Illustrative Tattoos as an Art Form

Illustrative tattoo of a rose in color and black and white completed at Hon Tattoo Studio in Toronto

Many people view getting a tattoo in the same way as they would view purchasing a piece of art. In fact, a large majority of tattoo artists are artists that have made a name for themselves and are widely acknowledged by authorities and colleagues. Tattooing dates back to thousands of years ago and there are a lot of different reasons why a person may decide to get tattooed. One thing remains constant, however, and that is the fact that getting inked is always personal. Even way back when, individuals that got a tattoo to show which tribe they belong to used these tattoos to characterize their own personalities and their beliefs.

The acceptance of getting illustrative tattoos along with script tattoos has risen considerably on a global basis. There was a time when tattoos were associated with criminals, sailors and bikers but that time has long since passed. Nowadays, people that are getting tattooed along with the general public consider tattoos to be an art form associated with aesthetics and fashion.

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Confirming Your Own Identity with Tattoo Studio Art

Individuals are able to confirm their own identities and even their own social status through artwork displayed on their bodies. In Western society, the appearance of social status has become less important over the years. People can now mark out their own status and individuality with tattoo studio art.

People from all parts of society are getting tattoos including doctors, lawyers, celebrities, religious leaders and more. Tattoos are no longer considered to be a social stigma or a sign of a person demonstrating risky behaviour and if an individual does have illustrative tattoos, other people no longer consider that they are living on the edge. In today’s contemporary world, tattoos now represent a lot more including communication, identity, fashion and art.

Personalized Illustrative Tattoos

The Reasons for Getting a Tattoo

Anyone that gets a tattoo has an individual reason for getting one and there is often a story behind illustrative tattoos. There are cases, however, when there isn’t a lot of meaning behind a tattoo and a person has chosen one simply to display beautiful artwork and to make a fashion statement. While purchasing some art to put on the wall may give you pleasure when you’re at home and able to view it, illustrative tattoos allow you to carry the artwork around with you wherever you go. You’ll never be without a beautiful display of art on your body and it will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Many people also get illustrative tattoos to help with the healing process. They may want to take back control over pain that they have experienced in either a physical or an emotional form. In most cases the design chosen will be symbolic of change or strength, involve a memory or it may appear as a script tattoo with a life motto written on the skin. For these people, it gives them choice over their bodies where they may have experienced demands that were out of their control. Tattoos can help them heal on an ongoing basis and in the future.

No matter what the reason is for getting a tattoo, however, a person is going to choose illustrative tattoos that they enjoy seeing. This gives the tattoo a dual purpose since it sends out a message and also acts as a form of art. There is no room to debate that tattoos are a specific art form meant for the body and a tattoo artist has to be very skilled in this craft in order to create this type of art.

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Think of all the curves and bumps and grooves that appear along the body. While a painter can use a flat piece of canvas to display the art, a tattoo artist has to work with an uneven platform. Not only must the person inking the tattoo be a skilled artist but he must also be able to create images on uneven surfaces that look as good or even better than they would appear on a flat canvas.

The best tattoo in Toronto is one that resonates with you deep down in your soul. They are designed either for you to admire, for others to admire or as a combination of both. In this respect, getting illustrative tattoos is similar to putting on a beautiful piece of jewelry to display.

Some people travel far and wide to visit specific tattoo artists that have made a name for themselves in the world of tattooing. They may visit different artists in order to get a form of art collection on their bodies that were done by various artists. Others prefer to keep a constant flow of art running through the different areas of their bodies done by one artist to keep things consistent. Many individuals end up finding a particular artist they like and will return to this person time and time again due to the high quality of work performed. It’s all about the art and in some cases the meaning behind the best tattoo Toronto that gives it an amazing beauty and aesthetic appeal.

In recent years the art industry has adopted both graffiti work and tattoos as part of its own culture and has recognized the fact that they are indeed artwork. In Paris, the Musée du Quai Branly proudly hosted the ‘Tatoueurs, Tatoués‘ (‘Tattooists, Tattooed’) exhibition in May, 2014. At this exhibition tattoos were explored as a medium for artistic work and it featured tattoos that were designed specifically by internationally renowned tattoo artists for the event. Here you could see many illustrative tattoos that were stunning in design and the event proved how far tattoos have come in terms of being accepted by the art world.

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