Can we go to heaven with tattoos?

A Religious Tattoo

Many people wonder if having tattoos contradicts their faith. This is a controversial issue because it depends greatly on what religion you practice and your interpretation of it.

For centuries, tattoos were linked to the spirituality and religiosity of early cultures. The first tattoos represented spells, totemic figures, ancestors and other religious symbols. These tattoos were kept as part of the tradition in polytheistic religions. Within monotheistic religions, they were considered pagan symbols and, therefore, sinful. How do different religions view tattoos?


Judaism is the first of the monotheistic religions to consolidate. In the Jewish tradition, tattoos are interpreted in different ways. In ancient times it was forbidden because it was considered idolatry. Leviticus 19:28, part of the Torah and the old Bible testament, says: “And you shall not make scratches on your flesh for a dead man, nor print on you any sign: I am Jehovah.”

The interpretation of this fragment of Leviticus is complex. Even today, some rabbis consider that it refers only to pagan symbolism and others to any tattoo. Many rabbis agree that tattooed Jews should not be excluded from Jewish cemeteries, and if it is a sin, it would not be as severe as those who contradict the ten commandments.

The Jewish diaspora dispersed throughout Europe and the Mediterranean during the Middle and Modern Ages. During these centuries, the Jews acquired many local traditions. In some areas of Germany, Poland, Southern Ukraine and Northern Balkans, Jews tattooed themselves many times with symbolism and phrases from the Torah.


The primitive and medieval critical perception of tattoos is similar to that of Judaism. The foundation of the books of the Old Testament in the Hebrew tradition makes it have the same references to tattoos. Despite that, in the New Testament, there is no allusion to the marks on the skin.

During the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Middle Ages, Christians associated tattoos with pagan peoples, which is why they were demonized. It was not until the travels of the modern age that Christians rediscovered tattoos as fashionable elements among sailors, soldiers and explorers. Wherever they went, they tattooed themselves as a souvenir.

It was already during the 20th century that tattoos began to be widely used by criminals, and it was then that society saw them as something negative. The counterculture would take it up again during the 1960s, and diverse opinions would be created in the different denominations of Christianity.

Within the Catholic Church, there is no clear consensus on tattoos. Some priests and theologians consider it a fashionable element that is not a sin at all, others think it is correct if it does not represent figures related to the devil and others are opposed to tattoos. The only consensus is that the body is a gift from God and, therefore, we must take care of it, so if a tattoo is done, it must be under proper hygienic conditions. Many Catholics, especially in Latin America and the Philippines, get tattoos of religious figures such as images of Jesus Christ or the saints as a way of showing their devotion.

The Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches have been less rigorous with tattoos, although they do make a caveat regarding tattoos depicting demonic figures and criminal symbols.

Protestant and Reformed churches are perhaps the most diverse Christian denominations. Several conservative sectors are against tattoos, while the more liberal ones do not make negative references to them. Calvinists and Anglicans have a long tradition of tattoos dating back to when the English and Dutch explored the world, including Anglican devotees such as Winston Churchill and King George V of the United Kingdom. As for Mormons, they consider tattooing a sin only if it was done after converting to the religion.


For many Muslims, permanent tattoos are haram (forbidden) based on the hadith (oral traditions) of the Prophet Muhammad. “It was narrated that Abu Juhayfah (may Allah be pleased with him) said, ‘The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) cursed whoever tattooed himself and whoever got a tattoo.'” This prohibition is taken seriously by the more conservative Muslims. At the same time, the more liberal branches of Islam, such as the Sufis, consider that this prohibition should be only with images of idols or people.

In many Muslim-majority areas, tattooing is an ancient tradition. In the Arabian Peninsula, it was common for married women to tattoo their chins, foreheads, eye contours, hands and feet. This tradition has continued in many places. Men also tattooed calligraphy and symbols related to their religion, although most commonly on areas of the body covered by clothing.

If you search the internet, you will find many tattooed Muslims and allegorical symbols of religion. This is because not all schools of Islam interpret tattooing in the same way. This is why if you are a Muslim and wish to get a tattoo, it is recommended that you consult with an Islamic scholar or a cleric of your religious school.

Eastern Religions

In Eastern religions, tattoos are well regarded and strongly related to cultural traditions. In Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Shintoism, tattoos are seen as a way of demonstrating your faith or cultural relationship.

In the oldest Asian academic records in China and India, we find that various characters are mentioned with tattoos that give them powers. Most of them were calligraphic symbols or animals. Over time, nobility, merchants, religious people, and warriors began tattooing themselves to commemorate something or ask for protection.

At this point, it is necessary to clarify that in Eastern religions, the conception of life after death differs from the Abrahamic faiths. The practitioners of Eastern religions do not believe that there is a beginning and an end, such as heaven. Their perspective of life after death considers an eternal cosmic cycle of reincarnations based on karma.

