The Meaning behind Arrows for Small Tattoos Toronto

Arrows have a long and deep history behind them and are often the first choice of design for people that are looking for small tattoos Toronto. They can be customized in a variety of ways, inked in different sizes and can be placed on just about any area of the body. When it comes to arrow tattoos, the choices are virtually endless.

Arrows have a lot of different meanings and can represent anything from war all the way to friendship. No matter what you want your statement to be with the arrow, it can be made powerful with small tattoos Toronto in an arrow design.

Sometimes it can be difficult finding the right design for a small tattoo. Arrows are the perfect choice when you want to display a meaning that resembles the ones listed below.

The History of Arrow Tattoos

Many cultures have meaningful significance associated with arrows. It is suspected that the beginning of arrows started with the American indigenous people as a protection and hunting tool. While it was a war tool it was also symbolizing peace at the same time. You can see how an arrow can have one specific meaning or it can hold several different meanings that are blended.

Native Americans needed arrows to live since it meant the difference between feeding the family or not. Arrows were used to protect individuals as well as the group. In this culture, two arrows that were crossing one another symbolized an alliance while the sign of peace was represented by an arrow that had been broken into two pieces.

Arrow small tattoos Toronto symbolize both triumph and struggle due to their use as a weapon and as a tool. When you see an arrow on a bow that has been pulled back this shows conflict and tension as we struggle through life. This can also be represented with two arrows that are facing the opposite direction of each other. An arrow that is simply resting on a bow, however, symbolizes calmness and peace.

Forward Motion

When you shoot an arrow, it will move forward so an arrow can also represent a person that is moving forward from something. This may be used literally in a physical sense or figuratively, depending on the type of event that inspired the tattoo. It means that the person is making a new positive transition in life and beginning a new chapter. The same type of meaning may be represented with a compass arrow, which shows a new direction that a person is taking to move forward.

A diamond arrow is also quite commonly found inked on a person’s skin to indicate that the individual has found the strength to move forward. The arrow shows the ability to move on while the diamond represents the strength required to do so.

A Feather and Arrow

When an arrow is paired with a feather this symbolizes an achievement that has been made over a conflict or struggle in life as well as independence and liberty. Arrow small tattoos Toronto often have this type of common theme running through them.

A Bundle of Arrows

When arrows are depicted in a bundle of 5, this symbolizes that the person or a group is ready for battle. A bundle of 5 arrows originates from the Iroquois League, which had 5 of the most powerful tribes.

Cupid Arrow Tattoos

This is one of the most popular small tattoos Toronto featuring arrows to be found. There may be a small Cupid inked into the skin carrying a bow and arrow or the tattoo may appear as a heart with an arrow through it. This type of tattoo has a rich mythology behind it where Cupid was the god of love and desire. He would shoot arrows at the individuals that he thought should be bonded by true love and spend their lives together.

Zodiac Arrow Tattoos

Sagittarius has a zodiac arrow as its astrological sign. This tattoo symbolizes masculinity, strength and knowing the direction that one is heading. The person has the strength to continue moving forward in life while never having to look back due to a good sense of direction.

Arrow Tiny Tattoos Toronto

If you are looking for tiny tattoos Toronto, arrows are a great design to consider. With so many different complexities behind the meaning of these designs, you can have the arrow represent several different things. These tattoos are easy to design and when you get a tiny one made you can place it just about anywhere you want.

Tiny tattoos Toronto are perfect for people that want to have a smaller tattoo without having to sacrifice on significance. They can be hidden away in areas where they won’t be seen easily or prominently displayed in visible areas. You’ll have a lot of choice when you choose arrow tiny tattoos, and they can be done in black or coloured variations.

Arrow Script Tattoos

Another option you have is to get an arrow placed on your skin using a script. Simply get the word “arrow” written and you’re ready to go. Arrow script tattoos should be considered if you want to express a meaning but may not want everyone to know what it is. This is also a great option for people that simply love script tattoos and would like to have something graceful written. You’ll have a wide choice of fonts to work with including soft italic letters or bigger, bold letters.

Say it all with arrows! Whether you are looking for small tattoos Toronto or arrow script tattoos, you can show your feelings with an arrow symbol. If you have any questions about arrow tattoos you can ask your tattoo artist and this artist can help you work with the design. When you are looking for the best tattoo artist in Toronto that can perform wonders with arrow tattoos and other tattoo designs, visit our website now at

How to Prepare for Your New Sleeve Tattoo

If you have narrowed down your options and have decided that a sleeve tattoo would be best for you, there are certain things you should know ahead of time to get prepared for it. This will be an exciting journey ahead but to make it as smooth as possible there is some planning that you should do now to get ready for the tattoo.

Getting a sleeve tattoo is a big commitment that involves a lot of time, planning and money. This is much different than getting small tattoos since it will be a new feature on your body that will be displayed prominently. You’ll need to put some thought into it, and you should know how you would like it to appear before getting started.

Half Sleeve or Full Sleeve Tattoo

The first thing that you need to decide is whether you want to get a full sleeve tattoo or a half sleeve one. A half sleeve tattoo can run either from your shoulder to your elbow or from your elbow to your wrist. A full sleeve tattoo will cover the area from your shoulder to your wrist. One thing to keep in mind when making this decision, however, is that a half sleeve can often be more complicated to design because there is less skin area to work with. Everything must be put together perfectly.

Half sleeves are a good option though when you’re working on a limited budget and are dealing with time constraints. It all depends on your budget, your tattoo goals, and the amount of time you have to deal with the decision-making process and the actual tattooing.

