2021 Top Trends in Tattoos

2021 tattoo trends toronto

As we make our way forward into 2021 there are a number of different trending tattoos to take note of. Getting a tattoo for many is simply second nature and is the perfect way to showcase your unique personality. While the decision to get a tattoo is often easy, making the decision about the type of tattoo can be quite challenging. Here are some of the top trends in tattoos in 2021 that you can get at a tattoo store Toronto that may give you some inspiration.

Tribal Tattoos

There are many different tribal tattoos available today and each style comes with its own artistic interpretation. Ancient tribes used certain symbols to show their status in society or had them tattooed as a way of providing protection. Most tribal tattoos are very detailed and are often placed on the arms or shoulders.

Portrait Tattoos

A portrait tattoo can provide inspiration to the person wearing the tattoo. The portrait provides a consistent reminder of a special someone. When you decide to get a portrait tattoo done you must make sure that you are using a tattoo artist that has a lot of experience with this type of tattoo work. In fact, you should look for someone that specializes in portrait tattoos.  Before going ahead with the tattoo ask the artist if you can see a portfolio of other portraits he has done in the past.

Minimalist Tattoos – Small Tattoos Toronto

These are great tattoos for anyone that hasn’t had a tattoo before and wants to start out small. These are simple tattoos that can be just as meaningful as big and complex ones. Small tattoos Toronto that are minimalistic focus on outlines and basic shapes and tend to be done in black only. There isn’t a lot of shading involved with this sort of tattoo, which makes the tattoo look clean and bold.

Money Tattoos

If you’ve got money on your mind and have the goal of making it big someday, you may want to consider getting a money tattoo. You can choose from coins or bills that signify success, profit and wealth. Money tattoos can give you a constant reminder of the particular financial goals you are striving to meet.

Arrow Tattoos

An arrow represents strength and these are amongst the top trending tattoos in 2021. Warriors used arrows to hunt and for protection. There are endless arrow tattoo designs available ranging from simple minimalist tattoos to complex and colourful ones.

Car Tattoos

If you’re passionate about the car you own, why not get it tattooed on your skin? Whether you feel the need for speed or just love the design and engineering of a particular car that you want to own sometime in the future, you may want to consider getting a car tattoo. There are amazing car tattoo designs available for just about any type of vehicle that has ever been created. If you’re thinking of getting a car tattoo, choose an artist at a tattoo store Toronto that has experience with these tattoos and bring in a picture of the vehicle that you would like to get inked on your body.

Meaningful Tattoos

What’s meaningful to you may not be meaningful to another person. One of the trends that is emerging in 2021 is getting a tattoo that is very personal for you. This may be a specific date that something happened, a symbol of a special time in your life, the name of someone dear to your heart or anything else. Dig deep within yourself to find out what inspires you the most in order to find the perfect tattoo that you’d like to wear for the rest of your life.

Snake Tattoos

Snake tattoos are extremely versatile and can be created with elaborate designs. Some people get large tattoos in vivid colours that travel up their arms while others get a small snake tattooed in black on an inconspicuous part of the body. Snakes are interesting because they can be interpreted in many different fashions and they also have a wide range of meanings. Snakes can symbolize sin, prosperity, good luck, transformation, rebirth, danger and much more.

Phoenix Tattoos

The Phoenix is also a symbol of renewal and rebirth. This is a mythical bird that regenerates and is associated with the sun and fire. No matter what the Phoenix has to go through, it always continues to rise once again to face the world. Phoenix tattoos make an impressive statement and are often done in bold colours that include orange, red and yellow.

Dragon Tattoos

These tattoos symbolize power, fearlessness and wisdom and are featured in various European mythologies. Dragons are also a powerful figure in cultures in East Asia and are often associated with either water or fire elements. There are many interpretations of their symbolism according to the different cultures but some of the most popular include fierceness, mystery and passion.

Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish are extremely popular in Chinese and Japanese cultures and are a classic tattoo that continue to trend even to this day. These fish may represent strength, determination and perseverance. These tattoos are often inked in bold and vibrant colour variations with a lot of different hues and shading. You’ll often see a lot of orange, yellow, blue and red colours in Koi fish tattoos.

Line Tattoos

Line tattoos are simple designs without a lot of detail. They are presented in a basic form and the idea is to create something meaningful and symbolic in a simple way. This can be hard to achieve unless you work with a talented tattoo artist that has done a lot of work with line tattoos before. If you are worried about the pain of getting a tattoo, these are great ones to choose since there is no shading involved so you can expect to experience less pain when getting one.