More than three millennia of body art tradition have turned Asian tattooing into true works of art. Nowadays, oriental tattoos are not only for traditional and religious purposes; many people do them for fashion. Hon Tattoo Studio offers some of the best Asian tattoo designs in the city of Toronto.

Advantages of having a small tattoo

A thin stroke light bulb tattoo

Body art, also known as tattoos, has become fashionable in recent years. Many people want to get a tattoo but fear the pain associated or that the design is too excessive. For this reason, small tattoos are becoming more and more common.

Small tattoos are fashionable pieces that take less time to complete than other tattoos, and they are also easy to hide if you want to hide them. Many people get small tattoos as a reminder of a place, a person, an experience or an element that represents them.

Although small tattoos are limited in space, they do not compromise aesthetics or details; small tattoos can have high design complexity. The designs and placement of a tattoo can vary depending on the quality of the artwork and the tattooist’s style.

Small tattoos are drawn using delicate strokes, so there is little room for error. For this reason, looking for the best and most experienced artists is highly recommended.

Small tattoo ideas

Small musical note: This small and beautiful tattoo represents a melomaniac person whose life flows through music. It is usually positioned near the ear.

A paper airplane: This tattoo is common among young people who travel in search of adventure. It is a representation of freedom, and it is commonly done on the wrists or ankles.

Mountains: Mountains represent success in overcoming obstacles. Once a person has overcome those obstacles, they are perceived as a strong person capable of sacrificing themself to achieve their goals.

Tattoo with coordinates: Many people live far away from where they were born or raised. To remember and have a piece of souvenir, people will often get coordinates tattooed onto them.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: This tattoo symbolizes unbreakable friendship. It is the ideal tattoo to get with that childhood best friend that will last forever.

Fire: Represents a change or renewal in your life, symbolizing overcoming a problematic stage and continuing your life with more strength.

Book: It is a tattoo for imaginative people. It is usually done by people who develop a dynamic and creative activity in their profession.

Crown: This recognizes your own professional or academic success and is a reward for achieving a goal.

Couple tattoos: Each couple chooses what and where to get tattooed, although they are always similar or carry identical elements. Two little ghosts represent that you will be with that person beyond death, and two hearts or two birds is a clear allusion to love. For sexual attraction, cherries or red fruits are a common denotation.

Small tattoo Toronto

Hon Tattoo has excellent ideas for small tattoo designs. In addition, our artists have the necessary skills to create any tattoo, despite the difficulty of small tattoos.

Small and discreet, small tattoos are great tattoos that can express meaning with a simple design. These elegant tattoos are convenient, pretty and popular accessory that even celebrities fawn over. This tattoo is great as your first tattoo or as your fifth tattoo.

Modern Asian Tattoo Style

Detailed Asian style back tattoo done in black ink

Asian style tattoos are among the most popular in the modern world. Asian style tattoos combine the traditional with innovative elements in the art of tattooing.

Why are Asian style tattoos so popular?

You should first know that Asian-style tattoos are not a single tattoo style but a combination of several. The pictorial techniques of Japan, Korea, China and Southeast Asia are combined to create a modern and original style. Many Asian-style tattoos are inspired by legends, traditional elements, and popular culture, so they have a definite philosophical meaning.

Asian tattoos are known for their striking and dramatic designs that will set you apart from the crowd. Previously, these tattoos followed the traditional style where a black colour design took up a lot of space on the body. However, today tattoo artists are modifying the classic style with modern and contemporary elements.

Most Asian tattoos are extensive and ornate, but if you are getting your first tattoo, it is recommended that you choose a more straightforward design. Although traditionally, Asian tattoos were done with only black ink, nowadays, you can add colour to make your design even more eye-catching.

History of Asian tattoos

The first nomadic inhabitants of Asia likely made tattoos, but no records exist. The earliest Asian tattoos we know about are from the Yayoi period in Japan. Shortly after that, we find the first records of tattoos in China and Korea. Up to this point, the tattoos were very different, but with time and contact between nations, the style of tattoos became somewhat similar. 

In Southeast Asia, tattoos there are quite similar to today’s Polynesian tattoos. But with the influence of continental Asian culture, their tattoo styles also varied, and each region developed its style but related to similar cultural traditions.

In the 16th century, the art of tattooing was consolidated in Japan with the Edo period. The best artists in Japan dedicated themselves to tattooing the wealthy, which preferred imagery representing gods, animals, and symbols of each clan.

The impetus for the evolution of the technique was the development of the art of woodblock printing and the publication of the famous Chinese novel Suikoden, a story of rebellious bravery and valour illustrated with woodblock prints depicting men in heroic scenes, their bodies decorated by Chinese dragons and other mythological beasts, flowers, ferocious tigers and religious imagery. Many artisans who worked with wood carving applied their talents to develop a tattooing technique that has endured over time. Over the years, masters passed on their knowledge to apprentices for this traditional technique.

