How to Design Illustrative Tattoos on Your Own

Any tattoo gives you the opportunity to express your personality in a unique way. One way to take this a step further is to design illustrative tattoos on your own. Illustrative tattoos may include any design that looks like a drawing or illustration and may be taken from realistic or traditional themes. Usually these tattoos include outlines of solid black like you’d find in traditional tattoos and they may be brightly coloured or simply coloured black.

Illustrative tattoos are just one type of tattoo that you can design on your own. All you need to do is feel inspired and start drawing. You’ll never know what you come up with until you get started and if you don’t like what you’ve drawn you can go back to square one and start a new one.

There are also a few helpful tips that you can use to help you design the illustrative tattoos of your dreams that you’d love to have done to your skin.

Consider Where the Tattoo Will Be Placed
When you’re considering the design for illustrative tattoos the location where it will be placed should be taken into account. Will you be placing the tattoo in an area where it will be visible or hidden? If it is going to be placed in a hidden part of your body you won’t have to worry about the design as much. If, on the other hand, the tattoo will be inked in an area that is visible to others, there are certain things to consider.

Getting large illustrative tattoos on a visible part of the body may affect your ability to get employment, depending on your chosen field. As well, you’ll need to take extra care to choose a design that would not be considered to be offensive.

If you haven’t decided on the location where the artwork will be placed, consider whether you would want to get a tattoo that only a select few can see. Locations that are semi-private include the shoulders, neck, stomach, and the lower back. Locations with high visibility include the legs, fingers, arms and face.

Another thing to take into account when you’re considering illustrative tattoos is the curvature of your body in the area where the tattoos will be placed. The body is not a flat computer screen or piece of paper. The body should be considered to be a three-dimensional canvas that has its own set of limitations in different areas.

Become Inspired
Get some artful inspiration on the Internet, in art books and in tattoo magazines. Take a look through pictures on Instagram and Pinterest for more ideas. You can also browse through old photographs you have if you are interested in getting a portraiture tattoo.

You can also draw inspiration from other illustrative tattoos you have seen in the past. Have you noticed that you like a certain type of tattoo more than others? Perhaps you have seen other people with Asian tattoos or watercolour tattoos that you thought were intriguing. This is a great place to start when you don’t know the exact type of tattoo you’d like to get. You’ve probably seen all kinds of art forms on different individuals and have found yourself more drawn to certain tattoo designs than others.

It’s Time to Start Drawing
You don’t have to be a great artist to draw your own tattoo. If you do have some art skills, simply start sketching things out to make the images come to life. If you don’t consider yourself to be a good artist, you can always create a contemporary piece that consists of geometric patterns that are combined together to make an impressive design.

Design Your Own Small Tattoos

Small tattoos are great to start designing since many have a minimalistic design. Some small tattoos just contain text so you can choose from different fonts on the Internet that you like, experiment with various colours and choose the right words. You can also combine the text with small images or geometric shapes to add more depth and meaning to the small tattoos.

Use a Tattoo Stencil
Many professional tattoo artists use a stencil design to mark the skin before starting to ink the tattoo. You can do the same thing. Create your own stencils of the illustrative tattoos or small tattoos you have created and then mark the designs, images or text directly onto your skin using non-permanent washable markers. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what you think. This is the closest you can come to knowing for certain whether you will like the finished tattoo that you have designed once it has been placed on your body or whether it is best to design a new one.

Tattoo Design Apps
Another thing you can do is start checking out the tattoo design apps on the Internet. Check at the Google Play Store or at the Apple Store to find an app that you’d like to work with and download it onto your phone. Some of these virtual tattoo maker apps allow you to upload a picture of your body and then place tattoos on it. This gives you the opportunity to take your tattoo for a virtual test drive before committing to getting the real thing.

Tattoo Store Toronto

Once you have finalized the design of the illustrative tattoos, small tattoos or any other kind of tattoo that you’d like to have inked, it’s time to talk to an artist at a tattoo store in Toronto. Go over your design with the artist and let him know where you want it placed. He can let you know how well it would work and may also offer some helpful suggestions.

When you’re looking for the best tattoo store in Toronto with artists that love to work with unique images created by their clients, think of Hon Tattoo first. Visit our website at for more details and to schedule a consultation with one of our expert tattoo artists.