Full sleeve tattoos provide an outstanding visual effect and if you don’t have the budget available to get one now, you may want to decide to save up more money to get one soon. You’ll have to decide whether you would be happy settling for a half sleeve tattoo if you really want to get a full sleeve one.

The best thing that you can do is to schedule an appointment for a consultation with a tattoo artist to go over your design thoughts to get a professional opinion. The artist will let you know whether he would recommend a full sleeve or a half sleeve tattoo.

Cohesive Sleeve Tattoos

A cohesive sleeve tattoo is designed with one single project in mind. You let the tattoo artist know what you want and together you can come up with a single tattoo design that covers either half or all your arm. This takes a lot of planning when you are first designing it but it provides a cohesive image that you may prefer.

Eclectic Sleeve Tattoos

An eclectic sleeve tattoo starts with a basic idea and then works from that point on. Different tattoos are patch-worked together over a space of time and commonly follow a single theme. There isn’t as much planning required as there is with cohesive sleeve tattoos since smaller tattoos are added one by one. When the tattoo is finished, however, it will look cohesive because the tattoo has followed a certain theme.

When you want your eclectic sleeve tattoo to look as cohesive as possible you may want to consider working with only one artist during the process. Different tattoo artists have various styles and the overall presentation when it is finished may not look as cohesive as it would if you had one single artist doing the entire project.

Asian Style Tattoos

Both American traditional and Asian style tattoos have become popular choices for sleeves because each one includes shading and bold lines. This ensures that the tattoo will last for years. It’s always best to decide between the two styles since they are completely different designs. If you choose to get Asian style tattoos for your sleeve, for example, adding American traditional tattoos would not make the sleeve look cohesive.

Look for a tattoo artist that is experienced with the type of design you are looking for. There are many artists that specialize in Asian style tattoos that could give you an amazing Japanese tattoo sleeve. Check the portfolio of the artist to make sure that you will get the type of artistic style you are looking for. Every artist has its own personal style and choosing the best artist will all come down to your own personal preference.

This is not the time to settle for something that you feel would be second best. It’s okay to do that if you’re getting a small, minimalistic tattoo in a hidden area but for a large sleeve tattoo you’ll need to choose your tattoo artist very carefully. Don’t be afraid to take some time to review the artists and their artwork before going ahead and using one.

Japanese Tattoo North York

Japanese tattoos are not just for sleeve art. If you are looking for a Japanese tattoo North York it’s always good to start with a consultation with an artist. You can bring in some ideas regarding the type of Japanese tattoo that you would like. You should be aware, however, that the tattoo artist will not copy any work but will use it as inspiration for the final drawing.

If you have decided that a sleeve is right for you, it’s wise to get your appointment scheduled in blocks instead of doing it all in one day. Getting an entire sleeve done in one sitting would be quite painful and even veteran tattoo recipients might find it to be too much. Once again, it’s important to get in touch with a Japanese tattoo North York artist to find out how he would prefer to schedule such a project. This is also the time to determine the cost of getting your sleeve completed.

When you’re looking for the best tattoo sleeve artists in Toronto, please visit our website now at You can look through the gallery there and learn more about our artists by calling us or by filling out the contact form on the site.

What Are Asian Style Tattoos?

Asian tattoos have a long history behind them. They date back for years and while there are still traditional Asian style tattoos being inked, most individuals are using a more neo-traditional, flexible style. The traditional tattoos are quite like bodysuits meaning that they interconnect from one part of the body to the other to form one single art piece. They have more of a regimented style with waves and wind bars that define the tattoo edges.

Neo-traditional Asian style tattoos use certain aspects of traditional Asian tattoos, but they don’t follow the same set design. The neo-traditional style adapts more to the natural body curves and tries to move along it to fit and hug the body.

Can Other Tattoos Be Incorporated with Asian Tattoos Toronto?

It is difficult to integrate other styles of tattoos with Asian art but there are some tattoo artists that are able to form connections with other tattoos on the body. Many of the Asian style tattoos have a design that ends at a joint, so it is possible to have it connect with another tattoo adjacent to it. Anything is really possible when it comes to Asian tattoos, but you’ll have to find an Asian tattoos Toronto artist that is willing to work with you to create the designs you want.

Japanese Tattoo Design

Japanese tattoos are by far the most easily recognizable and common Asian tattoos requested by clients. A Japanese tattoo design is very distinct and based on cultural significance along with extremely detailed lines. Symbolism runs deep in these tattoo designs so it’s all about choosing the one that signifies the message you want to display on your body. You can also make the choice of the tattoo image based on your like or dislike of certain designs.

The History of Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattooing dates back approximately 5,000 years and it has been recorded that all men at any age would have tattoos displayed on every part of their body and many times even on their faces. The tattoos are associated with many connotations and tattooing was done on people that were causing trouble as a sort of branding. There were certain Japanese characters used for these branding purposes as well as symbols.

Modern and Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Both a traditional and a modern Japanese tattoo design are about the same. The difference is how the tattoo gets applied. The traditional method for Japanese tattoos doesn’t use any electrical tools and it’s done manually. Modern tattooing for Japanese art, however, does use a contemporary tattoo machine.

The one thing that always remains the same is that the subject of the tattoos come from the Japanese culture. Some of the most popular images found in a Japanese tattoo design include samurais, tigers, dragons, geishas, Koi fish and many others. Japanese tattoos are often presented with bold colours mixed with black and grey shades. There are also some black and grey Japanese tattoos without colour that are absolutely amazing.