Best Asian Style Tattoos in Toronto

Hon Tattoo offers an excellent service of Asian, traditional and neo-traditional tattoos. Neo-traditional Asian style tattoos use certain aspects of traditional Asian tattoos but do not follow the same stage design. The neotraditional style adapts more to the natural curves of the body and tries to move along the body to fit and hug the body. They also perform the difficult task of merging Asian tattoo designs with various styles.

If you are interested in learning more about their designs and colours, visit Hon Tattoo’s website. Their website shows a wide range of past work done by some of Toronto’s best tattoo artists.

Could good care lead to less painful tattoos?

Tattoo aftercare for less painful tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a decision that carries responsibility. You should not only think about the design you want to get and on which part of the body, but also the care and hygienic measures necessary for your tattoo to heal well.

A new tattoo is like a fresh wound prone to infection, scarring and other complications. However, many people do not take tattoo aftercare seriously. Their negligence makes the tattoo prone to damage and pain.

People who get tattooed should be more concerned about the pain after the tattoo rather than the pain felt during the tattooing. They should wash the tattoo area with an antibacterial ointment, preventing infection and thus avoiding damage and ensuring a less painful tattoo experience.

Sunbathing is another precaution that tattooed people should take. The sun can bleach the ink and cause the tattoo to become damaged, and it could also cause sunburn, which makes the tattoo even more painful. They should also be careful about wearing tight clothing or scratching the tattoo.

How careful should tattoo studios be?

The first care that a good tattoo studio must take is to select suitable inks and instruments. Then they should ensure that their artists make good designs so that it is not necessary to cover the tattoo. They should also be responsible for the hygienic conditions of the place during the tattooing process.

It is common for some unprofessional tattoo studios to do poorly designed or poorly written tattoos. This causes the people who get tattooed to go to a better studio to have it covered up. It is recommended that people who are thinking of getting a tattoo study which is the best studio.

The tattoo studio is also responsible for maintaining proper hygienic conditions to avoid infections. They must also explain to the clients how to care for the tattoo during the healing process.

Should the same care be maintained for small tattoos?

Yes, every tattoo, no matter how small, should be cared for similarly. Although small tattoos represent a minor wound, they can still get infected. By occupying a smaller area, small tattoos have a smaller amount of ink, so they can be affected and erased more quickly.

What type of ink should tattoo studios use?

The type of ink used in tattoos can prevent aftermath errors. The tattoo studio must ensure this quality as a responsibility to its customers. The different colours for tattoos are created with various chemical elements. A person with dermatitis may suffer allergies to some types of ink, which is why the artist must know the medical conditions of his clients.

Some chemical elements used to create the inks are zinc oxide for white, magnesium for purple, cadmium for yellow and even mercury for red. Recently many tattoo studios have replaced chemical inks with vegetable inks. Vegetable inks are much safer and less toxic, although they have the disadvantage that they last less time and lose their brightness faster.

Each colour and brand of ink contains completely different ingredients, according to a 2005 study conducted by Northern Arizona University. The FDA does not regulate tattoo inks or pigments, unlike those used in cosmetics applied to the skin. Although most manufacturers of these types of inks consider their list of ingredient property information, some brands do publish them and make an effort to produce only non-toxic inks.

Best Tattoo Studio Toronto

Hon Tattoo Studio provides a clean, modern and friendly environment with top tattoo artists who have experience but also a unique style. Our North York and Toronto tattoo shop welcomes every customer with respect and patience. It is our goal to recreate your tattoo design and improve your tattoo experience. If you need inspiration for your next tattoo, our Instagram is a great reference for your next idea.

The History of Tattoos and Their Style

Beautiful simple and gray tattoos inspired by Ancient Egypt

It is unknown when the first tattoos were created. The first cultures did it as signs of identity. These first tattoos were representations of wild animals and geometric figures, perhaps related to supernatural forces.

What was the style of ancient tattoos?

In September 1991, mountaineers found a mummy on the border between Austria and Italy. The scientists performed the carbon 14 test on the mummy and discovered that it was 3,300 years old. This mummy is named after Ötzi. The body had 61 tattoos, and the tattoo designs were geometric. Experts believe they may have been healing spells.

Old simple black and gray tattoos

Historians posit that many cultures made tattoos before Ötzi lived. The earliest tattoos were simple designs, and the paint used on them was black and gray, and this type of paint is the most common in nature.

Egypt: In ancient Egypt, upper-class women wore tattoos. These women were mainly priestesses. The tattoo designs represented spells and gods.

Greece and Rome: Tattoos were not very common among the Greeks and Romans. Enslavers tattooed their enslaved to mark them as their property, and the non-enslaved refused to get tattooed. The exception to this was soldiers, who tattooed the symbol of their legion or army as identification.

Celts and Germanic: The tattoos of these peoples had similar themes. These represented social status, and the designs varied between natural and geometric elements.