Your Guide to Watercolour Tattoo Designs Toronto

If you’ve seen watercolour tattoo designs in Toronto before you’re sure to remember them. They are distinctive artwork that stand out from all other designs. It is a relatively new style in the world of tattooing but it is becoming more and more popular every day. It’s an artistic form of tattooing that you may have some questions about. This guide will help you understand more about watercolour tattoo designs Toronto and what you can expect when you get one.

Watercolour Tattoos Explained
Watercolour tattoos don’t have outlines and in most cases there is very little black colour to be found in them. Beautiful images can be created that are different from the traditional types of tattoos that have a black outline with a coloured image within the borders.

When it comes to watercolour tattoo designs in Toronto, you’ll see gradual shading instead of a black border and the colour shifts in the design are much more subtle than other tattoo styles. This creates a gorgeous effect and the artwork is very unique.

Watercolour Toronto Tattoo Artists

It can take years for watercolour Toronto tattoo artists to become proficient in this type of inking. There are different techniques involved and the designs can be minimalistic in nature or very detailed in design. In some cases you may think that you are looking at a watercolour painting, which is one of the reasons why this type of tattoo style is so eye-catching and becoming so popular.

Cautions Regarding Watercolour Tattoos
One of the things that you should note is this type of tattoo style does not have a deep colour saturation. It is difficult to know exactly how long the watercolour tattoo will last since it is a new style of tattoo artistry that has recently come on the scene. It’s safe to say that you can expect the tattoo to look great for another 5 years but there is no guarantee that it will last for 20 or even 30 years down the road. Watercolour tattoo artists can explain more about it when you arrive for your appointment.

Many people are still getting these watercolour types of tattoos since they are simply so beautiful. Fortunately, like any other tattoo, they can be touched up as necessary later on. There are also some tips you can use to help keep your watercolour tattoo looking its best for as long as possible.

Tips to Keep Your Watercolour Tattoo Looking Its Best

In order to get the most out of your tattoo and to make it last as long as possible, here are a few tips you can use:

  • Choose the best watercolour Toronto tattoo artists
  • Avoid any friction
  • Take good care of your skin
  • Avoid sunlight

Choose the Best Watercolour Toronto Tattoo Artists

The first thing you should do is look for the best watercolour Toronto tattoo artists in the field. A lot of artists haven’t had much experience doing these types of tattoos. A tattoo artist that is a specialist in one tattoo type does not necessarily have the skills required to do other types. Do some research to find Toronto tattoo artists that have a lot of practice with watercolour tattoos and are very familiar with them.

Getting the tattoo done properly right at the beginning is crucial. When you arrive for your appointment you should feel comfortable asking any questions regarding the artist’s expertise in the area.

Avoid Any Friction
It’s best to place your watercolour tattoo in an area that won’t get a lot of friction. Find a spot that doesn’t rub up against your closing too much and doesn’t tend to chafe. You’ll want to keep your watercolour tattoo protected as much as possible to make it last. It’s less likely that you’ll need to get touch ups as often in the future when you choose the best location to get the tattoo inked.

Take Good Care of Your Skin
It’s important for clients to follow the advice of their Toronto tattoo artists to promote healing after the tattoo has been completed. After the healing process you’ll need to moisturize your skin every day to keep it from sagging and to keep the skin firm.

Avoid using any soaps that contain strong chemicals. Use mild soaps that will protect the natural oil found on your skin. When cleansing the skin where the tattoo has been placed, don’t scrub the area even after the tattoo has healed. Using a loofah or scrubbing hard with a washcloth may remove some of the pigment found in the tattoo.

Avoid Sunlight
Once you have received a tattoo from one of the Toronto tattoo artists at our shop you should avoid getting any direct sunlight on the tattoo. Any tattoo, not just watercolour tattoo designs Toronto will start to fade when exposed to the UV rays from the sun. Watercolour tattoos may fade even faster when subjected to sunlight due to their blending, fading and light colours.

Realism Tattoo North York

If you’re looking for a realism tattoo that is done with a watercolour effect, look for an experienced realism tattoo North York artist to create the tattoo for you. Ask to see some of his previous work to see if it matches with the style you are looking for.

Realism tattoos look fantastic when done as watercolour tattoos. If you haven’t had the chance to see a realism tattoo done this way, take a look on the Internet to see just how beautiful they can be. Watercolour tattoos have really been trending in 2021 and we expect them to continue trending in the upcoming year.

Learn more about the different types of tattoos that can be done with watercolour techniques by visiting our website now at You can also schedule a consultation with a tattoo artist to go over your ideas through the contact form on our site. We look forward to helping you achieve the perfect look for your new tattoo!