A Look into Japanese Colours

Some of the bold colours that you’ll see on Japanese tattoos include turquoise, orange, bright blue and pink. They are often inked on top of a black backdrop to present an intense contrast. There is a lot of significance with colours in the Japanese culture and it’s important to know them before getting your Japanese tattoo design.

Red – This colour symbolizes joy and happiness and is usually seen at happy events such as birthdays and weddings. Red is the colour of blood, so it is a symbol of vitality and passion. The colour also provides protection so consider that when getting your next tattoo.

Black – The colour black symbolizes mystery. While black is often considered to be a dark colour in Western culture and is used for mourning, black only has this meaning in Japanese culture when it is paired with white.

White – A white colour in Japanese culture is the colour that symbolizes death, but it also symbolizes truth and purity. Another meaning that can be gleaned from the white colour in Japanese culture is a new beginning or a fresh start.

Green – As it is in Western cultures, green in Japan symbolizes nature, energy, youth, and life.

Blue – This is the colour of luck in Japan and many people that are going for a job interview will wear a blue suit. It shows a dedication to the job and for this reason many corporate executives regularly wear something blue.

When choosing a colour for your tattoo remember that any colour can be used. Work with a highly experienced Asian style tattoo artist to get the perfect style with the right colours that you absolutely love.

Where to Place Your Japanese Tattoo
Since Japanese tattoos are usually quite large, choose an area on the body that provides a lot of space. The Asian tattoos Toronto artist shouldn’t be confined to working on a small area and needs a large canvas to cover all of the extensive details of the tattoo. Most people choose to get one on their entire back or on an entire limb. There is also the option of choosing a full body tattoo, but you would want to be absolutely certain about the Japanese tattoo design before going ahead with the selection.

If you have been considering getting a Japanese tattoo design you’ll need to work with an Asian tattoos Toronto studio that has a lot of experience providing these types of designs. Look for an artist that has done previous work that you absolutely love so that you can get the tattoo you deserve. Since Asian and Japanese tattoo designs are usually quite large, choosing the right artist is exceptionally important.

Take a look at the different artists and tattoo styles available at our tattoo shop in Toronto by visiting our website now at We have a number of artists available that specialize in Asian tattoo artistry and you’re welcome to call to schedule a consultation with one of them.

Your Guide to Getting a Realism Tattoo Toronto

Realism is an artistic technique that makes artwork look just like it would in real life. It has a 3-D appearance to it, so it looks quite like a photograph that has been imprinted on your skin. Also known as photorealism, this technique provides an accurate representation of an image found in real life. While many of the realism tattoo Toronto designs are of animals or faces, the tattoo can be of anything at all.

The History of Realism Tattoos

While tattoos themselves have an early beginning, art realism started back in the 1500s during the High Renaissance when masters such as Rembrandt, da Vinci and Michelangelo began to illustrate life as it was seen. They worked painstakingly to get everything correct including measuring facial features and using perspective. New philosophies on realistic artwork continued to evolve and during the 19th century the movement of realism really took off. A realism tattoo artist often draws upon the same style used by the Old Masters.

Photorealism materialized as a Pop Art evolution and formed the foundation of the realism tattoo Toronto scene. You can see evidence of this when you look at a realism tattoo and notice the shadows appearing as they would on a photograph. To this day, realism tattoos remain popular and are trending in 2021 and for the foreseeable future.

Finding the Best Realism Tattoo Artist

While there are many exceptional tattoo artists available across the city, if you’re looking for a tattoo with a realistic look to it you’ll need to search out the best realism tattoo artist in Toronto. Look for an artist that specializes in this specific tattoo field and take a look at his portfolio to determine whether you like his style. Finding the right tattoo artist is just as important as choosing your tattoo design. The depiction of images will differ from one artist to the next so make sure that you choose your realism tattoo artist carefully.

What Is a Realism Tattoo?

If you have ever seen anybody draw a flower on a piece of paper that looks just like the flower in front of them, this is an example of realism artistry. It’s a lot easier to draw that flower on paper than it is on skin though, which is why a realism tattoo artist is such a specialized and highly respected artist in the industry.

When you consider all the folds that skin has, the porous nature of it and how it curves along the body, you can gain an understanding of how meticulous the artist must be and how skillful he needs to be at his craft. It takes a lot of experience and ability to be able to draw something that looks real on somebody’s skin.

A realism tattoo artist can take that same flower and make it look just as real on the skin using ink. There has been a lot of training and experience that has gone into perfecting this level of skill so never settle for someone that is inexperienced to do the tattoo for you.

Types of Realism Tattoos

When you’re looking for a realism tattoo Toronto you can choose from a colour realism tattoo or a black and grey tattoo. Black and grey realism tattoos only use grey and black ink to create the effects. In some cases the tattoo can display more details using this technique since more focus can be put on shading and details in the picture through the elimination of colour.

Realism tattoos in full colour, however, add extra elements to the design. It will take longer to get this type of tattoo done and it may require several detailed layers in order to get a final result that is stunning. When you see a well-done full colour realism tattoo it’s something that looks real life with a 3-D effect – so much so that it’s something that you feel you could grab in your hands.

Your Options for a Realism Tattoo North York

When it comes to the types of imaging that can be done using the realism style the options are limitless. Anything that can be captured or seen on film can be transformed into an amazing skin depiction by an experienced realism tattoo artist. When you have decided that you want to get a realism tattoo North York there are some popular choices that you may want to consider.