Ancient Japanese Tattoo: Tattoos were status symbols and clan marks; this changed during the Edo period, when criminals tattooed themselves, so society considered it taboo.

Middle-Ages: People considered tattoos idolatry and paganism. The tattoo culture was lost, falling into oblivion for centuries.

When did tattoos become popular again?

During the modern age, travel around the planet has become more common. Many sailors got tattoos in remote places as a sign that they had been where few Westerners had. Polynesian tattoos were prevalent. Polynesian cultures had a strong tradition of tattooing, which is why they had mastered this art for centuries.

Over time, the sailors designed their tattoos, and then the fashion spread among the military and nobles. Influential personalities of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century tattooed themselves, something common among those who had a military past or held political positions. Even Winston Churchill had an anchor tattooed on his arm.

“Churchill reportedly got an anchor inked on his right upper arm from him. In that era, anchor tattoos were typically reserved for navy-men due to the maritime association and nautical symbolism, and considering Churchill was in a different branch of the military, this is most unusual.”

Tattoos Today

For some time in the 20th century, tattooed people were seen as criminals. With the rise of the counterculture, this false image disappeared. Today it is normal for a person to get a tattoo to mark an essential element of her life or simply for fashion. The art of tattooing is becoming more and more widespread. When you are looking for the best tattoos in Toronto, visit our website now

Learn about Tattoo Conventions Featuring Asian Style Tattoos

Asian style tattoos and Blackwork style tattoos are completed by expert Toronto tattoo artists at Hon Tattoo.

Asian Style Tattoos at Conventions

When you go to a tattoo convention you’ll see all sorts of tattoo styles displayed along with Asian style tattoos. If you’ve never had the chance to attend one of these conventions we will let you know more about them and what you can expect to see when you go to one. They are lively events that will definitely inspire you and give you ideas regarding your next tattoo design.

The History of Tattoo Conventions

The first convention for tattoos was held on January 24th and the 25th in Houston, Texas in 1976. Dave Yurkew and Lyle Tuttle were the hosts of this event and were world-renowned artists at the time. In all, there were 130 tattoo artists that went to the events. Some of these artists showed up in order to display their works of art to their peers while others took the opportunity to learn more about tattoo styles and techniques from others. It was a successful event that connected the industry with artists showcasing Asian style tattoos and many others.

This tattoo convention brought together many like-minded people and it set a new tradition in the industry. It was a place where anybody that loved tattoos could meet and show mutual respect and appreciation for one another. It wasn’t long before conventions started to branch out on a global level in countries like Spain and Germany. Since the first convention took place there was growing acceptance of tattooing by the public as well as a deeper appreciation for it. Global connections were made with Japanese artists creating Asian style tattoos.

In the 1990s tattoo conventions were taking place globally and annually in different venues. Dave Yurkew and Lyle Tuttle co-hosted the convention that took place in January, 1996 in Houston, Texas. This marked the 20th anniversary of the first tattoo convention and it commemorated and reflected on the last 20 years of growth in the tattoo culture.

Conventions continued to be popular during the years with more and more people attending them with an increased amount being held in various cities across the globe. Conventions ran into a problem, along with the rest of the world, however, when the pandemic hit. In some areas public gatherings and flights have not yet been restored to normal while in other areas things are returning to the way they were before Covid-19 raced across the planet. Clients can now visit their favourite tattoo shops to work with a realism tattoo artist or one that specializes in blackwork tattoo styles or Asian style tattoos.

Toronto Tattoo Artists Learn to Adapt

The tattoo industry along with Toronto tattoo artists have certainly been adaptable and flexible during these tough times and have worked with government regulators in order to keep the industry as safe as possible. Now, conventions are back on in many areas and it’s expected that tattoo lovers from one end of the world to the other will be gathering again to find out what’s new and trending in the world of tattoos. More and more people are feeling comfortable about visiting tattoo studios once again and many new clients are emerging to get their new tattoos.

Blackwork Tattoo Styles at Tattoo Conventions

If you’re interested in blackwork tattoo styles and want to get one, you should not expect that you will get a free tattoo simply by attending an event. Your body may be used as a canvas at a convention, however, a blackwork tattoo or a realism tattoo artist will first pair up with somebody that wants to get a tattoo and is willing to pay for it along with the other travel expenses associated with going to the convention. For example, the person that is getting the tattoo will need to pay for the image, the hotel, meals and transportation for themself. The tattoo artist is there to become known and more widely recognized and has to cover his own accommodation, travel, art and booth expenses.

It simply wouldn’t make any sense at all for the well-known tattoo artist to provide somebody with a free tattoo. This is not to say that it cannot happen, however, but usually, the person that is getting a tattoo at the convention is paying for it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo Conventions
When it comes to tattoo conventions there are certainly a lot of questions surrounding them. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions along with their answers:

Who Can Go to a Tattoo Convention?

