Ana Fernández – Artist Spotlight

03 Mar 2023

At Hon Tattoo, we are proud to have Ana Fernández as our leading microblading artist! Residing at our Vaughan location, she is an excellent addition to the team and her extensive experience in both Spain and Toronto is unmatched! Ana is known for her exceptional microblading services, striving for natural results, she is sure to highlight your everyday beauty!

As a certified semi-permanent makeup artist, Ana has honed her skills and techniques through training with Phiacademy, the best beauty academy in the world! Her dedication to her craft is evident in the quality and precision of her Phi techniques, which have earned international recognition and make her one of the best of the best!

Ana’s commitment to providing the highest level of service is evident in her attention to detail and her ability to create natural-looking results. Whether you’re looking for perfectly shaped brows or a subtle enhancement, Ana has the skills and expertise to help you achieve your desired look.

Not only does Ana dominate the microblading field, but she is also a talented tattoo artist bringing to life precise and stunning script and symbol tattoos, take a look today!

Check out some of Ana’s semi-permanent makeup and techniques below & what she can offer you today!


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that consists of simulating the shape of the eyebrow, the strokes are always drawn in the direction of its natural growth. In the process, a colour similar to the colour of the natural hair of the eyebrows is chosen, achieving a hyper-realistic effect and a natural appearance. Although not recommended for oily skin, this procedure lasts approximately one year with proper care. Take a look at Ana’s work today!

Powder Brows

The powder brow technique creates a soft, powder-filled brow similar to the look of makeup. Ana works to make sure the gradient of darkness to light is perfect and is how this popular technique got its name. Density can be adjusted to your preference, and a colour similar to the natural hair of your eyebrow is chosen to obtain natural results. Ombré brows are suitable for all skin types and this technique lasts almost two years!


Ana also specializes in eyeliner micro-pigmentation, a type of permanent makeup procedure that places pigment along the upper and lower lashes to define the eyes and give the illusion of thicker, darker, fuller lashes. Your eyeliner design is personalized and within eye micro-pigmentation, we can find different techniques. Working on the lash line, a simple and delicate line is placed along your lashes to create a very natural makeup effect! This does not include a winged tail and is thinner than designer eyeliner. Classic eyeliner involves a solid line that is thicker and bolder with a winged makeup effect tail. If you’re looking for something more subtle, soft eyeliner creates a solid dark base with a smudged effect on top to give you that sultry cat eye!

All designs are personalized and you can check out some of Ana’s amazing eyeliner work right here!

Lip Blush

Lasting almost two to three years, micropigmentation of the lips is a technique designed to provide colour, contour and definition. With a fully customizable colour, you are sure to leave with the lips of your dreams. Although it does not provide volume, in the first hours after the procedure, the lips are slightly inflamed and the colour is more intense but you are sure to be left with a result that is jaw-dropping. Check out Ana’s lip blush work here!

We are proud to have Ana as part of our team at Hon Tattoo, and we invite you to book an appointment with her to experience her exceptional microblading services for yourself. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

For more information and to check out her amazing work feel free to check out her personal Instagram, portfolio Instagram, and our Hon Tattoo microblading page!

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