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Romantic, Matching Tattoo Ideas for Valentine’s Day by the Top Tattoo Artists in Toronto

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner you may be considering different ideas. Matching tattoos by top tattoo artists in Toronto are trending right now and are the perfect way to say “I love you”. A permanent tattoo is a great way to show your eternal love for your special someone and many celebrities are leading the way with this new fashion trend. Here are some interesting matching tattoos that celebrities have chosen and some ideas for you to consider for this special day.

Famous Celebrity Tattoos That Match

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen wear matching tattoos that were inspired by their children Miles, Luna and son Jack that they lost due to a miscarriage. Supermodel Gigi Hadid recently got a new tattoo on her bicep that was written in Arabic to honour Khai, her daughter. Zayn Malik, her boyfriend and former band member of One Direction also got a matching tattoo placed on his wrist.

Say “I Love You” with Matching Tattoos

What better way to express your love and with a matching tattoo by the top tattoo artists in Toronto that will last forever? If you’re in a serious relationship getting tattooed together with your partner is a modern way to show your love and to let others know just how committed you are to one another. There are a number of creative ways to get your love tattooed permanently and here are some matching tattoos that are trending right now:
● Fingerprints
● Lock and key
● Connecting puzzle pieces
● Cleaning King crowns
● Heart tattoos
● Partner’s initials or names
● Wedding dates
● Many others

Another common theme is to find something that both partners have a passion for and get that inked on the skin. This can be something that symbolizes the love that they have for one another based on music, hobbies or anything else. Sometimes the tattoo can represent the reason why they both feel connected to one another. The tattoo symbolizes the deep connection felt between them.

Minimalist and Small Tattoos

Minimalist tattoos can make a big impact. This type of tattoo isn’t bold, flashy or very elaborate and is often inked in a discreet place on the body. Small tattoos can show the huge love that you have for one another while displaying it in a very subtle way. Clean lines define minimalist tattoos and are perfect for people that want to make a big statement in a small way.

Connecting Tattoos

Connecting tattoos are also commonly known as half-and-half tattoos. These tattoos are only complete when the two people are together. They are interesting tattoos that make a unique statement of their own. They show that one person in the relationship is incomplete without the other. An example of this would be a tattoo of a heartbeat on one person that continues on another. This type of tattoo also signifies that there is still a connection even when the couple is far apart.

Trending Fingerprint Tattoos

This is a new and trending idea that is taking off in the tattoo world. You can get a fingerprint belonging to the love of your life tattooed on your body. This is a seal of the love you hold for one another and it’s like getting a signature of this love forever printed on you.

Puzzle Piece Tattoos

Tattoos of puzzle pieces carry a special metaphor for couples. These pieces signify that the two people are a perfect fit for one another. What better way to show your love that you are dedicated than by getting a puzzle piece tattoo that fits perfectly into the other person’s tattoo? These puzzle piece tattoos show a special connection and may also symbolize the couple moving towards a larger purpose.

Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are placed on each person’s wrist and they look amazing when the couple is holding hands. Choose a piece of art that works together when holding hands such as a Celtic knot or a heartbeat design. The wrist is an extremely sensitive area to get tattooed so you should be aware of that from the start. There are a lot of nerve endings in this area but many couples believe that the pain is worth the suffering to show their love for one another.

Anchor Tattoos

There is a lot of meaning behind anchors in general. An anchor is dropped when you’ve finished your journey and your rough days at sea are behind you. You have found calm waters and from here on it will be smooth sailing. Anchors represent hope, calmness and salvation and the tattoo designs can symbolize a new beginning for both you and your partner.

Yin and Yang Couple Tattoos

Yin and Yang are ancient concepts that symbolize two halves that fit perfectly together. Yin is the female energy while Yang is the masculine energy and when joined together a perfect circle is formed. When a couple gets these tattoos it shows that while they may be opposites in a variety of different ways they complement one another and form a perfect balance.

Animation Tattoos

These tattoos are perfect for couples that still feel young at heart. They are also great for couples that were once childhood sweethearts and their love continued into adulthood. These are sweet and fun tattoos for anyone that feels that their love makes them feel like a child once again.

Skull Tattoos

These tattoos give new meaning to “till death do us part”. You can choose from a gothic style or perhaps you’d prefer a look that is more anatomical in style. Skulls are a unique way to show that romance is alive and well in the relationship since skulls have long been a symbol of romance.

Toronto Tattoo Artists

When you don’t know what to do for your loved one for Valentine’s Day, consider getting a couple’s tattoo. This is a fun and exciting way to display to the world the love that you have for one another. Find out more about our expert Toronto tattoo artists now by visiting our website at hontattoo.com. You can simply let us know about your couple’s tattoo ideas and we will help your vision come to life.