This type of convention is an exhibition and a meeting for not only tattoo practitioners but for enthusiasts as well. Anyone that wants to go to one of the events is welcome but each individual convention may have special rules set up regarding children. Besides seeing the latest tattoo trends and designs you may get to experience a live entertainment program with music, tattoo contests, seminars and anything else that is related to the tattooing culture.

How Can I Find out Where Tattoo Conventions Are Being Held?

When you visit the website World Tattoo Events you can find out everything you need to know about upcoming events and more. This is the largest and most comprehensive calendar for tattoo conventions that you can find online and it features more than 1,400 events taking place across the world. You’ll find out all about the upcoming shows, booth registrations, tickets and other information you need to know.

The Best Toronto Tattoo Artists

Toronto tattoo artists have certainly been through a lot during the last couple of years as have conventions. Now, it’s time to open the flood doors to the masses that are interested in getting tattooed and going to events. If you have been putting off getting a tattoo due to the pandemic crisis, now is a great time to call us to make an appointment.

You can also fill out our contact form found on our website at and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. You should also find out when the next tattoo convention will be held that you could possibly attend so that you can get your creative juices flowing and get inspired for your next tattoo design.

How Large and Small Tattoos Are Being Accepted Globally

Small Tattoos at Hon Tattoo Shop Toronto

Getting a Tattoo North York

If you’ve always wanted to get a tattoo but were worried about a possible stigma that could be attached to getting one, our best advice is not to worry about it. Gone are the days when getting tattoos was inappropriate behaviour. Nowadays, tattoos are a form of art that you can add to your body to make you feel more beautiful, to send out a powerful message or to enjoy for many other reasons.

Tattoos are no longer considered to be something that is added to the body by rebellious people only. Those days are long gone and both large and small tattoos have become more accepted on a global basis. As they become more acceptable in the community, they are also being seen as an art form by most people.

Small Tattoo Toronto

Small tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body and are easily hidden compared to large tattoos. Hon Tattoo Shop Toronto has professional artists who specialize in large and small tattoos. The content of your tattoo is up to you! It could be linework, simple imagery, text, or a combination and can be completed in coloured or black ink. Our artists are experts at design, if you have an idea for a tattoo of any size, we are here to make it a reality for you! Tattoos are becoming more popular and more common. Tattoos used to be taboo and now they are living pieces of artwork to be admired!

There Have Been Many Changes since 2014

Back in 2014, employers were still hesitant to hire people that had visible tattoos for jobs in public services. The reasons given, according to one survey, were that clients and customers could potentially find them to be offensive. At the same time, colleagues and managers had a discriminatory viewpoint when it came to workers with tattoos and saw them as being less professional and qualified.

This research noted that the negative effects that these tattoos instilled were also based on the location and the size of the tattoo. Small tattoos that weren’t as visible were generally accepted.

The tattoo industry has moved forward from this time and tattoos are no longer considered to be a sign of class or gang membership. Rather, they are viewed as a representation of a commitment to oneself through art. Tattoos provide individual narratives about personal growth, spirituality and much more. Studies indicate that tattoos can give a person considerable confidence in themselves and empower them to reclaim their bodies.

People now have the choice to decide what they find to be aesthetic and get it inked on their bodies. There are no restrictions present for most except the consideration of offending others. This is an important point for anyone to take into account – especially in the work world. Anything that can be considered offensive, not just small tattoos, is not tolerated in most businesses and getting an offensive tattoo could stall your career or limit your career choices.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for tattoo art and its acceptability on a global basis took place in September 2018. The Commissioner of the Metropolitan police in London, England relaxed the policy for tattoos and allowed police officers to display their body art. Now any officer in the UK can have a tattoo where it can be seen by others.

Part of this change in policy was due to the fact that it was getting difficult to recruit young new officers into the police force since many had inked skin. In fact, it’s estimated that approximately one third of the young adults across the country currently have a tattoo.

Things were different back in 2017, however, when approximately 10% of the new police candidates were rejected immediately due to the tattoo ban. At the time, 2000 more officers were needed by the force. It was becoming a tough challenge to get new recruits that didn’t have large or small tattoos on their bodies.

There are some limitations that have been put in place for this policy that are important to note. Large or even small tattoos on the face are not allowed as are any images that could be considered to be offensive. Candidates’ tattoos are assessed for each case individually. In the British Army, tattoos are permitted as long as they can’t be seen on a passport photo.

Professional Artists for Small Tattoos Toronto

The industry of tattooing itself has evolved over the years with many tattoo artists holding credentials in design or art. Most artists first start their occupations working as apprentices along with an experienced tattoo artist that has established a foundation and a solid reputation in the industry. In the past, tattoo studios were viewed as “dark caves” in the underbelly of civilization but now most studios resemble high-quality hair salons with bright lights, colours and music. The atmosphere is set up so that you can feel relaxed about getting a tattoo and be able to see clearly what is happening to your body. There is an ambience in tattoo shops for small tattoos Toronto that is welcoming to all and you’ll find clientele of all different ages walking through the doors.