Portraits are always a favourite and they can be of pets or people. Many individuals decide to get a realistic portrait done on their skin to memorialize somebody close to their heart that has passed away. Portrait realism tattoos are also used to celebrate the birth of a new child. No matter what your reason may be for getting a portrait tattoo, look for an experienced realism tattoo North York artist to get it done.

Nature scenes are also quite popular when it comes to realism tattoos. Your choices range from flowers or animals with incredible details to large, vast landscapes. You’ll need to consider the size of the tattoo you want and where you want it placed when choosing the subject matter. If you are interested in getting a large tattoo done on your back with a realism design, a landscape can look fabulous.

You can also get a realistic tattoo done if you’re a fan of gory things and would like to display something spooky on your body. You’ll find that there are some people sporting tattoos that feature torn flesh and other things that would make your skin crawl. It’s all up to personal preference when choosing the subject matter for a realism tattoo North York.

If you’re interested in getting a realism tattoo in the upcoming future and want the best realism tattoo artist to do the design and the inking, please get in touch with us through our website at We can give you helpful advice regarding the best subject design based on the size of the tattoo you want and the placement of it.

Discover the Best Small Tattoo Ideas for Your Wrist in 2021

The wrist has become one of the most popular places for tattoos since it is highly visible. You can take a look at your tattoo at any time of the day and remember why you first got it. When it comes to the best small tattoo ideas for the wrist, there are many trending in 2021. Look at the design ideas below to find one that you think would look best adorning your wrist.

Anchor Wrist Tattoo

An anchor symbolizes security and strength. An anchor is what holds a ship in one place when it is out on the ocean, so it is very stabilizing. When you feel like you are floating away and aren’t grounded, an anchor on the wrist may be just what you need. It will help you stay steadfast even when times become extremely turbulent.

Wrist Angel Wings with Toronto Tiny Tattoos

If you’re looking for angel wings for your wrist look for a Toronto tiny tattoos artist that specializes in creating angels of all sorts. There are many different types of wings that you can choose from, and they all have a wealth of symbolism. Angel wings represent protection and freedom, and they can be used to memorialize a special loved one that has passed away. Angel wings are also beautiful so when you’re looking for something graceful yet thought-provoking, think of angel wings for Toronto tiny tattoos on your wrist.

Wrist Bird Tattoos

Birds symbolize courage and freedom. Quite often a person will get a bird tattooed on their body when they are ready to take flight and start something new. You’ll have a variety of different species to choose from as well as different colours. You can even drill down on the symbolism by choosing different birds that represent different things. For example, a small hummingbird symbolizes hope and joy and excitement about the future. There are many small tattoo ideas for birds and if you want more you can ask the Toronto tiny tattoos artist to recommend one for you based on the meaning you want to display.

Simple Tattoo Ideas for Wrists

You don’t need a complicated tattoo ink on your wrist. There are many simple tattoo ideas you can use instead. You can opt for a small snake that wraps around your wrist in a powerful and fierce way to represent transformation and rebirth. Snakes are deeply symbolic and can be done rather simply if you’re not looking for anything fancy.

You can also get some snowflake sprinkles done on your wrists or have a few stars imprinted there. These can be done very quickly using black ink and a few straight lines. You may also just want to get a double row of lines crossing your wrist to look like a bracelet or a wristband. When it comes to simple tattoo ideas, these are often the most seen in 2021.

Butterfly Wrist Tattoos

Butterflies are a whimsical tattoo that shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. You are willing to be a free spirit and are beautiful inside and out. You can get a small, complex butterfly on your wrist or you can choose to stick with simple tattoo ideas and have a black outline of a butterfly printed instead.

Flower Tattoo Design Ideas

If you love flowers, you can choose any one as a tattoo on your wrist. A lotus flower can be done in a minimalist way with the lines overlapping instead of touching. Rose tattoos for the wrist are a classic that will never go out of style, and they look absolutely stunning when done as a simple design.

Simple Heart Tattoo for the Wrist

A simple heart on the wrist can draw a lot of attention while reminding you of the special meaning that it has for you. Perhaps you will have a heart tattooed to remind you of a loved one that is no longer by your side or as a constant reminder of the love and devotion you have for somebody in your life right now. You can get a heart outline done in black or have it filled in with a beautiful red colour to make a splash.

Script Tattoos for the Wrist

Say it all in words written across your wrist. You can come up with a number of small tattoo ideas for scripts on the Internet or you can come up with your own. Think of a word that reminds you of something special and get it tattooed on your wrist. You’ll be able to have this special script by your side for the wrist of your life.

Matching Wrist Tattoos

The wrist is an awesome place to get matching tattoos. When you have a special someone in your life that would love to get a matching tattoo with you, suggest getting it placed on the wrist. Choose from several different simple tattoo ideas and discuss your options until you both agree on one that says it all in the most meaningful way possible.

Twisted Lines Tattoos

When your life is twisting and turning you can get your wrists to match! You can have lines intermingling, geometric figures displayed in artful ways or even have a script running through another on your wrist. Your choices are limitless when you decide to get something twisting and turning on your wrist. These twists and turns show how flexible you are even when things are swirling around you.

