigram Tattoo Styles

When you are looking for a unique tattoo style think of ambigram tattoos. They feature words with a lettering design that is unique since the words can be read in the same way from various viewpoints. This style is not as popular as it once was, which gives you the opportunity to choose a tattoo that will be quite different from the other more common styles that are trending today.

Anatomical Tattoos

Think of the anatomy when you think of this style. These tattoos feature images of body parts and appear to be very realistic. Anatomical images may include bones, teeth, organs and much more.

Watercolour Style

The watercolour style has been trending recently. They are beautiful and delicate images featuring no outline or a minimal outline with the colours flowing over the skin.

Blackwork Tattoos

These are tattoos that use black ink and they are quite inspired by Polynesian tattoos worn by tribal members. They are often surreal images with subjects that come from horror stories.

Black and Grey Tattoo Toronto

Black and grey tattoos have been extremely popular in 2020 and are expected to be trending as we move into 2021. They can be done in any type of style but the images are presented in grey and black with a variety of different shades of grey appearing in the design.

Realism Tattoo Toronto

A realism tattoo is one that looks realistic. They can be done in black and grey or in colour. This would be the best option to choose when you want your tattoo to look as real as possible.

Silhouette Tattoos

These are shadow or silhouette tattoos that are done using grey and white shading. They are minimalistic in nature and look real but don’t have a lot of detail.

Portrait Style

These are realistic tattoos of a person that are absolutely stunning to look at when they are done by an exceptional artist. They are also available in both black and grey or in colour. They are not abstract in any way but rather feature a head design that is realistic and it appears sophisticated and complex.

Geometric Tattoos

Choose this style when you’re looking for a geometric design that can range from simple to elaborate. Everyday items can also turned into geometric images and the possibilities are virtually endless with this type of tattoo. The only limit to what you can create with this style is your own imagination.

When it comes to tattoos, there are countless different styles that you can choose from. Hopefully the styles listed above have inspired you to think of the perfect image that you’d like to enjoy as a masterpiece on your body. Next it’s time to look for the best tattoo artists in a tattoo studio Toronto.

When you’re looking for the best of the best consider Hon Tattoo first. Find out more about us by browsing through our website at and fill in the contact form if you would like to schedule an appointment. You can also call us directly at 905-604-5102 to speak to a professional and experienced tattoo artist.