You can expect the work to be done by professional tattoo artists and whether you’re looking for large or small tattoos Toronto you’ll find artists that specialize in different genres. While one tattoo artist may create wonderful Asian tattoos, another will specialize in realism tattoos. No matter what type of tattoo you are looking for you’ll be able to find well-trained professional artists at your service for small tattoos Toronto.

Tattoo Shop North York

When you visit our tattoo shop North York you can rest assured that all of the safety regulations pertaining to hygiene are being met. We abide by all Covid-19 hygiene protocols and even before the pandemic hit we were maintaining a sterile environment within the shop. We only use needles once before getting rid of them. Everything else that is cleaned gets put into a special machine that sterilizes all sorts of equipment. Getting an awesome new tattoo at a legitimate tattoo shop North York with an impeccable reputation is completely safe for you, your family members and your friends. Everything is monitored and hygiene and safety are always placed as a top priority.

If you have any questions about our hygiene protocols and how we are working with the Covid-19 situation right now, please don’t hesitate to call or fill out the contact form on our website at You can also call or fill out the form to schedule an appointment to get your next tattoo.

Illustrative Tattoos as an Art Form

Illustrative tattoo of a rose in color and black and white completed at Hon Tattoo Studio in Toronto

Many people view getting a tattoo in the same way as they would view purchasing a piece of art. In fact, a large majority of tattoo artists are artists that have made a name for themselves and are widely acknowledged by authorities and colleagues. Tattooing dates back to thousands of years ago and there are a lot of different reasons why a person may decide to get tattooed. One thing remains constant, however, and that is the fact that getting inked is always personal. Even way back when, individuals that got a tattoo to show which tribe they belong to used these tattoos to characterize their own personalities and their beliefs.

The acceptance of getting illustrative tattoos along with script tattoos has risen considerably on a global basis. There was a time when tattoos were associated with criminals, sailors and bikers but that time has long since passed. Nowadays, people that are getting tattooed along with the general public consider tattoos to be an art form associated with aesthetics and fashion.

Tattoo Studio Art

Confirming Your Own Identity with Tattoo Studio Art

Individuals are able to confirm their own identities and even their own social status through artwork displayed on their bodies. In Western society, the appearance of social status has become less important over the years. People can now mark out their own status and individuality with tattoo studio art.

People from all parts of society are getting tattoos including doctors, lawyers, celebrities, religious leaders and more. Tattoos are no longer considered to be a social stigma or a sign of a person demonstrating risky behaviour and if an individual does have illustrative tattoos, other people no longer consider that they are living on the edge. In today’s contemporary world, tattoos now represent a lot more including communication, identity, fashion and art.

Personalized Illustrative Tattoos

The Reasons for Getting a Tattoo

Anyone that gets a tattoo has an individual reason for getting one and there is often a story behind illustrative tattoos. There are cases, however, when there isn’t a lot of meaning behind a tattoo and a person has chosen one simply to display beautiful artwork and to make a fashion statement. While purchasing some art to put on the wall may give you pleasure when you’re at home and able to view it, illustrative tattoos allow you to carry the artwork around with you wherever you go. You’ll never be without a beautiful display of art on your body and it will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Many people also get illustrative tattoos to help with the healing process. They may want to take back control over pain that they have experienced in either a physical or an emotional form. In most cases the design chosen will be symbolic of change or strength, involve a memory or it may appear as a script tattoo with a life motto written on the skin. For these people, it gives them choice over their bodies where they may have experienced demands that were out of their control. Tattoos can help them heal on an ongoing basis and in the future.

No matter what the reason is for getting a tattoo, however, a person is going to choose illustrative tattoos that they enjoy seeing. This gives the tattoo a dual purpose since it sends out a message and also acts as a form of art. There is no room to debate that tattoos are a specific art form meant for the body and a tattoo artist has to be very skilled in this craft in order to create this type of art.

Best Tattoo Art Studio in Toronto

Think of all the curves and bumps and grooves that appear along the body. While a painter can use a flat piece of canvas to display the art, a tattoo artist has to work with an uneven platform. Not only must the person inking the tattoo be a skilled artist but he must also be able to create images on uneven surfaces that look as good or even better than they would appear on a flat canvas.

The best tattoo in Toronto is one that resonates with you deep down in your soul. They are designed either for you to admire, for others to admire or as a combination of both. In this respect, getting illustrative tattoos is similar to putting on a beautiful piece of jewelry to display.

Some people travel far and wide to visit specific tattoo artists that have made a name for themselves in the world of tattooing. They may visit different artists in order to get a form of art collection on their bodies that were done by various artists. Others prefer to keep a constant flow of art running through the different areas of their bodies done by one artist to keep things consistent. Many individuals end up finding a particular artist they like and will return to this person time and time again due to the high quality of work performed. It’s all about the art and in some cases the meaning behind the best tattoo Toronto that gives it an amazing beauty and aesthetic appeal.