When it comes to Toronto tiny tattoos for the wrist, you’ll need to work with an artist you trust that is experienced in creating all sorts of small tattoos. Smaller tattoos must be done with exact precision, so you’ll need to choose a tattoo artist that has a lot of experience in the field. When you’re looking for the best tattoo artist in Toronto for small wrist tattoos, please visit our website now at

How to Find the Best Tattoo Artists Toronto

When you want a tattoo, and you want it done right you’ll need to search for the best tattoo artists in Toronto. There are two important factors to consider when you decide to get a tattoo including searching for the design and style of tattoo you want and looking for the best tattoo artists in the city. Both are equally as important. If you choose the wrong design, you’ll have to live with it and if you choose the wrong artist, you may not end up with a tattoo you love.

Finding the best tattoo artists in Toronto is a process that you should learn about. It’s not just enough to walk into the nearest tattoo parlour close by to get a tattoo. You need to take the professionalism of the artist into account as well as his style and specialties.

Here are some helpful tips you can use to discover the best tattoo artists in Toronto in order to find the one that you can trust most with your new tattoo.

Look at the Tattoo Artist’s Previous Work

A great tattoo artist will have a portfolio of the previous work he has done. The portfolio should be presented in a professional manner whether it is displayed online or in the tattoo shop. Take a look at the particular artistic style to see if it matches your concept of what you want tattooed on your body.

It doesn’t matter whether the design is completely different from what you are imagining, you will be concentrating on the artistic style. For example, if you’re looking for a lion tattoo on your back and you see a beautiful bird in the portfolio that has been tattooed on somebody’s arm, you may admire the creativity and artistry that went into the bird tattoo. This may be an artist that you can work with to get that lion tattoo inked on your skin.

Help with the Designing of the Sketch

Before you go ahead and get the tattoo placed permanently you can ask the tattoo artist to draw a sketch for you. Feel free to participate in the designing of the sketch since this is a piece of art that you will want to display proudly for years. Whether you are looking for small tattoo ideas or large tattoo designs, the concept is still the same. Don’t be afraid to provide input into the designing stage of the tattoo until you feel like you have found something that you absolutely love and would like to wear for years on end.

First ask the tattoo artist to come up with a sketch of his own and then offer your input. If you don’t like something, say so graciously and with respect. Ask for changes as necessary until you see a final product that you like.

Ask the Toronto Tattoo Artists Questions

It’s okay to ask the Toronto tattoo artists as many questions as you have. Pay attention to see if the artist is answering your questions to the best of his ability and you should never feel rushed. If you feel like your questions aren’t being answered and simply being brushed aside, it’s time to take a look at other Toronto tattoo artists to find the right one.

If this is your first tattoo you may have a lot of questions about the entire procedure. Toronto tattoo artists should understand that they are communicating with somebody that is new to this world of tattoos and be willing to explain what you can expect from the process. In most cases these artists are able to explain issues that are complicated and complex in simple ways that clients can easily understand.

Learn More about the Tattoo Shop Toronto

While it’s important to find the right Toronto tattoo artists to do the work, it’s also crucial to learn more about the reputation of the tattoo shop Toronto where the artist is working. Make sure that the shop has a professional website and clearly displays its physical location on the site. Take a look through Google reviews to find out more about the reputation of this tattoo shop Toronto. You’ll want to be dealing with a tattoo studio in Toronto that you can trust completely.

Get Small Tattoo Ideas from an Artist

Small tattoos can mean just as much a large tattoo when it comes to their different meanings and what they symbolize. As much thought should go into small tattoo ideas as large tattoos. Look for tattoo artists in Toronto that have done a lot of small tattoos. You’ll see there is a lot of variation from one tiny tattoo to the next and this can make all the difference in the world. Give your small tattoo the respect it deserves and make sure that you go over your small tattoo ideas with the artist before getting it done.

Consider the Price

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ also applies to tattoos. Make sure that you’re using a professional tattoo artist and be willing to pay the price to get a good one. Remember that a tattoo shop Toronto has overhead to pay and that the artist deserves to be paid everything he is worth.

This is a lifelong decision you are making, and you will want to be sure that that tattoo you get to cover the blank canvas of your skin is the best one you can afford. Look for the best tattoo artists Toronto with experience that work in a reputable tattoo shop Toronto and then decide on the artist you’d like to work with based on his own unique style and his area of expertise. This way, you’ll be sure to end up with a tattoo that you’re proud to own.

When you’re looking for the best tattoo artists in Toronto for your next tattoo please visit our website at to take a look through our gallery. You can also call or use the contact form on our site to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

Celebrate the Birth of Your Baby with Small Tattoos Toronto

If you have recently had a baby and are looking for a special way to celebrate the new arrival, think of small tattoos in Toronto. This is a great way to show the world how much love you have for your new bundle of joy. If you are looking for some great ideas for tattoos for celebrating birth, we have assembled them for you. Take a look through the ideas listed below and choose the best one or use them to get some inspiration of your own.

Latitude and Longitude Coordinates
Many new parents are using these coordinates to show the birth location. You can choose from the coordinates of your town or city, your home address or the hospital where the child was born. It’s easy to find out the coordinates that you want by checking on Google Maps. It’s an interesting idea and if you want to get small tattoos Toronto versus a larger one, the numbers can be written in small script just about anywhere on your body.

Zodiac Constellation
Another way to celebrate your new arrival is to have the sign of the zodiac imprinted on your skin. This can be done with beautiful imagery using either large or small tattoos Toronto. If you’re looking for something quite unique you can also look at the constellation of the zodiac and have that inked instead. It will certainly be a conversation starter and a reminder of the deep love you hold for your child.

