Black and Grey Tattoo Toronto

Black and Grey Tattoo Toronto

09 Mar 2021

When it comes to tattoos, there are many different techniques and styles to choose from and they all have their own meanings attached to them. Tattoos are now being designed like never before and the latest trends for a black and grey tattoo Toronto are now emerging for this year. Find out what tattoos are being inked in a black and grey style near you.

What Are Black and Grey Tattoos?
This is a special style that uses only black ink in different shades. It can incorporate various genres of tattoos and they have become extremely popular the world over. It’s believed that the black and grey tattoo style originated in prisons, which is why it is commonly referred to as a “jailhouse tattoo”. Tattoos made in prison were often created with handmade inks and machines and there was a lot of creativity involved. Prisoners would commonly use guitar strings as needles while pen ink or ashes from cigarettes were used for ink.

Best Black and Grey Tattoo Artist Toronto

In the late 1970s, black and grey tattoos became more popular outside of the prison setting and many tattoo artists perfected them. The variation of shading on these tattoos can be quite intense with subtle shades appearing beside deeper shadows. If you are looking for an exceptional black and grey tattoo artist Toronto, look for one that has mastered the craft and has the ability to make a piece of art come alive on the skin.

Small Tattoos Toronto

One of the trending designs for black and grey tattoos is small tattoos Toronto. These are small, minimalistic designs that are done in black and grey and they can appear anywhere on the body. Although they are small, they often have a huge message to portray and this will vary from one client to the next. There are many other tattoo genres that appear in a grey and black form as well, which we will discuss below.

Realism Tattoos
This is tattooing done in a realistic form and it focuses on creating artwork that is lifelike. When you find a great realistic tattoo artist, he can create the perfect picture on the skin from a portrait or from another image. These can be emotional tattoos that may include the following:

  • Portrait of a loved one
  • Animals
  • Nature scenes
  • Animated characters
  • Actors and actresses
  • Cars
  • Flowers
  • Mythological creatures
  • Many others

Japanese Tattoos
These tattoos are also trending right now and the use of black and grey is becoming increasingly popular. You can also get Japanese tattoos that are colourful that use black and grey as the background for a piece of artwork.

American Traditional Tattoos
These are also known as old-school tattoos and they have been influenced by military and sailor tattoos that were done back in the 19th century. They are beautiful when created in grey and black tones. Popular themes for this type of tattoo include wolves, birds, skulls, anchors, flowers, ships, mermaids and others. These traditional tattoos have become a very popular style of black and grey tattoo designs.

Black and Grey Rose Tattoos
Flowers are a natural expression of love and can bring out a number of emotions in an individual. There is a deep association with fidelity and romance so roses are often used to signify a commitment to a relationship. Black and grey tattoos of roses are trending this year and they can be especially dramatic when applied by an experienced artist that pays a lot of attention to detail.

Medieval Themed Tattoos
Tattoos with medieval themes often display knights in armor along with damsels in distress and may also include battlefields, warriors and much more. There is a lot of inspiration that can be drawn from in this field and these dramatic tattoos are perfect for a grey and black colour scheme. When you see one for yourself, you’ll understand why they just wouldn’t have the same type of impact if the design was done in colour.

Timepiece Tattoos in Grey and Black
This is a monochromatic approach that can bring you back to the time when black-and-white photography was at its peak. The nature of time is reflected in these timepieces and clocks and they provide a classic appeal that can hold a big meaning for the individuals that are wearing them.

Black and Grey Tattoos with an Animal Theme
Another popular trend for black and grey large and small tattoos Toronto is animals. Many people are getting tattooed to commemorate their special pets. A lot of people also choose to get tattooed with an animal that shares the same types of character traits as the person. For example, a person that feels strong and mighty may choose to get a lion tattoo while an individual that wants to show off his intellect and intelligence may decide to get an owl tattooed on his body.

Skull Tattoos
Skull tattoos continued to remain one of the most popular themes for tattoos across the world today. Skulls are a symbol of mortality and they are often combined with other symbolic images such as roses. The combination of a rose and a skull can signify romantic love along with mortality. When you see one that has been done in black and grey, you’ll appreciate just how dramatic and striking they can look.

Unique Tattoos in Grey and Black
When all is said and done, a tattoo is a form of self-expression and individuation. Nobody can judge you for the type of tattoo that you choose since it’s all about what you are feeling and want to express. Just like artwork, tattoos are an individual expression and you have the freedom to choose what you want to display on your body.

While many people prefer colours that are vibrant, others like the bold and subtle combination of grey and black. If you want to discover more about black and grey tattoos or would like to get additional information about colourful tattoos, please visit our website now at We have a great black and grey tattoo artist Toronto working at our studio and you can request more details by filling out the contact form on our site.

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