In recent years the art industry has adopted both graffiti work and tattoos as part of its own culture and has recognized the fact that they are indeed artwork. In Paris, the Musée du Quai Branly proudly hosted the ‘Tatoueurs, Tatoués‘ (‘Tattooists, Tattooed’) exhibition in May, 2014. At this exhibition tattoos were explored as a medium for artistic work and it featured tattoos that were designed specifically by internationally renowned tattoo artists for the event. Here you could see many illustrative tattoos that were stunning in design and the event proved how far tattoos have come in terms of being accepted by the art world.

If you are looking for the best tattoo Toronto studio to get illustrative tattoos as a form of art, visit our website now at We have talented, skilled artists that can bring your vision to life as an amazing tattoo.

Business Has Been Booming for Toronto Tattoo Artists during the Pandemic

Toronto Tattoo Shop

While many businesses have been impacted by the Covid-19 situation, Toronto tattoo artists have been kept busy when their shops were allowed to remain open. The tattoo industry has offered a source of emotional support to many people since they can release their feelings by displaying wonderful images or meaningful text messages on their bodies. Tattoos give a person the ability to express themselves in many different ways and this has opened the floodgates to not only repeat customers but new clients that have never received a tattoo before.

Dealing with a Serious Environment

Everyone has a different way of coping with a crisis situation and many have decided on the spur of the moment to visit Toronto tattoo artists to help them deal with the pandemic. Many people that hadn’t considered getting a tattoo before now find themselves getting one or planning to get one in the near future. A tattoo shop is kept busy with people that are ready to get another tattoo or have their first one done as quickly as possible.

The demand for tattoos has been booming ever since the beginning of the pandemic. According to analysts at IBIS World, the industry of tattooing was expected to rise by 23.2% in 2021, which outpaced the rate of growth of the sector for consumer goods and services as a whole.

Small Tattoos Toronto

People that are just starting out with tattooing and coming out of their comfort zones are starting off with small tattoos Toronto. Tattoo artists Toronto have noticed that many people have lowered their inhibitions regarding getting tattooed due to the overriding “you only live once” movement. People that were perhaps putting off getting a tattoo until later in their lives are being spurred forward by the existing pandemic and the consequences of it.

Small tattoos Toronto

This sudden rise in popularity is happening all across the country, North America and the world. People have found that they have had the opportunity to do something special for themselves when many other options were closed to them. Travel, for example, has been put on hold for the most part for the last two years. Individuals found that they couldn’t engage in their favourite sports, go to movies or even take a small road trip to visit new places or family members.

A Toronto Tattoo Shop Already Understands Hygiene Protocols

Unlike retail stores, entertainment venues and sporting establishments that didn’t have a lot of previous experience working with hygiene protocols, a Toronto tattoo shop already knew the importance of keeping a clean, sterile environment. This meant that the business could continue as usual with just a few minor variations as required. Safety features were already in place before Covid-19 arrived on the scene. A Toronto tattoo shop offers a safe environment for people that want to get a beautiful and meaningful tattoo inked on their skin.

Tattoos Can Bring Comfort

At a time when a lot of people are experiencing hardship, loss and loneliness, Toronto tattoo artists can bring some comfort in the form of amazing tattoos. For many it is a type of therapy that offers therapeutic benefits and a rush of positive energy. Getting a tattoo at a tattoo shop Toronto has been providing clients with a new experience. It used to be that friends and family members would be able to join them as they got tattooed at a studio but now many clients have to do it on their own. This provides a focused one-on-one session with the tattoo artist, which is easier for the artist.

Without a third voice in the room giving input into the ultimate design of the tattoo, the client and the artist are able to work better together. In the end, it’s the client that’s going to be wearing this tattoo for the rest of his life so it’s important that the customer is the one that makes the final decision about the design. Toronto tattoo artists will make suggestions before the tattoo takes place and during the process of doing it. It is up to the client to take the suggestions or not.

Tattoos can raise the spirit of the person that is receiving one. They can be extremely uplifting and act as a reminder that there is still hope and everything’s not lost. This is an important concept that has been virtually forgotten during the pandemic and even just small tattoos Toronto can offer a gentle reminder that everything will get better.

Tattoos Provide Meaning and Inspiration

Many people are looking for inspiring tattoos these days in order to help guide them through the evolving pandemic situation. Many are choosing tattoos with deep meanings and getting them inked as an image or in text form. Getting a tattoo placed on the body acts as a constant reminder whether the person is at home relaxing or out and about running errands.

At a time when there is chaos and confusion in the environment, a tattoo can make a person feel more grounded. It can give some measure of control back to a person that feels that he is caught in an uncontrollable whirlwind that has swept him off his feet. Tattoos can provide hope to the hopeless, motivation to the unmotivated and keep a person focused on his ultimate goals in life no matter what may be happening around him.