A Heart with Tiny Tattoos Toronto

If you’re not into big tattoos you can get a very small heart done anywhere you’d like. This is a classic tattoo design that can be customized to make it your own. You could get the baby’s initials or name placed inside the heart or add the date of birth to the design if you want. If you are more interested in tiny tattoos Toronto, a very small heart can be inked alone as a sign of your eternal love.

A Script Tattoo Showing the Birthday
This is one of the most common birth celebration tattoos that parents get. You’ll be able to choose the type of font you like and the colour. You can use Roman numerals, abbreviate the date or just keep it simple with regular print writing. When it comes to tiny tattoos Toronto, you’ll have a wide range of script tattoo ideas to choose from for celebrating the new birth.

Fingerprint or Foot Tattoo
Another small tattoos Toronto idea is to commemorate the birth by adding a footprint of your baby or a fingerprint. This can be done in several different ways. In most cases you simply need to bring along a fingerprint or a footprint of your baby and give it to the tattoo artist. He’ll let you know what your options are and you can choose the best one for you.

Portrait Tattoo
If you are thinking of getting a portrait tattooed on your body you’ll need to make sure that you find a tattoo artist that specializes in this type of tattoo. There are some really great artists available that can take a supplied photo and make an awesome, life-like image on your skin. Choose an amazing photo that you have and then call up the tattoo studio Toronto to find the best portrait tattoo artist available.

Holding Hands
These are very detailed kinds of tiny tattoos Toronto that also can be made in a large size if you want. This type of tattoo shows the parent holding the child’s hand with the baby grasping on tightly to the finger. Again, look for an experienced tattoo artist that specializes in creating realistic tattoos.

The Baby’s Heartbeat
It’s quite an emotional experience when you hear the heartbeat of your baby for the first time. This beating of the heart can be captured if you ask the person taking the ultrasound to record the rhythm of the heart beating and provide you with a copy of it. This can then be brought into the tattoo studio for the artist to copy. This is something that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

The Baby’s Birthstone
If you love coloured small tattoos Toronto then this may be the best idea for you. Find out what the baby’s birthstone is and have it inked onto your skin. The gemstone can be in any shape you wish and then filled in with the right colour. You can either get a black outline around the tattoo or choose to get a watercolour tattoo instead. Either way, it will look magnificent!

A Flower
If you love flowers you can choose one that would best represent your new baby or even choose your favourite flower as a design. If you are going to be having more children you can add further flowers to the imagery as they are born to create a beautiful family bouquet. This opens up your options since you can choose any type of flower in any colour variation.

Special Pregnancy Moments
There are pregnancy moments that can be inked to celebrate the birth of your new child. Think back to the highlights of the pregnancy and what you would like to remember most during this time. This will be different for every person or couple. Perhaps you craved a certain food and had to drive miles to get your hands on it! Think of any special times that were a part of your pregnancy and use these thoughts as inspiration for your next tattoo.

Tattoo Shop North York

After you have reached a decision about the type of tattoo you’d like to get to celebrate the birth of your new child, it’s time to visit a tattoo shop in North York to get it done. You’ll need to use a tattoo studio that has the best tattoo artists and state-of-the-art equipment to make sure that it’s done right. At Hon Tattoo we have a wide variety of tattoo artists that have specialties in different areas. We will work with you to find you the best artist to create a tattoo you’ll love for the rest of your life.
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7 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Tattoos in Toronto

Tattoos in Toronto

If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo recently you may have some questions that need answers. The following is a list of the most asked questions about tattoos in Toronto that we receive at our tattoo studio.

1. Is It Safe to Get a Tattoo?
It is perfectly safe to get tattoos in Toronto as long as you are going to be visiting a reputable tattoo studio to get it done. These facilities must follow regulated safety precautions in order to remain in operation. You can rest assured that all of the equipment being used on your body has been sterilized according to government regulations. If, on the other hand, you get a tattoo done by a friend or at an underground shop, you’ll be taking a chance with your health. Always use an authentic tattoo shop to get it done.

If you happen to have any medical conditions you should check with your doctor before getting a tattoo. As well, the tattoo artist will ask you if you have any health concerns so make sure that you speak up ahead of time and be honest.

2. Does It Hurt to Get a Tattoo?
Pain is a relative thing and something that hurts a lot for one person may not hurt the same for another. Every person has his own pain tolerance. In general, you can expect to experience a scratching, hot feeling when receiving tattoos in Toronto.

The pain has a purpose behind it, however, and once the tattoo is done, you’ll have something to show in return. Pain with a purpose is much different than just ordinary pain that you feel due to an injury. When you have a purpose behind experiencing the pain, you may find that it’s easier to deal with the discomfort and make your way through to the final outcome.

Experience Less Pain with a Tattoo Script

If you’re concerned about the amount of pain, you will feel when you’re going to get your tattoo, consider getting a small tattoo script ahead of time in another area. This will give you a hands-on experience regarding the feeling you can expect to receive when getting your larger tattoo done. Many tattoo scripts are very small in size and since they don’t include any images that need to be filled in, there is much less inking to be done.

Pain and Blackwork Tattoos

Blackwork tattoos are often considered to be the most painful type of tattoo you can receive. A large part of the body area will be covered with black ink. The needle will be passed over your skin several times to make the black colour appear darker in some areas than others. This can make your skin feel quite raw.

You may need to take breaks during the tattoo session to drink some water and your tattoo artist may recommend scheduling multiple appointments to get it done. The tattoo artist may also feel some pain if he has to lean over for an extended period of time to complete the project.

3. How Much Will It Cost for a Tattoo?
You’ll find that pricing varies a great deal from one tattoo shop to another. In general, however, like most things in life, you’ll get what you are willing to pay for. Look for a quality tattoo studio that has amazing artists and be willing to pay the price to get an awesome tattoo.

This is going to be a permanent fixture on your body so keep on saving up your money if you have to in order to get the best tattoo possible. The price should not be a main determining factor when deciding on where you will get tattoos in Toronto and the type of tattoo you want.

4. Is It Okay to Get a Tan When You Have a Tattoo?
This all depends on where your tattoo is placed. If you have a tattoo on a part of your body that would regularly be exposed to the sun, you should realize that sun rays can fade a tattoo over time. You may also want to think twice about visiting a tanning salon regularly if your tattoo will be exposed during the tanning session.

5. Which Is the Best Season for Getting a Tattoo?
If you’re an outdoor type of person you may want to consider getting your tattoo in the fall, winter or spring when you’ll be less active outdoors. Summer sports such as swimming and tanning expose your tattoo more to the elements. Choose a time when you won’t be going out as often and could give your tattoo some extra loving care and time to heal.

6. What Is the Average Healing Time for a Tattoo?
It takes approximately two weeks for a tattoo to heal completely assuming you have taken care of it properly. You will be provided instructions by the tattoo artist regarding the best practices for caring for your tattoo once it has been completed. Make sure that you follow all of the instructions to the letter and otherwise leave it alone and give it time to heal.

7. Can I Get a Tattoo If I’m Not Feeling Well?
It’s never a good idea to get tattoos in Toronto when you’re not feeling up to par. It’s
best to wait until your immune system is as strong as it can be. When you get a tattoo, white blood cells will head to the site to help fight off infection. If you don’t feel well, simply call up the tattoo studio and let the receptionist know what is occurring. Your appointment can be rescheduled for a later time.

These are the 7 most commonly asked questions about tattoos in Toronto we are asked in our tattoo shop. If you have any other questions on your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us by using the contact form or phone details listed on our website at

How to Design Illustrative Tattoos on Your Own

Any tattoo gives you the opportunity to express your personality in a unique way. One way to take this a step further is to design illustrative tattoos on your own. Illustrative tattoos may include any design that looks like a drawing or illustration and may be taken from realistic or traditional themes. Usually these tattoos include outlines of solid black like you’d find in traditional tattoos and they may be brightly coloured or simply coloured black.

Illustrative tattoos are just one type of tattoo that you can design on your own. All you need to do is feel inspired and start drawing. You’ll never know what you come up with until you get started and if you don’t like what you’ve drawn you can go back to square one and start a new one.

There are also a few helpful tips that you can use to help you design the illustrative tattoos of your dreams that you’d love to have done to your skin.

Consider Where the Tattoo Will Be Placed
When you’re considering the design for illustrative tattoos the location where it will be placed should be taken into account. Will you be placing the tattoo in an area where it will be visible or hidden? If it is going to be placed in a hidden part of your body you won’t have to worry about the design as much. If, on the other hand, the tattoo will be inked in an area that is visible to others, there are certain things to consider.

Getting large illustrative tattoos on a visible part of the body may affect your ability to get employment, depending on your chosen field. As well, you’ll need to take extra care to choose a design that would not be considered to be offensive.

If you haven’t decided on the location where the artwork will be placed, consider whether you would want to get a tattoo that only a select few can see. Locations that are semi-private include the shoulders, neck, stomach, and the lower back. Locations with high visibility include the legs, fingers, arms and face.

Another thing to take into account when you’re considering illustrative tattoos is the curvature of your body in the area where the tattoos will be placed. The body is not a flat computer screen or piece of paper. The body should be considered to be a three-dimensional canvas that has its own set of limitations in different areas.

Become Inspired
Get some artful inspiration on the Internet, in art books and in tattoo magazines. Take a look through pictures on Instagram and Pinterest for more ideas. You can also browse through old photographs you have if you are interested in getting a portraiture tattoo.

You can also draw inspiration from other illustrative tattoos you have seen in the past. Have you noticed that you like a certain type of tattoo more than others? Perhaps you have seen other people with Asian tattoos or watercolour tattoos that you thought were intriguing. This is a great place to start when you don’t know the exact type of tattoo you’d like to get. You’ve probably seen all kinds of art forms on different individuals and have found yourself more drawn to certain tattoo designs than others.

It’s Time to Start Drawing
You don’t have to be a great artist to draw your own tattoo. If you do have some art skills, simply start sketching things out to make the images come to life. If you don’t consider yourself to be a good artist, you can always create a contemporary piece that consists of geometric patterns that are combined together to make an impressive design.

Design Your Own Small Tattoos

Small tattoos are great to start designing since many have a minimalistic design. Some small tattoos just contain text so you can choose from different fonts on the Internet that you like, experiment with various colours and choose the right words. You can also combine the text with small images or geometric shapes to add more depth and meaning to the small tattoos.

Use a Tattoo Stencil
Many professional tattoo artists use a stencil design to mark the skin before starting to ink the tattoo. You can do the same thing. Create your own stencils of the illustrative tattoos or small tattoos you have created and then mark the designs, images or text directly onto your skin using non-permanent washable markers. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what you think. This is the closest you can come to knowing for certain whether you will like the finished tattoo that you have designed once it has been placed on your body or whether it is best to design a new one.