Learn more about tattoos and what Toronto tattoo artists can do for you by visiting our website now at If you need to get design ideas you can give us a call and we can give you some helpful suggestions. Many people find that getting a tattoo has been a life-changing event and the only way to find out if this would be true for you is to get one for yourself. Even small tattoos Toronto can carry a deep meaning that you would find extremely inspirational.

Express How You Feel with Landscape Illustrative Tattoos

Illustrative tattoos

Illustrative tattoos of landscapes are trending right now. People that regularly travel have been missing out on the experience for the last two years and a tattoo can help them revive their memories. These types of tattoos can also provide hope for the future in the form of landscapes, trains, airplanes, suitcases and much more.

If you have the travel bug but haven’t been able to get away, think of getting illustrative tattoos of the places you have visited or the lands that you want to see next.

Landscape Realism Tattoo Toronto

If you are thinking of getting a landscape realism tattoo based on a place that you have already visited you should search for the best realism tattoo artist in Toronto. You can carry the scenery from a place that is far away with you wherever you go when you get a tattoo. You can now take along a piece of your heart that you left in a foreign land before you get a chance to travel there again.

Realism Tattoo Toronto

A landscape realism tattoo Toronto can be extremely beautiful and breathtaking. When you work with a renowned realism tattoo artist you can bring any landscape to life on your skin. When you visit a tattoo studio in Toronto make sure that you bring along any photos that you have taken in order to give the artist an idea of exactly what you’d like. A picture really does paint a thousand words and allows the artist to formulate the concept of what should be on your skin.

Your Landscape Tattoo Can Reflect Your Inner Landscape

Landscapes are also being used to reflect how you’re feeling on the inside with an external visualization. For example, if you are feeling uncertain and ungrounded during these turbulent times you may get an ocean scene tattooed on your body showing extreme, choppy waves. If you feel soft and mellow you can opt for a beautiful meadow landscape full of wildflowers. No matter how you are feeling, there is a picture that can depict your emotions so that you can display them to the world.

You can also use illustrative tattoos as a reminder of how you want to feel inside. If you are feeling anxious you can look for a calm landscape design that would make you feel better. If you feel like you haven’t been able to meet your goals and are struggling, you could consider getting mountain imagery tattooed to remind you to keep climbing the mountain to get to the top.

Why Should I Get a Landscape Tattoo?

There are certainly a lot of options available when it comes to illustrative tattoos. You can choose from any type of design. A landscape realism tattoo may capture your imagination in a special way that an animal or an object wouldn’t. These landscape designs can make you think of romantic spots, faraway lands, relaxing areas or adventures. They can showcase how you are feeling now or display your future goals. No matter what you want to achieve, illustrative tattoos of landscapes may fit the bill perfectly.

Cityscape Tattoos

If you’ve traveled to a city and fell in love with it then a cityscape tattoo may be just for you. There are many different designs that can be formed with any city and they can be personalized especially for you. A realism tattoo of a cityscape can represent the time you spent in the city or simply show something that the city is famous for. You can have a lot of fun creating the design together with your illustrative tattoos artist.

Beach Tattoos

Imagine getting a beach tattoo that shows the ocean behind it on a sunny day. This is the perfect tattoo for anyone that would like to be on a permanent vacation. Include tropical flowers, subtle waves and palm trees for a nice relaxing effect. Add in an image of a buried treasure if you want to create a relaxed yet adventurous holiday.

Mountain Tattoos

A mountain symbolizes overcoming struggles in life and can be used to show your inner strength. There are many different styles of mountain illustrative tattoos. These are inspiring designs that can show your appreciation for nature and your ability to get through the struggles in life. Use a mountain tattoo as a reminder of the struggles you have already had in life or as a source of inspiration to help you keep moving forward in times of trouble.

Tattoos of Forests

If you’d rather be walking along a trail in a forest than sitting behind a desk at the office, a forest tattoo may be right for you. The design can be used to show others that you are an outside type of person that loves to get back to nature. Forests can also be very relaxing and they are great to look at when you would rather be anywhere than inside.

Island Tattoos

If you are feeling all alone and deserted you may want to consider getting an island tattoo. These tattoos can also be used to show your desire to travel to an unknown land to discover more about it or to represent an island you have visited that has remained close to your heart.

Jungle Tattoos

There is a lot of symbolism in jungle tattoos since there are so many animals and types of plant life in them. Jungle tattoos can include any kind of jungle animal and they can be made very colourful and lifelike. This would be a great realism tattoo for a person that loves adventures and visiting new places. Add in a lion or a tiger to show your courage.

Best Tattoo Studio Toronto

You can create any type of landscape illustrative tattoos at the best tattoo studio Toronto. At Hon Tattoo we have amazing realism tattoo Toronto artists that can help you with the design of a landscape that would best symbolize your emotions, where you want to go or where you have been in the past. Visit our site now at to book an appointment.