Tattoo Design Apps
Another thing you can do is start checking out the tattoo design apps on the Internet. Check at the Google Play Store or at the Apple Store to find an app that you’d like to work with and download it onto your phone. Some of these virtual tattoo maker apps allow you to upload a picture of your body and then place tattoos on it. This gives you the opportunity to take your tattoo for a virtual test drive before committing to getting the real thing.

Tattoo Store Toronto

Once you have finalized the design of the illustrative tattoos, small tattoos or any other kind of tattoo that you’d like to have inked, it’s time to talk to an artist at a tattoo store in Toronto. Go over your design with the artist and let him know where you want it placed. He can let you know how well it would work and may also offer some helpful suggestions.

When you’re looking for the best tattoo store in Toronto with artists that love to work with unique images created by their clients, think of Hon Tattoo first. Visit our website at for more details and to schedule a consultation with one of our expert tattoo artists.

Your Guide to Watercolour Tattoo Designs Toronto

If you’ve seen watercolour tattoo designs in Toronto before you’re sure to remember them. They are distinctive artwork that stand out from all other designs. It is a relatively new style in the world of tattooing but it is becoming more and more popular every day. It’s an artistic form of tattooing that you may have some questions about. This guide will help you understand more about watercolour tattoo designs Toronto and what you can expect when you get one.

Watercolour Tattoos Explained
Watercolour tattoos don’t have outlines and in most cases there is very little black colour to be found in them. Beautiful images can be created that are different from the traditional types of tattoos that have a black outline with a coloured image within the borders.

When it comes to watercolour tattoo designs in Toronto, you’ll see gradual shading instead of a black border and the colour shifts in the design are much more subtle than other tattoo styles. This creates a gorgeous effect and the artwork is very unique.

Watercolour Toronto Tattoo Artists

It can take years for watercolour Toronto tattoo artists to become proficient in this type of inking. There are different techniques involved and the designs can be minimalistic in nature or very detailed in design. In some cases you may think that you are looking at a watercolour painting, which is one of the reasons why this type of tattoo style is so eye-catching and becoming so popular.

Cautions Regarding Watercolour Tattoos
One of the things that you should note is this type of tattoo style does not have a deep colour saturation. It is difficult to know exactly how long the watercolour tattoo will last since it is a new style of tattoo artistry that has recently come on the scene. It’s safe to say that you can expect the tattoo to look great for another 5 years but there is no guarantee that it will last for 20 or even 30 years down the road. Watercolour tattoo artists can explain more about it when you arrive for your appointment.

Many people are still getting these watercolour types of tattoos since they are simply so beautiful. Fortunately, like any other tattoo, they can be touched up as necessary later on. There are also some tips you can use to help keep your watercolour tattoo looking its best for as long as possible.

Tips to Keep Your Watercolour Tattoo Looking Its Best

In order to get the most out of your tattoo and to make it last as long as possible, here are a few tips you can use:

  • Choose the best watercolour Toronto tattoo artists
  • Avoid any friction
  • Take good care of your skin
  • Avoid sunlight

Choose the Best Watercolour Toronto Tattoo Artists

The first thing you should do is look for the best watercolour Toronto tattoo artists in the field. A lot of artists haven’t had much experience doing these types of tattoos. A tattoo artist that is a specialist in one tattoo type does not necessarily have the skills required to do other types. Do some research to find Toronto tattoo artists that have a lot of practice with watercolour tattoos and are very familiar with them.

Getting the tattoo done properly right at the beginning is crucial. When you arrive for your appointment you should feel comfortable asking any questions regarding the artist’s expertise in the area.

Avoid Any Friction
It’s best to place your watercolour tattoo in an area that won’t get a lot of friction. Find a spot that doesn’t rub up against your closing too much and doesn’t tend to chafe. You’ll want to keep your watercolour tattoo protected as much as possible to make it last. It’s less likely that you’ll need to get touch ups as often in the future when you choose the best location to get the tattoo inked.

Take Good Care of Your Skin
It’s important for clients to follow the advice of their Toronto tattoo artists to promote healing after the tattoo has been completed. After the healing process you’ll need to moisturize your skin every day to keep it from sagging and to keep the skin firm.

Avoid using any soaps that contain strong chemicals. Use mild soaps that will protect the natural oil found on your skin. When cleansing the skin where the tattoo has been placed, don’t scrub the area even after the tattoo has healed. Using a loofah or scrubbing hard with a washcloth may remove some of the pigment found in the tattoo.

Avoid Sunlight
Once you have received a tattoo from one of the Toronto tattoo artists at our shop you should avoid getting any direct sunlight on the tattoo. Any tattoo, not just watercolour tattoo designs Toronto will start to fade when exposed to the UV rays from the sun. Watercolour tattoos may fade even faster when subjected to sunlight due to their blending, fading and light colours.

Realism Tattoo North York

If you’re looking for a realism tattoo that is done with a watercolour effect, look for an experienced realism tattoo North York artist to create the tattoo for you. Ask to see some of his previous work to see if it matches with the style you are looking for.

Realism tattoos look fantastic when done as watercolour tattoos. If you haven’t had the chance to see a realism tattoo done this way, take a look on the Internet to see just how beautiful they can be. Watercolour tattoos have really been trending in 2021 and we expect them to continue trending in the upcoming year.

Learn more about the different types of tattoos that can be done with watercolour techniques by visiting our website now at You can also schedule a consultation with a tattoo artist to go over your ideas through the contact form on our site. We look forward to helping you achieve the perfect look for your new tattoo!